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Complaint Review: Elite Technology Inc. - Kansas City Kansas

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- Independence, MO,

Elite Technology Inc.
1100 Cambridge Circle, Suite 150 Kansas City, 66103 Kansas, U.S.A.
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I am writing to lodge a complaint against Elite Technology, Inc., 1100 Cambridge Circle Drive, Suite 150, Kansas City, KS 66103.

On Thursday, October 21st 1999 I e-mailed my sales representative Greg ([email protected]) the following order:

Purchase one computer consisting of PIII 500 Mghz with EPOX motherboard,

128 MEGS SDRAM, 9.1 GIG Scuzy Hard Drive and Controller, 48X CDROM, 1.44

Floppy, 8 MEG Video Card, 10/100 Network Card, 8 GIG DAT Tape backup

system and 2 Tapes as well as Keyboard, Mouse and a 15" Monitor, running

Windows NT Server with 5 client licenses. This computer is to be used as

the server.


Purchase one computer consisting of PIII 450 Mghz with EPOX motherboard,

128 MEGS SDRAM, 10.1 GIG Hard Drive, 48X CDROM, 1.44 Floppy, 8 MEG Video

Card, 56K/V90 Fax/Voice/Data Modem, 10/100 Network Card, as well as

Keyboard, Mouse and a 15" Monitor. We will install Windows 95 or 98 (in

office). This computer is to be used as Heather's Administration



Purchase an Ascend Pipeline 50 ISDN Router. ($477.00)

Throughout several e-mail's I was told that the order would be ready for pickup Monday, October 25th, 1999, at 3:30 p.m. We were installing these components on a network at Lawing Financial, Inc. Tuesday, October 26th, 1999.

We had been trying to get check approval from my bank (Nation's/Bank of America) since my account was established on August 19, 1999. Because my bank had not answered any requests for credit I was required to submit a Money Order for purchase.

On Monday, October 25th, 1999 at 4:30 I arrived for pick up with a Money Order addressed to Elite Technology in the amount of $3,905.00. The hardware was collected and I returned to the office.

That evening we attempted to install Windows 98 on the PIII450. This computer was incorrectly assembled. The CDROM drive, although connected to a power source, was not connected to the motherboard. The CDROM was also designated as the "Master" drive.

The PIII500 was sold without tape drive back up software. Whether this should have been included with the cost of the back up device or not, it should have been mentioned by the sales person.

After 4 hours correcting these problems we made the decision to find another hardware vendor.

The following day we took the two reconfigured machines and the Router to Lawing Financial, Inc. We set about putting the new machines in place, setting up the network and plugging the Server (the PIII500) into the Router and then into the ISDN Line provided by Southwestern Bell. The Connection did not work. We proceeded to try all avenues for dysfunction. We called Southwestern Bell back out to test the line. Southwestern Bell's Router worked fine. We called Grapevine (the ISP) for a connection test. The connection was fine. Grapevine sent out a representative to reconfigure the router. This also did not work. After four hours it was determined that the Router we had purchased was defective.

We called Elite Technology and asked if they had another Router in stock that we could swap out. They did not. We tried several avenues and finally found a router at Grapevine that they would sell us for $550.00. They proceeded to bring out the other Router. We plugged it in and it worked immediately, further resigning us to the fact that the original Router purchased from Elite was not in working order upon purchase.

I would like to mention that at this point in time we were genuinely upset with Elite Technology as our business was now being effected by inept hardware. It is one thing to waste my Firm's time in our own offices, it is another to embarrass our Firm when out at a Client's location.

On Wednesday, October 27, 1999, I called Elite Technology and asked to return the Router. They issued me a Return Authorization (RA) number and stated that the hardware must be returned with the instructions, the box and a copy of the sales slips. This was not a problem.

On Thursday, October 28, 1999, at 9:00 a.m. I drove to Elite Technology and asked for my refund for defective parts. I was told that I would get a credit issued. I explained that a credit would not be acceptable because we would not be purchasing anything from Elite ever again. I wanted my money back. I paid in cash and should be issued a refund in cash.

I was instructed to wait while they summon a manager to solve this problem. Elano was summoned and stated that Yes, they would issue a credit. I again explained that a credit would do no good as I would not be purchasing any hardware from Elite Technology ever again. I proceeded to tell him about the repairs we had made to his hardware and asked for a full refund.

He stated that he would have to talk it over with the management and would get back to me. I asked when, he said by 4:00 p.m. that day. I told him that I would be back at 5:00 p.m.

At 5:15 on October 28, 1999, my husband, and President of R & D Associates, Inc., Derrick and I returned to Elite Technology. Elano was again summoned and stated that he had spoken with Ascend/Lucent and that the manufacturer would indeed take the hardware back. He then stated that Elite Technology would issue a credit to our account and the credit issued would be minus a fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee.

I again stated that this was not acceptable as we would not be purchasing anything ever again from Elite Technology.

Elano stated that it was the policy and that we had no recourse. I asked him if he ever had a client close an account with them and if at that point they issued a check for an outstanding credit. He stated that there had never been a check issued for a credit from Elite Technology and that it was not their policy. That I would have to accept a credit on my account of $477.00 minus 15%.

At this point in time I tried to remind Elano that if this went further I would have to pursue other avenue's for collection. I told Elano that these avenues would probably cost more than $477.00 as I had visited Elite Technology's offices three times, had spent 4 hours on reconfiguring the computers as well as an additional 4 hours at my clients attempting to figure out the problem.

Elano was not moved by my plea and insisted that he was issuing a credit.

The reason I am writing is that I want to inform you of Elite Technology's bad business practices. But, even more that that, I want it on record so that if any company wishes to do business with Elite Technology, and takes the time to do research regarding Elite's business practices, you will be kind enough to forward this information on to them.

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