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** Possible Class Action Lawsuit against Compusa**

Three years ago I purchased a Cannon Innova laptop from the Compusa store in Nashville, TN. I paid a premium price for it, and purchased the three year Extended Service Plan with it. Since purchased, it has been in the shop several times. Each time taking at least 3-4 times longer than the estimate. On most repairs, the computer was returned with either no work done, or only partial solutions.

On one occasion, I returned it and told the technicians that the Disk Drive was going out. (anybody who has ever been a computer technician, knows that sound well). The PCMCIA slot was locking up, and the CD Drive caused the Laptop to lock-up. It was returned (making the same noise), and the note on the repair order stated that they replaced the fan. No work was done on anything else.

I returned it again, and this time they said that they replaced the hard drive. But the noise was still there, and all of my information was still on the disk, the CD was not replaced, and the problem with the PCMCIA slot remained. I called, and asked them if they ever (under any circumstances) back-up and reload the new disk. I was told (rather rudely) that I should back up my information because under no circumstances do they ever reload the new disk. I then placed my new service call, informing the agent that they had returned my machine without replacing the drive. They actually changed their story, and tried to convince me that the drive had been replaced, and the information reloaded. (*bull s**t*)

The next repair required the replacement of the screen. (The original problem with the CD and the PCMCIA slot was still there). It took them over two weeks to "Get Approval" to replace the screen. I was told that it was very expensive, and that they may not be allowed to fix it. I think they were actually considering returning it un-repaired. Again this repair took several weeks longer than the estimate. Nothing was done to fix the CD or PCMCIA problem.

Now the display has gone out again, The CD drive still locks up the sytem, the PCMCIA slot has stopped working completely, and I have taken the computer to the store for repairs. Two days later, they call me and tell me that the machine isn't covered. In my service plan it plainly says that the ESP coverage starts at the end of the manufacturer's warranty (Canon had 1 year warranty), and goes for three years.

When I call, I can NOT get to a manager. They keep shifting me around from one employee to another, Some saying that it is covered (these people seem to magically disappear), some saying it isn't. No matter what I do, they get off of the phone, and drop the problem.

If you have had the same experiences with CompUSA, please email me at "[email protected]" and let's see if we can get enough people together to start a class-action lawsuit against this company. Nobody will get rich off of this (except the lawyer as always), but maybe together we can hurt CompUSA enough to get their attention.

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The company, when selling an extended service plan, is actually selling a program that is underwritten by an outside firm.


Sat, September 01, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #1434. It was sent by Joe Technician at [email protected]. ** Class Action Law Suit against Comp-USA (#1434) They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report: Their email: [email protected] Their name: Joe Technician Their phone number: (877) 520-8324 Their relationship to the company: Supporter Rebuttal: Regarding one component of your complain, specifically about the Approval Process which takes some time on high dollar repairs. The company, when selling an extended service plan, is actually selling a program that is underwritten by an outside firm. Formerly, Warrantech, recently, Voyager. This process is paralleled throughout the industry, and in quite similar the the approvals process used in car insurance. For the most part, you will see a CompUSA repair center receive automatic approval for $250 parts + labor when a proof of purchase has been checked in with the machine, for higher repairs the warranty company (warrantech or voyager) must approve further dollar figures, and in most cases this approval process includes getting 'quotes' for the parts/repair. The process prevents fraudulant claims, and since it is easier to scam a $1000 part than a $4000 car body repair, tends to include more monitoring and double checking during Approvals. I do not like the process myself, I have to tell my customers that I'm waiting for bean-counters to do their job before I will receive a part or replacement computer (by the way, they don't return it unfixed, just replaced if the cost of repair is too high...with the exception of refunding full retail purchase price of the item in the event replacement is not available).P.S. don't by cannon anyway, not going anywhere good making that kind of choice.

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