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Complaint Review: Elite Concepts - Rumford Rhode Island

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Elite Concepts
P.O. Box 16404 374 Greenwood Avenue Rumford, 02916 Rhode Island, U.S.A.
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Please HELP me get my money back;

On March 6/2000 I purchased a service from Elite Concepts located on the internet at www.eliteconcepts.com. The package was their top of the line and cost $179.00 U.S. funds. This service was to include the design of 10 entry pages for my website. They then were supposed to submit these 10 pages to the top 14 search engines to be listed. Their guarantee reads that I would get an email within 7-14 days and all ten pages would be listed within the top 40 on each and every major search engine including yahoo, altavista, msn, lycos etc. I paid by visa so I was now at their mercy and good word to come through but I figured they "guaranteed" their service so it would be ok. Well about a month and a half later on April 19/2000 I hadn't heard anything and was getting concerned so I emailed them and was told that the search engines were backed up and to try back later. I again emailed John (webmaster) at Elite Concepts on April 25/2000 and this time he said to try back in 3 weeks and he would have an answer. The red flag had gone up for me by now but I had to keep trying so again I emailed John at Elite Concepts back on May 17/2000 and told him that their agreement on their website stated clearly I would see results in 7-14 days. John denied this but again I emailed him with the exact wording of his site which I cut & paste into the email. At this point he said to try back in 3 more weeks and if he didn't acheive results by then he would send me a complete refund by cheque in the mail. Since I paid for their service by visa I didn't understand why he wouldn't just credit my visa but was willing to go for anything at this point that would solve this problem so I agreed that this was acceptable. During this time I checked my website traffic report and found that someone was testing Altavista because I was getting hits from this engine and it just so happened that it was originating from 2 of the entry pages that Elite Concepts had made. At that point I was happy to be seeing some effort at least. Well on June 10/2000 I received and email saying that I was listed at Altavista with 2 pages so I emailed back to John and replied with "Good work John" and telling him what a good start he had on the project. I was emailed back the next day and John said that his job was now done and I must have misunderstood the guaranteed agreement. Well I didn't misunderstand and once again I cut & pasted his guarantee right from Elite Concepts webpage but to no avail. If I had known that I would end up spending $179.00 U.S. funds to get listed on 1 search engine I would have never have done it but the promise and guarantee of 10 pages x 14 major search engines = 140 listings all withing the top 40 I went for it.

The fact is now I'm scared to make another web purchase and so are the people that I've told my story to. I am hoping you folks can help me because I noticed that you have a banner of a search engine placement service on your site and they may be of some help in this matter....who knows?

Below is a copy of Elite Concept's Guaranteed Agreement (cut & pasted from their site)

Approximately 7- 14 days after we submit your pages to our

search engine database, we will email you a detailed

keyword position report with The Big 14 search engines.

You will be in the top 40 positions guaranteed!

Our method is very effective, as a matter of fact we guarantee you

top search engine positions (see our guarantee below). Our entry

pages are so powerful that we position 90% of the pages we

promote in the top ten placements in one or more top search

engines and 100% in the top 50 placements. There is no magic

here, just logic, numbers and experience. Each web site is

thoroughly analyzed so we can determine the best route to

achieve the greatest possible exposure which translates into


(10 pages x 1500 engines = 15,000 places on the net that

have your site listed.)

We guarantee top listings with major search engines or we

will refund you!

We guarantee minimum of 1200 successful submissions with

search engines and directories for each of your 10 mirror sites.

(Total 15,000 sites).

P.S. I was only interested in the top 14 Search engines and not the ffa pages. That is why they state in their guarantee that it would be 1500 engines (most are ffa pages)


Wayne Pears

[email protected]

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