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Complaint Review: Elite Auto Repair - Fresno California

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Elite Auto Repair
1924 West Belmont Ave. Fresno, 93728 California, U.S.A.
1(559) 442-1842
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Elite Auto Repair BAR# AH201044

1924 West Belmont Ave.

Fresno, Ca 93728

1(559) 442-1842

Complaint Form Addendum

I saw ad in a local paper named the "Thrifty Nickel" where Elite Auto advertised "Used Japanese Engines installed in your car including parts and labor for $795.00 and up" which an O.K. price for 4 cylinder engines.

So, about Dec 20, 1999 I called Elite Auto Repair to get an estimate to have my head gaskets replaced on my 86 Subaru GL Wagon and I was quoted $649.00. So I said O.K., then Joe from Elite Auto sent John from Agape Towing to come get my car to be repaired. Joe bought a head gasket kit to repair my car that was part of the $649.00 estimate.

After removing the heads from the car, Elite Auto sent them to DAVES Performance Engineering to be resurfaced and rebuilt. Days later Joe from Elite Auto called me and told me that my heads was cracked to bad to be repaired. At that time Joe informed me that he would find the most economical way he could to get my car in good running order again. The choices at that time were to get some good heads to install or put a used motor in the car.

Later Joe called me to tell me that he could get me some heads for $450.00. To which I said was too high and an engine would be the cheaper way to go. I asked Joe how much would he charge to just be a used engine in the car. To which Joe replied $1200.00. I asked what about the ad in the paper what engines you replace for $795.00 and he said older 4 cylinder engines and he was out of them but he could get me one for $700.00.

Then I commented; places that sell used Japanese engines for other cars such as ATTARO @ 1(800)688-5001 still have engines for my car for $400.00 which every place that put engines in Japanese cars know about. He told me it would cost him $700.00 which is bullshit. I didn't have a way to go get an engine for my car which Elite Auto would not Warranty anyway, so I went to DAVES Performance Engineering to pick-up my un-repairable heads where I was charged $25.00 for the inspection.

From there I found some heads for my car for $350.00 exchanged. Then I called Joe to let him know that I got the heads for my car and was going to get them rebuilt at DAVES where he had them for $95.00. Joe told me bring them here and I will find the best deal for you, later to find out he charged me $217.00 to have the heads rebuilt. Then lowered it to $180.00 as if that was fair! I also went to the junkyard to get 2 vacuum solenoids and timing belt covers that Elite said was needed to warranty my car.

Elite did not install the solenoids, which Joe told they would do after I went through the problem of securing.

When to add insult to injury, Elite Auto charged me up to three times the normal amount that Kragen @ 1(559) 264-4828, Chief's or Pep Boys charge for the same parts with honored warranties.

And most of the parts I didn't need for my car to be repaired. Joe from Elite Auto said he could not warranty the work unless they installed these parts. Which were:

Parts Kragen Price Elite Price

Head Gasket Set $77.99 $205.58 Needed

Oil $04.00 $8.00 S/B Included

Oil Filter $03.59 $7.95 S/B Included

Right Timing Belt $10.49 $35.93 Not Needed

Left Timing Belt $13.49 $36.90 Not Needed

Water Pump $44.49 $90.42 Not Needed

Upper Radiator Hose $08.29 $16.45 Not Needed

Lower radiator Hose $08.99 $18.18 Not Needed

Thermostat $04.49 $10.50 Not Needed

My question to Joe at Elite Auto was. If I could go and pick other parts and bring them to Elite to repair my car, why wasn't I allowed to get all the parts I needed? Joe replied, "We have to make some money." This is Wrong especially three times the fair price!

Jan 24,2000 I paid $1162.65 to pick-up my car. Then I found that my car did not idle correctly, the wire to the oil sender was loose and came off and ran much warmer than then I brought it to them. Then three days after I had my car it developed an exhaust leak.

When I brought my car back to them Elite Auto said it was not their problem but they could fix it for me for more money and any other problems with their repair would the be covered under the warranty due to the exhaust leak. So in essence they said I have no warranty for their work which Elite said they would warranty provided I buy the parts from them which I didn't need and the thermostat that they put in made my car run warmer which is the very thing that caused my head to crack.

Elite Auto Simply ripped me off!

The remedy I need is for Elite Auto to refund all of my money so that I can take my car to a competent auto repair facility to have it repaired correctly.

Please help me get Fairness and Justice!


Paul Johnson

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