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Complaint Review: Micro Time Inc. (ShopMTI.COM) - Eastlake Ohio

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Micro Time Inc. (ShopMTI.COM)
34675 Melinz Parkway, Su 106 Eastlake, 44095 Ohio, U.S.A.
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I am at my wits end.... I have shown more patience than others

would have shown... It began when I ordered an Asus P3B-F

motherboard from ShopMTI (shopmti.com )over the internet. I was

sent the confirmation verifying what I had ordered.

What I got was a P2B-F motherboard..Okay..those things happen. I called Sales the next day to get it straight..They told me to call Technical support the next day, as it was around 6:00 PM and they were gone for the day.

The next day I called technical support. I got what I feel was a very rude person(I didn't get his name, but I think he was oriental) who doubted that I ordered a P3B-F and was told that people often don't tell the truth and that I would have to mail him a printed copy of my confirmation. (To prove that I was telling the truth.) I asked him why he couldn't look it

up himself and he told me that he did not have access to it and it was a different department.

All this in his rude and arrogant manner. (Try calling technical support and pretend to be a customer and if this person answers, you will see what I mean) At this point

I was so angry, that I hung up. I decided to call Sales again later in the day. Keep in mind that I do service work during the day and this must be done from a pay phone in between jobs. I got home before six, so I called sales again.. I explained the above situation to a salesman (?) who was very polite and requested that I e-mail my confirmation to him and he would straighten thing out. The below was sent with the confirmation (not shown) included:


Subject: [Fwd: Your Order Placed At Shopmti.com (i23698)]

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:19:47 -0400

From: Charles Byrd

To: [email protected]


Here is the copy as per our conversation.

The RMA # that was to be assigned is 113350.

The person I talked to in Support told me that

he would have to see the hard copy of this

e-mail to determine if in fact my claims were

correct, because people have been know to

be dishonest!! Please advise me of my options.


Charles Byrd


I thought..Great..I will finally get this taken care of. When I came

home the next day (8-18-99) , I anxiously checked my e-mail only

to find no messages from [email protected]. I then called sales

again. I was told by Niki (Customer Relations, very friendly with good intentions) that the person that I e-mailed ([email protected])

had an emergency (funeral) and was not available. I then explained the whole story to her. She checked her records and verified that, yes, a mistake was made, I was sent the wrong item. She said that she was sorry and that she would get me a different person from Technical Support (Anthony) to call me before 6:00 to resolve the matter. I waited by the phone..no one never called.. I called her back after 6:00 (she said she would be there until 7:00) I was told that Anthony was gone for the day and that I should call back again tomorrow. I explained that It was difficult to get through Technical support, and when I did, it might be someone besides Anthony who answers the phone. She said just to call her and she would patch me through to him. The next day (8-19-99) I called from another pay phone and talked to Niki. As promised, she connected me right to Technical Support. The person who answered the phone was the same rude person that I had originally dealt with.

When I asked for Anthony, he wanted to know why... I told him it was about an RMA. He told me (rudely) that Anthony was busy with another call and to give me my number and they would call me back (I heard this promise before..). I declined and told him to forget it..I would call back later. I then called Niki and before I could explain, she said "It's taken care of!" and I asked what was taken care of? She stated that they were sending me the Motherboard that I originally wanted I would get it in around a week (I paid for 2 day shipping!) and I was suppose to send back the wrong one... Puzzled I asked about what RMA# to use and the billing (what were they charging me..will I have to pay the shipping again??? Will they credit me with the amount that it cost to send the old one back?? Tracking number..ect...) Unable to answer these questions, she attempted to get hold of Anthony.... She was unable to do so, so she asked "I am sorry, but can you call back in about 15 minutes?? I agreed to do

so... I planned to leave this pay phone and head north on the way home and stop at another phone...It was pouring rain and as I was looking for a phone out of the weather (hard to find) I thought to myself.."This is really crazy!!" This simple matter has been going on for four days.. I came home today (8-20-99) expecting to find some e-mail with the details on my order. I found none..I refuse to call again in fear of being disapointed or being put off.. What does it take to get this matter resolved?? I have been very patient.....

Can someone please straighten this out?? I am still waiting for a reply via e-mail.. In the meantime, I will continue to use the lousy computer that this board was orderd (2nd day due to urgency ) for.

I even emailed the above to ShopMTI (all departments) and still

haven't got a reply. I feel it is my duty to warn others of their

uncaring and terrible support in the hopes of saving others time

and aggravation. [email protected]

8/25/99 UPDATE

After making my rip of report and sending a link to ShopMTI,

I recieved this weak reply:

"You already have an RMA number go ahead and send it in."

Nothing more, nothing less..the sender never even included

his name, let alone details such as.. are you giving me a

full refund? Are you sending me the other motherboard? The

shipping date and method? The cost? Will I be credited for

the return shipping? Are you charging me for shipping again?

I have asked for this info before, but never had it answered.

Although this is a start, (it is the first time they ever

replied to my email) I consider it a weak attempt and until

the above info is known, I would be foolish to "blindly" mail

them back the incorrect motherboard.

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