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- FArmington, MN,

231 EAST AVENUE ALBION, 14411 New York, U.S.A.
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The problem with North American Mortgage Company dated way back the year 1997.

1) Received numerous letters of delinquent notice in the year 1997 and did not stop till 1998 that lead to almost foreclosure of my property the year 1998.

2)During the foreclosure proceedings, I requested from North American Mortgage Company a Statement of my payment history but was not granted, denied and my question is: as a customer it is my right to request and grant a statement of payment activity account.. They ignore my request, so I requested a copy to their lawyer Shapiro etc. of Edina Minnesota and finding

of facts is stated as follows:

a) Date of 09-03-98 page 4 of my activity statement:

9-23-97 no payment was recorded , check #1012 in the amount of $900 was paid by my bank- I have the cancelled check with me and my bank cleared the check. TCF Manager of Apple Valley, Minnesota countersigned the Bank Statement that the check has been cashed and deposited way back the year 1997. I have called them, talk to their Investigator, Customer Service Manager, send them a copy of both the check and the bank statement by mail

and fax but all they did is ignore it, turned their back and just let go.

What kind of people am I talking with? They don't want to accept their mistake? their fault? thier ignorance? their negligence? I have a hearing disability and without my hearing aid I am totally deaf but these people are worst than me! They are normal people but they are acting like a deaf person!

I have called the North American Mortgage Branch Office in Bloomington Minnesota to ask for help and to clarify the check in question but was told that I have to deal with the people in New York. Is this ADA discrimination case? They dont want to see me and accept the truth? It would be better for me to see the Manager of the mortgage company here in Minnesota so he could

see the truth but was turned down. The customer service asked me what nationality I speak that means they dont understand me over the phone? I told them I understand and speak English but due to my hearing disability it is hard for me to be understood over the phone. I have letters to support my claim but all request was not even granted or even heard. Is this discrimination? based on race or base on my disability?

3)Page 3 on my Customer Activity Statement dated 02-09-98:

A cashier check in the amount of $1112.31 dated January 15 1998 issued by TCF Bank in Apple Valley, MN was reversed returned.It is the first time that I heard that a cashier check bounced. I would like to inquire if this amount of money has been applied to my mortgage payment during the foreclosure proceedings. Was told by their lawyer that North American Mortgage Company

returned the check to my bank. My father and a friend is my witness when they told me that it being held by my bank. So I went to check with my bank and the Manager requested a copy of the Cashier check. To my surprised North American Mortgage cashed the cashier check!!!

For not recording the payment for a long time that I am trying to dispute with them,my life was put on hold:

1) I have to stop going to school to finish my Graphics Design Technology Course at DAkota County Technical College, my student loan was put on hold until now.

2)Sunshine Graphics International, my own home based business that I would like to grow and prosper was put aside due to frustrations, stress and bad credit report.

3)Either fired or quit my job due to frustrations anxiety, stressfull living and not happy living in my home anymore (every month or every week, they send an inspector in my home!)

4)My mother have to withdraw her 401K from her employer to pay off the forceclosure proceedings. I have no job and no money for a very long time for what they have done to me.

5) I understand that my mortgage have PMI so if the borrower deafulted the mortgage is still safe with their investment and can still sell my home, they make good profit from that.


7) I am wondering up to now what really they want? Foreclose my home so I will be homeless?

8) After I paid off the foreclosure proceedings, I was told by my Aunt Elvie a real state agent in Long Beach California to get advice and seek damages. Same with my Uncle in New York, it is likely that they just playing around with a little girl. My voice over the phone sound like a little girl who know nothing but just a piece of candy bars and chocolate chips!!

It is no good to argue with them so I asked help from other sources.

1)Dispute Resolution of Minnesota- Mediation by JeriLyn Reinhardt of St. Paul MN phone # 651-292-7791 same thing happened, they dont want to talk to her and dont want anything to be resolved.

2) Second, I make an appointment with Credit Counselling of MN with Dee Churchill Financial Counselor with telephone # 612-874-8164 ext. 2087 to help me solve the problem.

She told me to write a dispute letter address to the Attorney General Of Minnesota and the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota, to consult a lawyer and file formal complain.To be honest I dont have a job that pay a good lawyer (Legal Assistance in Dakota County will not take my case and never

even seen by any of their lawyer).

3) I make an appointment with Atty. Sally Mortensen in Apple Valley and was told to write to the Attorrney General and the Bureau of Commerce.

4) I did send a letter of dispute to the Attoryney General and the Bureau of Commerce and behold!! North American Mortgage send me the $900 check that wan never applied to my mortgage payment and a three late charges.

5)Was told that if I want to seek damages and compensations I have to hire a lawyer to present it in court. What about the Cashier check that was reversed? Are they not going to returned back to me?

6) What about the interest of the money that has been deposited in their account for a very long time? Are they not going to pay me interest? What if I charge them late charges for not recording the payment from September 1997 to October 1998?

They have violated the law:

1)negligence for not recording the payment.

2)discrimination for not extending assistance to a disabled customer/ person with disabilty.

3)ignorance-ignoring my request to update my payment history and letters of correspondence addressing to them.

Why only now that they admit their guilt? ignorance? mistake? negligence?

Is this a business malpractice?

So many numerous crimes committed by Mortgage Companies and the victim are the poor people, old people, people from other countries who cannot speak and undestand English.

Please check the website: http://www.senate.gov./~againg/st980130.htm

I hope people speak up not only for themselves but for other people also to help each other for a better life. We work too hard-we need to tell those bad business that bad business will never stay long enough becauses honest people always win in the long run.

The people I have contact with North American Mortgage Company in New york:

1)Diane Saunders =Supervisor Collection Dept.

2)Lisa Clark

3)Patricia Stensgaard

4)Kerrie L. Fleshman

5)Lorraine Passarell

I doubt that these people would like to speak with you. If you need authorization from me to discuss this mortgage dispute/mortgage ripp off, Please let me know. With this letter I hope they will understand that I mean business.

Thank You and I am sorry that it takes a while to write back. I am 8 months pregnant and been in and out at the labor and delivery of Fairview Ridges Hospital in Bursnville due to stress anxiety and not sleeping well due to this problem for a long time. I almost have a premature delivery last week.

My doctor advised me to relaxs and forget this mess for a while. To be honest I cannot relax and enjoy life as usual until justice is served.

Please help me.

I am from Farmington, Minnesota.


Marites Grace Oberg

North American Mortgage Company

231 East Avenue Suite 200

Albion, NY 14411

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