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Complaint Review: Law Office Of Constance W. Hasting - El Dorado Hills California

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Law Office Of Constance W. Hasting
5011 Golden Foothills Parkway Suite 4 El Dorado Hills, 95762 California, U.S.A.
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I recently experienced marital problems with my wife .... she (my wife) filed for divorce and moved out of my house quite suddenly.

As I was confused and did not know what to do, I sought out

an attorney though the telephone book yellow pages.

Constance W Hasting

AKA Constance Lynn Wyatt

California BAR Association Member# 78655

5011 Golden Foothills Parkway Suite 4

El dorado Hills California CA 95762


Phone: 916-933-2235

Constance W Hasting was the only attorney in the book who was able to schedule a consultation anytime within the next several weeks.

She was able to see me that very next afternoon. I soon found out why she was so "available" when all other attorneys were unable to take on new clients for weeks.

During our first "free" consultation, we discussed grounds for an annulment and Constance assured me that she was able to ague my case and could in fact win. I explained to her that I did not want this divorce and that if my wife was willing to work this out or settle I would much rather give my wife the money that I would be paying in attorneys fee's.

I told her that I hoped that she could understand my position. She stated that she did and asked for $400.00 retainer fee ....

with a total cost of 1500.00 for the representation and $200.00

dollars in additional filing fees.

I offered to pay the $1700.00 amount up front in cash

thinking that it would gain me better representation. Constance

had me sign a document titled "Hourly Retainer Contract". She told me that the hourly fee would be $175.00 and hour.

She pushed this contract in front of me and said "sign here". She handed me some response papers to take home and fill out. This meeting lasted for 1 hour. I left her office.

I called the next day to let her know my wife and I worked things out and found that she had left on vacation for two weeks. The administrative assistant gave me that information.

Several days later I was again in contact with the lawyers office and repeated that my wife and I decided

that this had been a mistake and that we had work things out. I immediately called the law office and told the administrative

assistance that I would drop off a letter the next day for

Constance. The letter stated that I would not be needing her

services after all .... and I gave her all my contact numbers home, cell, pager etc, and address for her to send my money back deducting the cost of the single visit(or what ever seem reasonable to her). I was expecting $1500.00 to be returned. I also stated that my wife and I would be leaving for 3 weeks vacations to sort things out, for her to please send the check to my home.

At my return from vacation there was no check from the law office. I called and asked the admin to have Constance call me back. She (Constance)never returned my calls ...I tried for several days but found that she was avoiding me. I attempted to go to the office in person to talk to Constance. I called in advance to say that I would like to come to the office hopping to catch Constance before she left for court. I arrived to find that I was physically locked out of the office ..... the administrative help was inside, but would not come to the door. this was during regular work hours. At some point over the next few days the administrative assistant working for Constance quit

because she did not like the tactics the attorney was using.

Constance was forced to answer her own phone for a few days while she found a new administrative help .... this gave me a chance to talk with Constance directly for the first time. During our conversation Constance blamed the poor administrative help for the passed poor treatment..... she suggested that she should prepare a nuptial agreement for my wife and I to use as protection for any future problems. I told her that might be a good idea if she could do it for a reasonable amount of money....I was also thinking that this would be the only way that I would ever get any of my money back.

I dropped off the details of what my wife and I wanted in the

agreement in her mail slot of the office the next morning. She

would not give me a quote for the service at that time, but during a later phone conversation she stated that it would take four or five hours or so of her time.....telling me that it would cost$800 dollars to prepare. I said that was too much for what we had asked for. She then stated that she had to leave for court. that was the last time I ever spoke with her.

..... I called later that day and attempted to set up a meeting

with Constance at her office to again ask for the return of my

money. She was not in, but her new administrative assistant set up the appointment for the next day. I arrived at the

office at the scheduled time and was met at the locked front door by her administrative assistant. She handed me an envelope

containing a check for $200.00 dollars and a note form Constance.

The note read that the check was for the filing fee refund, and

that the $1500.00 retainer fee would not be returned. The person

handing me the envelope sited a paragraph 4 on the original "Hourly Retainer Contract" agreement that I had signed when I first visited Constance, stating that "all moneys given are to be considered earned at the time they are paid".

The letter went on to say that even though the original agreement was for her to represent me for the Annulment / divorce only, if I wanted she would prepare the nuptial agreement for no charge.

I asked the administrative assistant to have Constance call me to discuss this, but Constance never called. She avoids any calls from me as before ... when I call the office the admin will just hang up on me as soon as I give my name, or states that Constance is out of the office.

I have yet to speak with Constance again and still have not

received any services or the nuptial agreement from

Constance W. Hasting / Constance Lynn Wyatt "rip-off" artist.

Is there any help that you can provide?

Please help me get my money back.

Additional information for anyone that is willing to help me:

Connie is a graduate of Brigham Young University SaltLake City Utah,(Undergraduate)and Hastings School of Law (San Francisco) for her Law degree.

Seems kind of funny the morals that they teach these days in Law school.


David J R

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2 Updates & Rebuttals

David J R

I am the author of the orginal RipOff report against Constance

#2Author of original report

Sat, April 13, 2002

I am the author of the orginal RipOff report against Constance W. Hasting, Ripoff attorney at law-less-ness ..... the last word from my previous complaint about Constance resulted in my loosing all moneys that had been paid to her.

She manipulated the truth when repsponding to official inquires to her actions, and needless to say, who wants to go up against a lawyer in a personal lawsuit.

However, she is still up to her old tricks. I say this because I have just received a Past due letter from her office, billing me for $1,812.08, with $1659.19 120 days past due.

Needless to say, I have not conducted any business with this rip-off artist since she took my money the first time, and I don't think that it would be too far of a stretch to beleave that she would not want to do future business with me as well. Yet, here we are, nearly three years later, and she is billing me for services that we have never contracted for, nor have we ever spoken since the first time she took my money.

This is clearly an effort to establish a credit lien of some sort aginst me, and ruin my perfect credit history. From my past experence with this dis-honerable person, there are no goverenment agencys, BaR associations or better business bureau's who understand the money rip off scheme of Constance Hasting well enough to do anything about it ....

I am at my wits end. As a disabled Vietnam erra Veteran working honestly as hard as I can to earn a living. I can not afford to have my good name and credit ruined by this vendictive person who has been given the public trust to uphold the laws of this great country and state in which we live. I am ashamed to live in a community where honest hard working people such as myself are victomized over and over again by those who think that because they are smart, they are entitled to misuse the law to their own end.

Somtimes I wonder, am I more afraid to fly in an airplane? or do business with members of my own community.

Bottom line is that I do not owe this person anything ... this is clealy harassment of the worst kind, and there is no one out there to who cares enough to help the little guy in this world protect himslef.


David J R

The Bitch got us too!


Fri, April 13, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #747.
It was sent by Steven Fulkner at [email protected].

Constance W. Hasting Attorney at law? Rip-off artist (#747)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Steven Fulkner

Their relationship to the company: another victim

I cannot believe I found this lawyer on the Internet a few months too late.

This Mormon b***h ripped me off too. She did almost the same thing to me and my partner. Different kind of case, but she took our money. Never did a thing for us. She would not come to the phone for us. We only lost $500, it could have been more. What goes around, comes around. I'd like to box the b***h up and ship her back to Utah where she belongs.

Keep up the good work rip-off report!

Steven and Royal

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