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Complaint Review: E. Credit Solutions Inc - MIAMI Florida

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- Hamilton, NJ,

E. Credit Solutions Inc
7349 NW 34th ST. MIAMI, 33122 Florida, U.S.A.
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Dear Sir or Mam,

I am a victum of this scam also. I also received a black and white post card, with a number and an activation number on the front of it. So as most of us, I needed a Credit Card. I was talking to a Female, her name was Vanessa Ransem. She sounded like a well mannered person from the beginning. After she did all of her reading about this offer of a credit card etc. I had to explain to her, that presently I was out of work on sick leave, and did not have the proper funds in my account to purchace this Card of which was a Processing fee of $199.95

So she stated that they can do a post dated check instead, so like stupid me, I gave it some thought, and gave in like a fool. I said to Ms. Vanessa Ransem, that the monies would not be available until May 1st, 2002 she said that would be fine. So we made an agreement, that the monies of $199.95 would >not< be taken out of my account until that date of May 1st, 2002 then she proceed to give me the customer service number of which was 1-866-793-6835 after about almost two weeks have gone by in the month of April of 2002, I decided to give the so called customer service number a call, I was actually speaking to someone.

I made my desision about canceling this $199.95 and the idea of the credit card, something just told me to do so. So when I spoke to this person of which never game me his name, but it was a black man, can tell with his accent, but that doesn't matter to me, I stated to him, that I have decided to cancel my subscription for the credit card, gave him my name, and card number again, he stated to me that the monies were already taken out as of April 15, 2002.

Well I almost exploded, I replied to him why was this done, when the monies in mention of $199.95 was not supposed to be taken out of my account until May 1st, 2002 he stated he did not know. So I again told him, that I wanted my monies refunded to me, and I also told him that they made an unothorized withdraw from my account do to the fact it wasn't supposted to be done unil May 1st 2002 his reply beleive it or not to me was onl Oh Oh or Whoa! He sated that he would have to talk to his supervisor, after being on hold for almost 10 minutes he finally decided to come back and talk to me.

He stated this is what we can do... When you > me < receive the package in the mail, do not open it, but simply put on the outside of the envelope of which came via Express Mail to put on the label after I cross it out, and put return to sender the following >>>> RAN110179 <<<<

SO when the envelope finally came, I was even madder when I received it, never opened it up, and I did like he said, I crossed out my address, put return to sender and put >>>> RAN110179 <<<< on the return to sender area of which I had to write in with an arrow pointing to the address above mine... I mailed that out on May 10th, 2002, and todays date is now 6/27/2002 And to this date 6/27/2002 I have yet to have received my monies back into my account, the bank charged me an overdraft of $31.00 because they took out the monies before May 1st,2002 so I not only lost $199.95 I also lost $31.00 for an overdraft.

As of this up comeing July 10th, 2002 it will be two (2) months with out this so called company refunding my my monies owed to me... If you or someone can honestly help me in regaining my monies, please do so. I feel so cheated, robbed blind, scamed. If there is away to sue this scam and ripoff company, then I would like to do so, let them see what it feels like, and put them behind bars for there theft. Thanks,have a nice day, and hope to hear from someone soon, I am really in nice words mad about this. Never Again....


Hamilton, New Jersey

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Out Of State


Thu, June 27, 2002

P.S. I forgot to mention, I live in New Jersey, and I would emagine this is else where too. But just to let all of you know how far this scam has come, now it is up here in New Jersey as well, and like a fool, I fell for this scam... but it won't ever happen again. Not if I can help it... have a nice day.

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