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Complaint Review: Cox Communications - Phoenix Arizona

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- Chandler, AZ,

Cox Communications
PO BOX 78121 Phoenix, 85062 Arizona, U.S.A.
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I recently signed up for digital cable service through COX Communications in Chandler, AZ.

I did a little research before hand and called another cable company and checked out the cost of some dishes.

I called COX on July 28 and took notes of my phone conversation and the Woman's name that I spoke with. She informed me what my monthly cost would be with tax.

The gentlemen came to my house to install my cable and told me that installation was free and I was also informed that I could receive a second digital cable box for free until the end of the year.

To make a long story short, my bill came and they tried to charge me for a significantly higher amount.

I called customer service; they were rude and told me they were not going to do anything to help me.

I asked for a supervisor and she said I would have to wait 24 - 48 hours.

I faxed the supervisor my work order which had the correct quoted amount which showed no installation fees and a brief explanation of my issue.

168 Hours later I have heard nothing from the company. I tried to call them a number of times and EVERY TIME I can't get through becuase "all circuits are busy".

In summary, they were very unprofessional, poor customer service and not trust worthy. Buyer be Ware.


Chandler, Arizona

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Cable companies are regulated, but not regulated.... Cox has a long history of scams....

#2Consumer Suggestion

Thu, September 26, 2002

Cox has been cheating people for decades. Ever notice how their answers always sound like an eight-year-old little brat? "It wasn't me!" "THEY made me do it!" "It was Timmy!" Truth is, they thrive in this environment, especially, because no one will slap them on the wrist, even, for breach of contract that amounts to crimes. In my case, they mis-billed every single statement, hitting me for services I did not even want, appliances I never saw, and then would not credit my payments for as long as four months, charging me ridiculous "late fees" when in fact I had paid in person at the office and lodged my complaints there. Lots of mumbo-jumbo, quite a few evasions, lots of lies, some smoke and mirrors, and never any real explanation, let alone satisfaction. My neighbors had the same problems, only in different degrees and order. This is not mere incompetence. It is part of a business plan, and obvious larceny. Ask your local gutless worm politician when somebody is going to do something about it. I contacted the regulating authorities a dozen times, and never even got an answer. Welcome to Arizona! Ain't no law here, 'cept for the rich and the Mormons.

..if you dog them, you will get thru!


Tue, January 01, 2002

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Their name: radelster

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I too had a similar problem with them. When I moved my service, I was told if I picked up the digital box and installed myself, I would get 2 months free plus 3 PPV coupons. I did not have a chance to pick up the box with moving. So the installer is there and says he has a box with him. I ask if it will cost me anything extra and he says no. so he installs and I lose the free service and ppv coupons. When I call and complain to one person their answer is sorry, you let him install the box.
I call back and get another person who gives me the same story. I tell them I have been with them for over a year with cable/phone/internet and if this is the way they are treating their customers then I will be cancelling my service. She says that is fine and asks if I want someone to pick up the box. I ask if it will cost me anything. She then tells me to hold on, and eventually comes back and says that while they cannot give
me 3 PPV coupons, they can give me SIX MONTHS of TEN free HBO channels!! do the math (3 x 3.95 vs 6 x 10.95)!! This is only ONE example of POOR customer service I have had with COX. But it does show that if you dog them, you will get thru!

Whenever possible, try to work with the rep you are talking to.


Mon, December 31, 2001

They filed the following to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: B Castillo

Their relationship to the company: Advocate

Most cable companies use an accounting/customer service/work order scheduling system called CSG.

One of the first main flaws with CSG is that the billing amounts printed on work orders are not accurate. (although normally they are significantly higher than the actual amounts)
The other problem with CSG is that it does not generate a bill for the first month of service. If you do not pay for the first month at installation, you will receive a double bill for the first month.

Also, carefully check any changes made for field sales. Discount codes are often left off when field sales are entered (depending on the tech's handwriting). And free installation almost never covers extra outlets. While I worked as a customer service temp for AT&T and Mediacom, this double billing and charges for extra outlets were the most common sources
of billing complaints. The double bills were never reversed (since the billing is actually accurate) and the extra outlet charges rarely were (quite simply, $15 is cheap for 30 minutes to an hour of extra labor).

Whenever possible, try to work with the rep you are talking to. Their immediately supervisor is often actually the franchise manager for the county or city; although the one i worked with did not ignore requests to speak to him, he had very little time to answer requests.

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