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Complaint Review: first choice cars rip-off dealer Kaysvill Utah - kaysville Utah

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first choice cars rip-off dealer Kaysvill Utah
220 N. 650 W. kaysville, 84037 Utah, U.S.A.
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Please, anyone, help me get my money back!!!!!!!!

On Sept 3rd, 1999 my friend Kristen Robinson & I went to

the weekend clearance car sale at the Layton Hills Mall. I saw a 98 Jeep Wrangler on the First Choice car section.

After looking the jeep over I decided to try and purchase it. I told the salesman if they could get me into the jeep and out of my truck for payments around $300.00 a month I'd buy it, wellthey said the best they could do was for $353.00 a month on a lease so I decided I'd do that and we filled out all the paperwork and I took the jeep.

Two days later I cancelled the extended warranty on my truck ( I

recieved $683.00 on the 21st of Sept.).

On Monday Sept 20th at 7:30p.m. I got a phone call at work

from Debi Follet at First Choice Cars, she informed me that there was a problem with the lease and asked if I could meet her the next day at the dearlership & I told her if she would be there at 7:30a.m. I'd be there. That morning Kristen and I went down there, when I got there Mrs. Follet explained that the lease loan was declined by the bank and that I needed to sign new loan papers to buy the jeep. One loan was for $400.00 a month, for 72 months that was approved already and the other they could try for a lower payment of $386.00 a month, for 84 months. I asked if they had even paid off my truck loan yet and she said no they had not.

I told her I just wanted my truck back then, and she said thats not a option because I had already signed a lease aggreement stating I'd buy the jeep and that obligates me to buy the jeep so I needed to sign the new papers. I told her there was no way I could afford the higher payments, that doing this would most likely cause me to do bankruptcy seems how the lease fell through and they hadn't paid off the truck why couldn't I just get my truck back she told me because the purchase price of the jeep is the same that I had to buy it.

She then told me that if I signed the new papers she would

talk to the sales manager and see what they could do to get the

truck back. So I signed the papers and went home. After talking to a couple of different people they told me that I didn't have to sign those papers that she had lied to me and they advised me to go back to the car lot and talk to them again and explain why I couldn't afford the higher payments and ask again for my truck


So Kristen & I went back there again and I expained to Mrs.

Follet that as of right now there was no way I could afford this

and told them I had found out a week after signing the lease that the company I work for was put up for sale and there was no

guarantee that I'd be employed in the near future. She then said but you might not be out of a job and I told her I might though, I just don't know. So she said she'd go talk to the sales manager and be right back. When she came back she told me he said no that I'd signed the papers and thats that. So I left.

That night I got a message to call her that she had talked

to the sales manager and he said there might be something we can do to get my truck back. I figured that the loan papers were declined and did not trust them to tell me the truth so I called Wells Fargo to find out what I could from them so I would at least be somewhat informed when I went back. Wells Fargo had no records at all of anything in my name they said the car lot must not have submitted them yet.

I called Mrs. follet back then and she told me the sales

manager said I could have my truck but that they had done some work to it so I'd have to pay for that and the mileage I'd put on the jeep. The total would be $885.00 I said fine I'd be down later.

I then called my Aunt Debbie Legge, since my parents were out of the country at the time, to ask her what to do so she started to tell me but I asked her if she would just go with Kristen & I down there she said she was on her way.

When we showed up at First Choice my Aunt asked to speak to

a manager, both were out so they got the owner Garth Robinson. My Aunt explained to him how I felt coerced into signing the contracts and explained to him everything from the beggining and that all I wanted was my truck back. So he called Mrs. Follet down and told her what I'd said and asked her if she had any comments, she said she only told me she wasn't authorized to give my truck back that the sales manager had to make that decision, I then asked Mrs. Follet about the loans and she stated that the loan for 84 months was turned down but that Wells Fargo is approved. I said thats funny because when I talked to Wells this morning they had no record of anything being processed in my name, she said well that because Its off of an automated rate system program they have and that I score high enough to qualify for the loan but it hasn't been sent yet.

My Aunt then told Mr Robinson that I had 3 days to recind

any contract. He said no, thats not true that if she would have

come to me than thats right but since I came to him and signed a

contract thats it and thats how he sees it and how the law sees it, besides this is a 20 day old deal anyway and my Aunt said no she signed yesterday he then said thats not how it is cause she signed the lease on the 3rd. My Aunt said no thats the lease and I notice those papers are back dated to the 3rd which I question the legalality of anyway. He then stated it is not his responsibility to tell me I didn't have to sign that that falls to her or my parents not him he went on to say that its irrelivent because it's still a 20 day old deal. He than asked Mrs. Follet about my truck and she said that it had $685.00 worth of work done on it.

Mr. Robinson said that since he is concerned with customer

satisfaction that he would give me my truck back but that I would have to pay the expenses and any damages on the jeep but that he wouldn't charge for any mileage on the jeep. After looking at the jeep he said it would be $100.00 to get the jeep redetailed and to get the cigerette smell out so the total was $785.00.

After talking in private with my aunt we figured this was

the only way we would get it back so I asked Mr.Robinson if he

would take a check he said no since I was dissatisfied that I would just stop payment on it and he would have to take me to small claims court and he wasn't going to hassle with that so he only would take cash, my Aunt asked him so will you take a check from me he said no for same reason, only cash. We said fine we'd go to the bank and be back. We got a cashiers check for $785.00 in the name of First Choice Cars and gave it to Mrs. Follet.

While we were waiting for them to get me the truck I asked Mrs. Follet for all my copies back she asked why and I said for my records. She handed me the original lease aggrement copy and I said I wanted the loan copies too she said but you don't need those and I said I still wanted them, she asked why again, and I said well as Mr. Robinson pointed out down stairs that he wouldn't take my check because he doesn't trust me what makes you think I trust you people so I just want to be on the safe side and I'd like to see you void your copies also. She handed me my copies and went through and voided

all hers. We then got the keys and left.


Thursday, September 23, 1999



1. Inspection & Emmissions

2. Balance and rotate tires

3. Oil change

4. Tune-up

5. New boot & seal on transmission

6. ATS security system installed

7. 120pt inspection

8. New wiper arms & blades

9. Broken fog lights removed

10. Excess speaker wires taken out

11. Truck detailed

This was all they told me that was done.

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