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Complaint Review: Jiffy Lube - Bensalem Pennsylvania

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- Tempe, Arizona,

Jiffy Lube
2645 Street Rd Bensalem, 19020 Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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I have been a customer of Jiffy Lube for more than 10 years and generally have received good service. I have experienced the occasional loose oil filter or oil spilled on the engine but most service has been acceptable.

On 10/07/00, I took my vehicle, a 1996 Subaru Outback, to Jiffy Lube # 2278, 2645 Street Road, Bensalem,Pa 19020 for a routine oil change. It was recomended that the transmission service be performed based on mileage and I agreed to have it done.

After the service was complete, I returned home, about 3 miles away. The following day, my wife took the car to go to work and after about 6-7 miles the engine began to smoke. She immediatley pulled over and shut off the car. I was on the road so she had to call her father for assistance. He traveled 30 miles to where she had pulled over and noticed that the engine had small puddles and splashes of red fluid all over the engine block and the manifold. He cleaned it as best he could with a rag and she returned home(with the engine still smoking).

When I returned home and looked under the hood, I noticed the transmission fluid and did some more cleaning. When I removed the dipstick from the transmission tube, I noticed that the fluid was all the way to the top of the neck of the tube. Obviosly the fluid had been over-filled and sprayed out the tube around the dipstick and got all over the engine (causing the smoke). I was able to suck out some of the excess from the dipstick tube.

The next day, my wife took the car back to JL and they said that the fluids were at the right level and it must have been a coincidence that the fluid got all over the engine. I believe that they actually took the level down to the correct level while she waited. Although, no damage or harm was done to my vehicle, a great deal of inconvenience was caused. My wife lost a day's work (she's an antique dealer in business for herself). I had a great deal of engine clean up to do to remove the transmission fluid and stop the smoking and smell of burnt trans fluid. I feel that this service was very unsatisfactory and do not feel comfortable using Jiffy Lube in the future.

I was also not happy with the response given when we took the car back. Hopefully this is not representative of the "Signature Service" that is so proudly advertised.

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customers think they know everything

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Tue, September 03, 2002

I read the article on the subaru being "overfilled" with transmission fluid. I use to manage a jiffylube in Richardson, Tx. This is a 53 store chain that is ran to perfection. Every quicklube has its mistakes. I now currently manage a quicklube in Billings, Montana. I have noticed that more than 90 percent of cars that come back, that are "Leaking" are do to the customer not realizing that this leak has been going on for a while from their, oil pan gasket, sending unit, transmission pan gasket, rear main seal, ect.. Customers only notice leaks from their cars immeditly after they have their oil changed. Please!! To all customers. Give your your quicklube of choice a chance to look at your vehicle before you rip their heads off. Please read the bottom of your invoice for comments relating to oil leaks, ect.. This particular case with the subaru was not a rip off. A rip off is paying for a service that wasn't performed, but was paid for. Please allow me to share one more instane of a customer over reacting. To all employees of quicklubes. You are or should be aware of the transmission filter on the saturns. This filter can easily be mistaken for the oil filter. It is exactly the same size. This filter can also be easily spotted by a customer if he or she were to look under their hood. Recently I Had a customer come back to my store with his Saturn, enter my store, and proceed to flip out. This consisted of swearing, throwing objects, and most disturbing, trying to physicly attack one of my employees. This was all witnessed in front of other customers. His complaint was that the oil filter was not changed. As I proceded out to his vehicle and raised his hood, he pointed at his red transmission filter. That clearly stated on it, transmission filter. I was furious inside, but calmly said "Sir that is your transmission filter. Your oil filter is on the back side. It is white and says miledgaurd 3614 on it. Thank you, Have a nice day." I did not recieve an apology, just a customer that got in his vehicle and ripped out of my lot


general manager

#3UPDATE Employee

Tue, February 19, 2002

Just for the record I am an A.S.E. certified master mechanic and all subaru outbacks have a problem with fresh trans fluid causing back-pressure in the bell housing which will cause the trans fluid to shoot out over the engine compartment. Furthermore I am an employee of jiffy lube and apolagize for the fact that no one told this customer of this problem it is better to change out only 75% of the fluid.

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