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Complaint Review: GE Appliances Headquarters - Louisville Kentucky

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- Sugar Land, Texas,

GE Appliances Headquarters
AP6, Room 129 Louisville, 40225 Kentucky, U.S.A.
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Since day one, the expensive GE Triton XL dishwasher I bought has done a pretty terrible job cleaning dishes. In fact it did, and still does, a worse job than the 10-year-old cheapo GE dishwasher it replaced! I bought this model because a neighbor down the street, with the same size family, same water supply, etc. bought this model a month before, and to this date, has had absolutely no problems with it. Which certainly gives me evidence that what I've bought is a defective lemon.

But not according to GE.

After 3 months of putting up with dishes coming out of the dishwasher with food deposited all over them, I had a GE service tech come out and take a look at it. He looked at the level of water in the unit, and immediately told me that it didn't have enough water in it, and that the pressure in the supply line must have been too high, and that that probably damaged the valve. He ordered a replacement valve.

The tech they sent, a week or so later, to replace the valve, took one look at the water level and said it was fine, and that the pressure in the supply line must have been too low. He also demonstrated (to me, at least) a thorough lack of familiarity with the machine -- he laboriously removed a whole panel to get at the valve, not realizing the panel had access holes in it to make removing and replacing the valve a 10 minute job (it took him about 20 minutes alone to remove the panel).

The original valve was fine, of course. There was no need to replace it. And there was no change in the sorry way the dishwasher performed after the valve replacement.

So, on to the third tech. He came, looked, said everything was fine, and that we just had to scrape and rinse all the dishes we put into the machine. I thought that was very interesting, in that it states exactly the opposite in the instruction manual (page 7), and in GE's TV ads and, as I mentioned above, that my neighbor with the same machine doesn't have to do it.

In fact, anyone who knows anything about dishwashers knows that dishwashing detergents today are formulated to work with food residue, because they utilize (and need) the oils present to prevent etching from occurring on glassware.

Fed up with the unprofessionalism and lies, I called GE customer service. They intimated to me that if I wrote and mailed (no calls or emails accepted) a letter describing the problems I'd been having with the unit to GE Appliances Headquarters, in Kentucky, I'd probably have a replacement unit sent to me and installed. They certainly didn't tell me that would happen for sure, but made it clear that that's what I would need to do to clear up my problem, and that that approach almost always got the customer what he or she wanted.

So, I wrote to GE, and gave them all the information I've recounted above, hoping GE considered customer satisfaction somewhat important.

Apparently, it isn't. After hearing nothing for almost a month, I called GE customer service again and asked if anyone had any knowledge of the letter I had sent (I know they received it, as it was sent certified). They told me that, yes, they received the letter and had reviewed the matter, and that the dishwasher was working as designed, and they would not do anything else for me. They told me that they had tried to call, but that my phone was busy, so they were sending me a letter notifying me of the same. (This, in itself, was interesting, because I work out a home office, and the number they would have called me on has call waiting, so I never miss any calls another GE lie?)

The letter they sent arrived about 2 weeks later, and it said the same, basically, We appreciate your comments and value you as a GE customer, however, do not feel it is appropriate to offer further concessions in this instance. If we can be of assistance in the future, do not hesitate to contact us.

This is outrageous. I have a new GE dishwasher that works worse than a worn-out old GE dishwasher. I can compare its performance to an identical unit, same age, not two households distance from me. I've had three different GE technicians give me three different diagnoses to the problem, none demonstrating any knowledge or expertise. And GE tells me everything is normal.

The unit is obviously, and demonstrably, a LEMON! I told GE Customer Service that we have Lemon Laws here in Texas, and the person on the phone told me it didn't apply to them, since they were in Kentucky.

So, I'm sending the info above to the Kentucky Attorney General's Office, and to the Better Business Bureau. I don't know if I'll get this horrible mistake of a dishwasher replaced, but I'm going out of my way to tell all my neighbors and friends to stay away from GE dishwashers unless they want the treatment I'm getting.

Sad. I remember when GE used to be a good company.


Sugar Land, Texas

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