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Complaint Review: Maid Brigade - Cockeysville Maryland

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- Towson, MD,

Maid Brigade
6 Parks Ave. Cockeysville, Maryland, U.S.A.
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On 12/20 I had hired "Maid Brigade" to come clean my mother's townhouse on 12/22. We had discussed the price of $25 per hour/per person. I agreed and asked that the only clean the main level of the townhouse, consisting of living room, dining room, powder room and kitchen.

Upon arrival two young ladies showed up. They were short some suppies and didn't have a good attitude. They were there for two hours. Upon the completion of the two hours not even one room was cleaned complete! I was appauled.

After calling and talking to the owner/manager I was rudely handled and lied to. He was telling me that I was wrong. I asked him not to make any comments until he came and saw the house for himself, at first he refused. After a few more words I got him to agree to come see the house. Approximately ten minutes after I had talked to him, he called me back and told me he would refuse to come look at the townhouse. I told him that was rediculous! That before he comments on what the girls did or did not do, he must first see the work. Again he refused. He told me he would have the girls come back and finish the work but, at my cost. I asked for at least a discount considering I was 100% unsatisfied with their work. He still refused. He was very rude and yelling at me. Telling me that I was wrong and didn't know what I was talking about. Even though I have personally cleaned houses as well as owned my own cleaning company.

I am appauled by the way I was treated by this company. I, the customer, was yelled at and lied to. Not to mention the work that I thought was to be done, wasn't.

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The Maid Brigade ripoff scam idea

#2UPDATE Employee

Thu, January 13, 2005

Sadly I could not see the forest for the trees. This was a total scam and my business was over before I found my location. O yeah, I said before I found it before I received no assistance as I was promised I would. I was promised support also. Mike Skitzke made everything sound simple. Even gave me names of people to talk to. others working this business. Well, $100,000 GRAND later, and I would like to talk to someone signing up. I will tell them the truth, the people who I spoke to were set up to lead me. They are not working this business, but other salesman. even mike told me that he is in this to make money, but has never worked this business. That is insane. so, I INVESTED, AND LOST A LOT OF MONEY. Now I am trying to get some lawyers on my side, but I am financially strapped, and in a bind.


Suckered by these jerks

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, December 16, 2004

Initially I spoke with Mike Skitzke and he made things seem pretty legit. I figured this is something I could do and ownign my own business will be great. Sure the initial investment was steep but I figured with the help they provide finding clients I would be back in the black within a few years. It has been a year and a half since I signed on and three months since I had to close the business because in total I made $400 and that isn't profit that goes towards my loan from the bank. I've had to take a regular job again because my savings is gone. I've been trying to get at least some of my money back and they keep telling me that they can't give me any money because I didn't try hard enough. Hey Marc I did everything you told me to do.


New York,
Maid Brigade LIES!

#4UPDATE Employee

Tue, December 14, 2004

My recruiter gave me more of less the same stuff. Wait a second, the SAME LINES YOU WERE FEED. Work 40 hr's a week, make 6 figuresthat was it. Simple formula. Put in the time, make the $. So I quit my job, since I knew I had to put the time in to make this business run correctly. Well, I also put in more that 40 hr's a week. Up near 80+.and brought in no money. Nadda, nothing for 2 months. And after investing over $100,000 GRAND!!! I am a believer in spending money to make money, so I thought that much money down, they cannot scam me. I was way wrong. Me and my staff were not properly trained, and the support was terrible. Nothing. A few books of info, and limited phone support. Not what I was promised. I contacted Consumer Affairs Inspector Revenue and Consumer Affairs Section Executive Services Department Division of Finance 600 4th Ave., #103 Seattle WA 98104-1891 206-233-7837 Fax: 206-684-5170 E-mail: [email protected] They are helping me get my money back, along with my lawyer, I think we all need to take these scam artists down. Oh, and when you call 800-722-6243 you will see they hid behind layers of voicemails: Here is some info I found on them Don Hay, President - 800-722-6243 ext 102 Support person Marc Titlebaum 800-722-6243 ext 148 Kathy Hay ext 108 Paul Hay ext 113 (isn't it weird they have the same last name as the prez of the company?)


New York,
Here's my rundown on Maid Brigade

#5UPDATE Employee

Thu, December 02, 2004

Here's my rundown on Maid Brigade I joined the franchise back in the beginning of '03. I was sold this business by Donna Boan. She is the Scam RecruiterI mean franchise Recruiter. She brought me in telling me that I can make 6 digits a year working this biz 45 hr's per week. That was a total out and out lie. I had to quit my job, and work this about 90+ hours a week. That is 50+ more than I was working, and making $0 at it. I plopped down about $50,000 + another $30,000 fir vehicle leasing and suppliers. I was told minimal investment was needed. The training was a joke. 3 weeks of crap. HUGE waste of my time. I opened business knowing only half the info, and contacted Marc Titlebaum for support he is at 800-722-6243 ext 148. He took 2 days to answer my emails, and even longer to answer phone calls. He was way too busy for me, and since I was making him no money.well, you get the point.he totally ignored me. I received no assistance on advertising as PROMISED! The package of business cards and other crap they supplied was just that. CRAP. On cheap paper. O, also, (they say)you are not required to use their suppliers or fleet vehicle, but if you don't, you get as little help as possible. They are also way way way over priced on their suppliers. Don't let them Fool you! If you like, call Don Hay, He is the President - 800-722-6243 ext 102 Or Support person Marc Titlebaum 800-722-6243 ext 148 Call Kathy Hay ext 108 Paul Hay ext 113 (isn't it weird they have the same last name as the prez of the company?) This company is a total scam. I would recommend not working with them. And if you experienced the say problems as I have, contact your lawyer, as I have. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET MY $$$$ BACK.ALL OF IT!


New Hampshire,
franchises are independently owned

#6REBUTTAL Owner of company

Sun, January 12, 2003

I am an owner of a Miad Brigade Franchise in Southern NH and I would like to caution that all Maid Brigade franchises are independently owned and operated. The scenario is not typical of Maid Brigade, at least not my franchise. We respond promptly to consumer complaints. Why wouldn't we, without them I am bankrupt. I want to make sure that my customers are happy, and if they are not, I want to do everything in my power to please them. I have had complaints from customers about thr job done, and I have always taken the appropriate actions, whether giving them a discount, or even going to the home and cleaning it myself. I have even responded to customers on the weekends when our office is typically closed. Customer service is extremely important to me, as it should be to anyone who wants to continue making money in a business.

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