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Complaint Review: Mountain State Auto - phoenix Arizona

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- tempe, az,

Mountain State Auto
740 W Camelback Rd phoenix, 85013 Arizona, U.S.A.
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I drove my truck to Mountain State Auto because it was idling to high. Mountain State charged me $628.24 for work they said they performed. After spending $628.24 my truck not only was still idling very high, but was now running hard. In Gus's letter he stated, "Ms Topoozian was verbally advised that after these repairs were done that further diagnostics may be needed". This is not true matter a fact I told them that I did not want to spend $628.24 on such an old truck and I just wanted the idling to be fixed, I was then advised by Billy (the mechanic), that after they do all of this work the truck will run great for a couple of years. Well, my truck did not run great for a couple of days, it did not run well from when I drove it out of the parking lot as I brought it back and they replaced the spark plugs.

The day I went to pick up my truck I dropped off my car, as I wanted them to check the oil leak. I drove my hard running, idling truck home as they were closing they gave me

some excuse as it had to be broken in. The next morning I could not get the truck into reverse, so I had to push my truck out of the driveway. While driving I could only get the truck into 3rd gear, after work I dropped off my truck and picked up my car. On the way home from the Mountain State, my car was shaking really bad, I had blown the engine!

I checked the oil and there was none! I called them right away and talked to Neven and told me he would call me right back and never did. They did call me the next day about my truck and told me I needed a new carburetor ($800). I told them I just spent $628.24 and now you want me to spend another $800, when I told you I did not want to spend the original $628.24 and what about my blown engine. Once again, I was told I was going to

be called back, I never was. I called back and told them that I had a tow truck on the way, Gus the district manager pleaded with me to cancel the tow truck and he personally will look at the vehicle and will call me by noon (I have records from the tow company).

He not only did not call by noon, but he was not working that day. When I called Neven the manager told me they would reimburse me $58. I have not one, but 2 vehicles that do

not run and all they want to do is reimburse me $58? When the damages are well over $5000!

As you notice they wanted to replace an $800 carburetor, which Tempe Toyota did not have to replace and Gus was very vague in his November 19 , 1998 letter as he stated that additional recommendations were needed, but never stated what they were. As once

again, they were guessing what needed to be fixed, just like they did the first time when they replaced the vacuum solenoid. When I talked to Scott Loux, service advisor from Tempe Toyota, he told me the two of the most common parts that are replaced when a car is idling high (when a shop is guessing) is the vacuum solenoid and the carburetor. Why was Mountain State guessing when I paid for a system analysis test? Wouldn't this test have showed me the first time my carburetor was bad? Or did they not even do a systems analysis, but just charged me for it? If they did a system analysis and they fixed everything

that was stated to be wrong, why did I have to have my vehicle towed to Tempe Toyota?

If I was advised (as Gus stated in his letter and did not state what the date was of my advisement) there were additional recommendations, when they original fixed my vehicle

then why were they not on my invoice, like Tempe Toyota did? Was it because I was advised after I already spent $628.24 on they're guessing game?

Gus also stated in his letter, that the diaphragm serves as a totally different function that would not cause surging and that this was confirmed by Tempe Toyota personnel on November 20, 1998, please note Gus's letter was written on November 19, 1998, the day before he confirmed with Tempe Toyota. When I called Tempe Toyota on January 5, 1999 Scott Loux, my service advisor, told me nobody from Mountain State Auto had ever contacted them , but Gus stated this was confirmed by them. As Gus stated that work was done on two separate systems, I only have one carburetor and that is where most of the work was done.

Gus also stated that Tempe Toyota did not have to replace any parts that they put in, which is true why would Tempe Toyota have to replace new parts? Instead they replaced the correct parts. It is not my fault Mountain State replaced parts that were not necessary to have been replaced. They also wanted to replace the carburetor and that was not necessary either, instead it was the $27.98 diaphragm that is part of the carburetor that needed to be replaced. If Mountain State Auto would have replaced the carburetor, Tempe Toyota would not of had to rereplace that either, but they would have had to

replace the master cylinder, which Mountain State Auto never told me needed replacing or would they have on my third round, because once again I would not have been able to put the truck into gear.

Gus also stated there was no surging documented from Tempe Toyota, then why do I have the broken spring that Dusty Thomas ordered (the mechanic) and put on. Wouldn't Gus have found this out when he called and confirmed with Tempe Toyota like he stated he did?

In Gus's letter he stated I had every opportunity to have the work performed at Mountain State Auto. Why would I want them to continue working on my truck when they have already charged me $628.24 on a vehicle that they guessed at what needed to be replaced, I was able to drive the vehicle in and had to get towed out, they wanted to charge me an additional $800 for a carburetor that did not need replacing, the manager (Neven), the

district manager (Gus) and the customer service (Brad) would not return my phone calls, Gus states my car never processed through there system, Billy the mechanic remembers inspecting it and I have written documentation that it was there and they also have an unsatisfactory rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Please note that I did write to Better Business Bureau, so Mountain State and I could work out the problem and Mountain State never responded. As Mountain State has received complaints alleging unsatisfactory repairs and poor customer service. I guess it is just not me!

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