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Complaint Review: Financing Alternatives - Chesapeake Virginia

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- Great Falls, Montana,

Financing Alternatives
565 Cedar Road, Suite 1 Chesapeake, 23322 Virginia, U.S.A.
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I saw an ad on TV for Financing Alternatives that promises help with getting a brand new computer even with bad credit. I had to agree to pay so much per week until the amount for the downpayment ($519) was done. They sent me the paperwork I had to fill out in which part needed to be faxed back in order to get $250 off the price. At the very top of one of the pages it said that my computer purchase had been APPROVED amd that once the downpayment was done it would be 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Well, I have never been late with a payment and was building my credit with them. In December of last year, on one particular Monday, all the computers at my bank were down. Consequently the payment couldn't be taken and was deemed NSF by Financing Alternatives. I did not know this until February of this year. I called to see how my order was coming and that is when they told me that they started my payment plan ALL OVER again because of this bank mistake. NO ONE from there had bothered to call me and tell me this.

A while later I called again to check on the progress and then they tell me that I need a letter from the bank stating that it was NOT my fault but theirs and to fax it to them. Well, I did just that. On March 9, the manager faxed it with a confirmation that it had been sent. When I called the other day, they said they received no such fax. (Very connvienient)Now they are also saying that the Audit Dept. has to review it (which for some reason takes 30 days) and then I will have to wait ANOTHER 6-8 weeks.

I am usually a very patient person but this is ridiculous. I will admit that finally lost my cool the other day and I did say a couple of swear words to them but I told them that this is very aggrevating. When I asked to talk to a supervisor (who they said again was out just like the other 3 times I called) the gal said she wasn't there. Well after a few minutes of discussion with the gal the supervisor magically appeared. Now the supervisor TOLD ME she had been standing there listening to the conversation.

I told her that I was tired of being in this circle jerk. I told them that I went to them in good faith, I paid my payments and this is how I get treated.

When I told them I wanted either my computer or my money back they have thrown up the contract to me (for which I am still kicking myself in the butt for for not reading it thoroughly) which happens to be in very SMALL print, that ALL the money I have paid in is NON REFUNDABLE.

I reread the contract and it dawned on me that most contracts (at least not any of the ones I have ever read)do not say anything about a worry of being sued for fraud or misrepresentation. And you have to sign this contract before they okay the layaway plan. To me this says "we know we are scammers but we are just trying to cover our butts by having this in the contract" They must be worried that everyone they are scamming will come after them for being a fraud.

Here I have been sitting for a month and a half patiently waiting for my computer and they are telling me that it will still be another 6-8 weeks before I get it if then.

I have come to honestly believe they are truly rip off artists. I didn't think to check with the BBB to see if they were legit. And believe you me, if I ever do get the computer, I will tell everyone I know and then some what a crooked business they are. I would go on National Television and tell the whole world. I want people to know about them. I want to embarrass them in front of the world by exposing them for the rip offs they are.

I work hard for my money and there have been a few times I had put off paying a bill or two just so I could make this payment every week. Every week since October os last year I have faithfully paid $41.84. But because of 1 incident they are now treating me like garbage and I will NOT stand for it. Who knows How many other people got sucked into this. Well, I want Financing Alternatives to know that they WILL NOT get away with it.

To date I have paid OVER $1,000.


Great Falls, Montana

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