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I myself as well as others keep track of rising gas prices. That's life as we know it my question is how come when you go to the gas station to fill up or to just buy a couple of dollars of gas. I notice that they take anywheres up to 2or 3cents from you before any gas comes out of the nozzle. I have had this happen to me so many times I even went in to talk to the owner myself about this sitituation. Resulting in verbal arguments the fact of the matter is not to quvier over a pennie or two. For those of us that work hard for our money and rise to whatever occasion that may come for example the rising price of fuel we are already getting zaped so to speak at the pumps and the owners and attendants that run the stations are lining their pockets also. as I stated earlyer in my statement for some it's no big deal but for those who go by the rule that is set down by Opec and other oilproducing countries it is not fair to have to pay at both ends.

This practice is wide spread this is what I do when it happens to me I tell who's ever on dutie at the time and show them what I am talking about . They all agree but do nothing this might seem petty to me it's Fraud11 and taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Thank You

Lonnie L. Thomas US. Army Retired

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Noticed this too

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Thu, June 24, 2004

The rebuttal makes sense. However, each state has a government agency called "something-something Weights And Balance". I understand that if contacted, they will check the place out.


Read Between the lines

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Wed, June 23, 2004

Ok you say that you are being ripped off because you lose 2 to 3 cents when you fill up with gas. Think about this for a moment. The pimp and shut off switch is located at the pimp not at the end of the nozzle. So therefore the pimp shuts off whe the fuel hits it predetermined limit(ie dollar amount or vehicle is full). Any fuel remaining in the line stays in the line BOTH FOR YOU AND THE NEXT PERSON. So it stands to reason that the First 2 cents of fuel pumped does not go inot your tank. However the Last 2 cents from the Person in front of you now you recieve there 2 cents of fuel. The only person that gets ripped off for 2 cents worth of fuel is the verry first person who ever pumps gas at a new Gas station.

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