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Complaint Review: Direct USA Foods - St.Petersburg Florida

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- Port Richey, Florida,

Direct USA Foods
12061 31st Court N. Suite A St.Petersburg, 33716 Florida, U.S.A.
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I purchased meat ($160.00 for about 80 steaks- packaged by Quantum Foods IL) off of a refrigerated pickup from this company. That night I had a couple of burgers, a couple of hrs. later was sitting in the throne with severe cramps for 2 days. I was not sure if it was the meat but after a trial with some steaks a few days later I thought the product was tearing me up.

I called this company because I wanted my money back! Not product replacement as guarantee says. The secretary asked me if I had my receipt. I told her no but i do have the brochure and the meats. She told me not to defrost the meats to cook them from frozen. Hellloo Im 28 and i can defrost meat before I cook it in a refigerator, Isnt this from a cow? Maybe NOT! I further researched this company on the net and found a recall was issued for 406,000 lbs of meats, and that others in my area that purchased meats were getting sick too. Tampabay 28 did a story on a few people in Holiday FL, so I know it wasnt just me.

I reported this incident to the USDA and the Dept. Agriculture and they are investigating them. For all we know there power could have gone out during one of our last 4 hurricanes and their unloading bad meat to our doorstep. NOT ANYMORE!!


Port Richey, Florida

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nice to visit

ft myers,
United States of America

#2General Comment

Wed, September 19, 2012

Multi million dollar corperation does not need help from someone who washed out...As to the customer.. Contact company for service As to this site....well just ck out Ford Motor Company. some real winners here. lol. sounds like a bunch of ex~employees who couldn't make the grade.


United States of America
Special Instructions

#3Consumer Comment

Sun, January 09, 2011

I've stated this before. I've bought this meat before and I was given special instructions to cook the meat. Why would you cook something without following instructions? Would a bake pillsbury cookies your way, or the way the company tells you so you can make the perfect cookie? This is the same concept. In order for you to get the perfect piece of meat, you need to cook it the way the company says.

You having stomach problems proves that you undercooked the meat, and as a result you got sick.


Live and Learn Right?

#4UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, February 18, 2009

First...I have to take back my previous statement. I was a brand new employee of direct USA at the time and since then have "seen the light." Iworked for them for a little under a year and honestly was one of the few of us that are trying to make an honest living. As I learned more about the meat and the process to sell the meat I got more and more turned off to this company. IT IS all choice grade meat(if it wasnt we could all sue them for false advertising) the thing noone wants to tell you though is that it is all SirLoin and anyone that knows meat knows that there is no such thing as a sirloin newyork strip. The meat is not top quality for sure not worth what they sell it for, and just to let the people who got screwed by the corpetate office know, its not just you. They care as much for there contractors as they do the people who recieve the "Fake Steak" as I call it. Now I know most of you have been burned on door to door meat sales and thats fine. We are all entitled to our opinions; however there are companies out there that do strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. Thats how repeat business is created. BUT DONT TAKE MY WORD....NEXT TIME PLEASE READ THE LABELS ON WHAT YOU BUYING. And as far as Direct USA only hiring drug addicts and alcoholics and criminals...That much is true because who else would sell meat on the street for 100% commision? But there are a good few in there(usually they only last a week but everyonce-in-a-while a good person gets sucked in and held hostige) If anyone wants to know more respond with e-mail. P.S. I am sorry to anyone I ever pushed that crap meat on. Honestly


New York,
Lmao Oh boy

#5Consumer Comment

Wed, October 22, 2008

Ok #1 to the guy that is defending this product . I am in the business and have dealt with many different suppliers and different cases over the years till i actually found 1 that was actually very good !! the stuff you are defending is probably horse meat lol you never cook steaks from frozen and as a company owner i never even hint at the idea to a customer to do so i always tell them to thaw them in the refridgerator as Amanda stated she was 100% correct as far as the "solution" lol to keep the meat what did u call it ? "easier to cook from frozen?" thats total bullshit lol you are using "No -Roll " beef which is bottom of the barrel soaked with a yellow tenderizer which makes it taste ransid and discolors the beef fat and m,akes it "fall apart" when cooked lets tell the truth , its an inferior product to what u would buy from Aldees and personally the Quantum Pack you are selling I wouldnt even feed to my dog you prolly pay about $55 for that pack and selling at a 200-300% mark up!! and ripping people off and never being able to go back or even ever being able to say u have any customers at all , is that what ur business is all about? get a clue man



#6UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, March 06, 2008

Well first off everyone knows that flash frozen food gets cooked frozen...if you defrost it any way you can think of, it loses all its juice, flavor, nad texture; therefore ruining the product befor its ever cooked.If I spend $180 on something I keep the recipt. This guy seriously needs to get to a doctor quick.


USDA inspections do not guarantee your product is free from disease or contamination.

#7Consumer Comment

Tue, May 30, 2006

To Amanda: USDA inspections do not guarantee your product is free from disease or contamination. It was common in the late 1990's for the USDA to "certify" beef imported from foreign sources if it was labeled as safe by the originating country's inspection service. At random intervals USDA inspectors might have done courtesy inspections of the processing facility under agreement with the country's goverment. In one incident USDA inspectors visited a meat processing plant in Mexico in which they found the plant contaminated with fecal material, rife with flies/insects and generally filthy. This at a plant certified as safe by Mexican inspectors. In addition with the high volume of meat processing facility operations and the small amount of inspectors available it is not possible to inspect every carcass processed or every plant in operation at all times. I am curios as to the "additive" you place in your frozen beef so it cooks best that way. What is this additive and why do you not disclose it to your customers before they order???


Get over yourself

#8Consumer Comment

Tue, May 30, 2006

Oh,yeah. Aren't you just the tactful and mature angry person? I find you utterly offensive. Aren't you suppose to have someone, like public relations, looking over your shoulder telling you not to type that horrid excuse of a rebuttal. Not everyone is going to like your products, like me.


St. Petersburg,
This "Consumer Report" is COMPLETLY FALSE!

#9REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, October 01, 2004

Mr. Deleon allegedly bought his product for 160$ (cash) he recieved 80 steaks (which is about 30 steaks more than usual for the price he paid)Mr DeLeon was told that we would be happy to replace his beef for fresh beef or we would even swap it for chicken, seafood, or pork(which we normally dont even do!) BUT he had no reciept, or boxes to prove the prod. was even ours. We also suggest cooking our steaks from frozen because they are sealed with a pkging solution so they cook BETTER from frozen! If its not beef than why is it inspected by the department of agriculture? yet another demonstration of the maturity level Mr. DeLeon exhibits. All of our company's steaks are USDA inspected, we also did not distribute ANY of the meat he mentioned in our recall, all items were retrieved from only 3 of our freezers ( mostly out west) AND DISTROYED! (please contact the USDA for any info on this). NO ONE IN PINELLAS COUNTY WAS AFFECTED BY THE RECALL!!!! Tampabay28 NEVER did a story on our company they did an excerpt on another company in the area. ANOTHER FALSE statement by the alleged consumer, ( AGAIN WE STILL HAVE NO PROOF HE EVER EVEN BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM US!) The usda has not contacted us reguarding ANY of Mr. Deleon's claims. This guy is a complete and utter joke, he continually calls and harasses our offices, he calls and hangs up repeatedly. We have now recently filed criminal harassment charges. NONE of our freezers went down during ANY hurricane, of course a large company like ours enlists the help of generators when we have a storm approaching. Our company's sales have been better than ever and we also have a perfect cust. service record with the state. In short this man is completly base and un-educated, He is a complete liar and we really dont care to waste any more of our company time on such a foolish immature person.

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