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Complaint Review: Michelle Rickard Molds - Kodak Tennessee

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- Va. Beach, Va,

Michelle Rickard Molds
3947 Doan Drive Kodak, 37764 Tennessee, U.S.A.
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Ordered fairy doll molds from Michelle Rickard Molds, 3947 Doan Drive,Kodak, Tn 37764...423-588-8665...Friend and I split a set of adult fairy molds and each of us bought a set of baby fairy molds, butterfly wings and hair...

Received molds around Nov.21,99..both poured..friend unhappy with adult fairy molds, I was really unhappy with the baby fairy molds...My adult molds, heads stuck, chest caved in, alot of sculpting on greenware had to be done on knee caps and elbows, noses stuck, but first pours always have problems, but the baby fairies were just plain horriable, head seams not matching etc..detail nil..I have poured the molds three times. on one mold it just gets worse and I can see that the plaster on the inside is crumbling. The heads still stick, the noses still stick and so forth, even with the use of talcum powder or spry release.

On Jan 5,2000, I tried the molds one last time.Let's say the aggravation of once again giving these molds another chance and still poor quality greenware, I e-mailed the company what was wrong and what would they do about it.My friend also e-mailed and let them know. Her reply was scathing and in her reply she said that we had had 10 days in which to return the molds and that they were pouring porcelain only.Her brochures say nothing about a 10 day return policy or she would have gotten them back the first week, also there were no specific instructions anywhere that these molds can only be poured in Porcelain.I am using low fire earthenware and wanted to use composition.

The company has not answered my e-mail about the 10 day return and or porcelain pouring only nor have they said if they will at least replace the one mold that is crumbling.The adult fairies cost me for Whisper($58.33) Jewel($58.34) Stardust($58.34) and the Baby Fairy set ($50.00) plus $8.00s&h. Had I known that there was a 10 day return, I would have returned all of them instead of thinking I was stuck and had to try to find a way to make them work out.I really hope something can be done, because my feirnd has the othe half of the set and she is not happy either and has the same amount of monies tied up in this also.

Thankyou, Margaret Williams

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Simi Valley,
A simple solution for the consumer

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Fri, November 07, 2003

I have been in the ceramic Industry for over 30 years. I have to take a stand for a company that I personally know to be reputable. I also have to agree with the rebuttal by Lucy Alexander regarding Joyce Wolfe Molds.. I have used her molds for many years and have never had a problem with any of them. I truly think this is a case of total ignorance on the part of the consumer. In general doll molds are for porcelain slip a finer quality of earthen ware....In reading the complaint written by the consumer it was obvious she did not know what she was doing. A simple solution for the consumer is to simply ask about the type of mold before you buy...Most legit companies are more then happy to help you with a suggestion or two on the right way to use their products! wrong slip will give you the wrong results! Signed by a satisfied costomer og Joyce Wolf Molds,

I stumbled on your site and laughed when I read this report.


Mon, August 13, 2001

Hello, I don't know exactly how your company works or if input from readers is welcome, but I stumbled on your site and laughed when I read this report. The reason that the molds did not pour nicely was because "everyone" who works in plaster doll molds knows that you only pour porcelain in those molds. Anything else has too high a water content and will disintergrate the plaster mold. It's like telling you to close the oven door when you put the turkey in to cook! When you pour the slip into a mold, the plaster absorbs the liquid and the slip hardens. As it hardens, it takes on the features of the mold. But if you add alot of water to your slip or if you use the very high water earthenware this lady used, then you get poor results. To make matters worse, the earthenware has larger particles than porcelain, so it doesn't "sink" into the crevices to take on detail. So the reason this lady had bad results was because she did not know what she was doing. I am a relative newbie (3 months) to dollmaking, but even I knew the answer to this problem. For what she wanted to do, a rubber or silicon mold was the appropriate choice. I suspect the reason she used the earthenware was not only because it is cheaper than porcelain slip, but also can be fired in an inexpensive low heat kiln whereas porcelain requires a fancier, hotter kiln. But that is not relevant to why she had poor results. She had poor results because she used the wrong materials and didn't know what she was doing. However, I am glad I stumbled across your site as I am trying to purchase another set of Joyce Wolfe molds (I received one set from a friend and really would love to have another set) and I now have contact information. So thanks! Lucy Alexander

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