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Thoughts While Not Cutting My Hair

Something's fishy in Home Town USA

Isn't it ironic that the builder that was in the forefront when "Hollister Home of The Brand New Fixer-Up Homes" became major news is the one that's first in line to get a building permit after the building moratorium is lifted has his picture on the front page of the Pinnacle. 6/8/00 (also see www.jps.net/hollister1), look at Grand Jury Report there also.

Builder's for the needy

Isn't it ironic how all the builders stood up and cried for one Realtor and builder when the moratorium was put on, to let them be the only one to get a permit to build a house, then another builder tried to sue the City about it.

Realtor for the needy

Isn't it ironic that the same Realtor that was in the forefront of "Hollister Home of The Brand New Fixer-Up Homes" was partners with the same builder listed above and was the one crying for the permit for the needy?

Talking to a brick wall

Isn't it ironic that when most of the hundreds of home owners involved in, "Hollister Home of The Brand New Fixer-Up Homes" gave up on talking to City Council, the moratorium was slapped on the builders a representative of Anderson Homes stood at a council meeting and cried to the same brick wall, "What have you people done to let the City get to this point".


Isn't it ironic that the husband of one of the City Council members told us to check out that cement pumping companies that were in town went out of business because of the bad concrete used in town, than he was on the Grand Jury in the beginning of the Grand Jury investigation of the City for not properly inspecting the homes.

They have their cake and icing

Isn't it ironic how most members of past and present City Councils have either been involved in real estate or construction or have family members or friends in the industries?

Isn't it ironic that a past Mayor and now council member who brags publicly that most of his family is in construction had a personal web site up that offered special loans to Realtors and builders for hard to get loans if they couldn't prove their incomes.

Isn't it ironic that the last head of the planning commission was a Realtor?

Sounds like Washington

Isn't it ironic that when a moratorium is slapped on the city the builders start crying that they want to build homes, "It's for the needy (affordable housing)". Sort of sounds like the new catch phrase in Washington (It's for the children). It is hard to argue either of these facts because both of these things are needed, but we wouldn't be in this situation if they really cared, because these homes would have already been built and not only when the builders are told to get out of the sand box.

Book-em Danno

Isn't it ironic that after the second murder at the Mexican Bar the Chief of Police said in the paper " There is no more trouble in this bar than any other bars in town"? As far as I know the only thing that was close to murder at any of the other bars in town was when BOB Valenzuela's mom was out of jail on a weekend pass and beat someone over the head with a dried out tortilla shell at Whiskey Creek.

Boy is this guy going to have a commute

Isn't it ironic that after a large bank in Ventura County acquires Hollister-based San Benito Bank in April of 1999 a local business gets a contract for $326,837.80 with the City of Buenaventura at a City Council meeting on Oct.25, 1999. If anyone in town has to complain about traffic and commute time, this guy wins.

What no Granny

Isn't it ironic that a builder advertises homes off of Santa Anna Road on 1-acre lots with Granny Units, but what no Grannies? Are Grannies a code violation? Could it be the sheriff needs more money?

Show Me The Money

Isn't it ironic that at the Regional Water Quality Control Board that City Manager George Lewis tells the board that the city has had the money for the sewerage system and it was acquired from impact fees, when for months before George and the city were crying that the reason the City was in trouble is that impact fees don't cover the cost of infrastructure.

Isn't it ironic that when he (nervously) told the board the City had the money (I was sitting behind him as he twitched and turned), all the members of the board said they didn't believe him and one of the members said if you had the money why haven't you done something about. George really impressed me that day, for he only sweated about a quart.

The race is on

Isn't it ironic that all of a sudden the City is trying to raise money anyway they can, Examples:

Parking fees, collecting three years of back sewerage fees and the latest is they are going all over town getting homeowner for code violations (5 or 6 in my culdesack alone that I know of). Where were they during the construction of the shoddy built homes, no code violations there?

If you have a shed next to the fence or anything else really dangerous (like leaves hanging over that water meter) better get rid of it now. But than again maybe not because than the City won't have enough money to pay for the Porta Potty service we will be needing.

I'd like to get a count of all the people that are getting for code violations. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Gorgeous George couldn't have been telling a fib to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, could he?

Well I've vented, I could go on and on but I'll end for now in the words of Roseanne Roseanna Dana and Forest Gump:

Well it just goes to show life is just a box of chocolates, stupid is as stupid does, and never mind!

JJ Vogel

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