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Complaint Review: Government & VIAD Corp. - Phoenix Arizona & Nationwide

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- fairfield, ca,

Government & VIAD Corp.
1850 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, 85077 Arizona & Nationwide, U.S.A.
602 207 4000
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For the Viad Corporation (dba Travelers Express) soft-money buys

the right to rip-off the poor of America and with no interference

from law inforcment at any level.

Through money order scams they can steal up to $500 per customer. No government agency will do a d**n thing about it.

This to include the FTC, the FBI the AG, the Whitehouse, City

Police. It sounds outrageous but it's a fact I'm afraid. Please

read the Express Story.

National fraud

It now appears most doubtful that anyone, even a high elected official could affect much the deeply entrenched and protected corruption which I have been unearthing but I think it a national con-game that should no longer continue in secret.

This scandal involves the VIAD Corp. (dba: Travelers Express.)

They are the nations largest issuer of money orders. They also contribute soft$ to both political parties and clearly expecting something it return.

They are one of those corporations that wants to be aloud to 'fleece the poor of America" and with no interference from government officials at any level.

Surly I am not the first to acquire some grasp of the magnitude of this problem and I'm probably not the one best equiped

to expose it all but, despite all obstructions and attempts to silence me, that is my growing intent.

People purchasing money orders are viewed as preferred targets by folks like those running VIAD. These are probably people with real money problems and very limited means to fight back. Apparently they are also viewed as fare game by any number of government officials who turn there back on what is happening while holding their hand out to VIAD and their likes.

(For reasons unknown I observe that these particular corporate

officials contribute considerably more money to the Republicans then they do for the Democratic Party). There contributions appear to be sufficient, however.

We subsequently observe all government agencies and officials

including the A.G., the F.T.C., The F.B.I., your congressman and senators, even your local police officials - all of these government officials whom we pay to represent and protect the citizen tax payers from such abuses, all appear to have found a more profitable interest to represent.

They choose to secretly sell out the citizens who support them.

While I frequently find myself contemplating just how far reaching these behaviors might be, understanding something of the character of the players involved, for the present I must limit my efforts to the one corporate swindle. One Travelers express scheme which I experienced personally enables them to steal up to $500 per customer.

It occurs any time a customer calls to report a stolen or missing m/o. The company will instruct their customer to rush a formal request for Stop-Pay >along with a fee for same. Unaware, the customer complys. The company immediately issues a stop-pay order on the m/o in question but their scheme begins to unfold in their next phone contact with their customer. They will then inform the customer that in his/her particular case they have decided not to issue a stop order despite prior statements and customers fee payed and which will not be


The company's efforts to deceive escalate in the next phone contact with their customer. They will report that someone has in fact cashed their missing m/o and that Trav- Exp. has payed it. Not so. While someone probably has attempted to cash it the nice folks at VIAD & Travelers Express HAVE DIFFERENT PLANS FOR YOUR MONEY and here plans do not involve paying your money to any crooks outside of there con-game.

The company will next provide you with another currious suprise;

a photocopy of the money order, and they will then attempt to convince you that this is the manner in which this giant financial institution maintains records of the money which they pay out. The copy will of course prove to be of no value and sertainly untracable.

(Poor quality copy combined with the fact that nobody has been paied anything yet).

Any competent detective should, I understand, recognize this scheme right off. When financial institutions pay out funds they maintain clear and readily accessible computerized records showing to who and where any $ were payed; (Not unreadable photocopies). One would expect your local police detective to confront the company directly: "If in fact you payed this money order, show us whose account you payed it to - If not, please reimburse the customer's funds." The detective does not do

anything like that, but rather goes along with the hoax as though it's all routine. Perhaps just lazy. I can't know how far down VIAD's crooked soft-$ can reach.

The folks at Travelers Express will then attempt to convince you that you have been riped-off by some clever thief who managed to leave no trace.

They want to cause you to believe that they never heard of computerized records or electronic transfers, only poor quality photocopys. (wouldn't a tax audit be interesting).

Whether you buy any of this or not, the nice folks at Travelers Express will at this point confidently slip your money in to their own pockets.

They sell these m.o. in amounts up to $500 each and they

got me for almost that amount. (An amount which constitutes a felony throughout the country).

I understand that many, many hundreds - perhaps many thousands

of complaints similar to my own have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau and/or the Federal Trade Commission. Both of these agencies will regularly pretend ignorance of any kind of problem at T. E.and they choose to treat each new complaint as though it is their very first and certainly calling for no concern or intervention from them.

Those involved with this particular con-game gamble that each of their victims will, at some point give up in frustration and I suppose most do just that at some point as this company, for the present, continues doing their thing. Perhaps I too will someday reach that point.

Perhaps - but not today.

[email protected]

Dave Goggin

Fairfield, California

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