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In Oct. 96 I purchased an IBM Pentium computer from OfficeMax and got the 3 year extended warrantee that had full onsite repair coverage.In Aug. of 99 the modem/soundcard went out. When I called the tech I was walked through some checks then told the local repair tech would be onsite within a couple days. Even though the part was established as bad by the helpdesk tech he didn't have the part with him but went through all the same checks again.

This is where the trouble started - after approx 14 days the local tech finally showed up with the part from IBM. It turned out to be the wrong part because the computer was made in Canada - hence the model no. C31 - which they should have known since they have my model number and serial no. on file as well as adking for the info on every call. Abaaout 3 weeks later and after 2 "Where is my part?" calls he finally shows up again.

In the interim OfficeMax changed the company that handles their tech support from Xerox to some other company on Sept 11 or so. This of course is not my problem as the customer. From one of the calls inquiring about the part they decide to send another tech to check it out. Whenever I try to call the tech support number I get an endless loop of "Leave a message and we will get back to you in 24 hrs." (Which is the Xerox support and of course NEVER happens.) I then make the other selection and talk to a person that sends me back to the endless loop from Xerox because I bought my computer before their cut off date. After 4 times I finally got so hot I yelled at the guy NOT to send me any where but let me talk to his supervisor (who of course just stepped out).

Finally the first tech shows up and tries to put in the part he says is the right one. He was not fully successful but I didn't want him to reformat and restore my hard drive so he used the drivers that came with the unit. A few days later the second tech shows up with anohter part that's also supposed to work and since the first one isn't working he put's in his part and loads the drivers he brought with him. Since I was at work he installs it checks it out, tells my wife it's all fixed and leaves. When I got home I tried to get onto the internet and find the modem still won't log on to my ISP nor will the sound card part of the unit work.

When I called tech support to have him come out to finish the job I was told I had to reformat and restore the oprating system from the master CD from IBM. After I backed up what I needed I put in the CD only to find it did not recognize the modem card and failed to load the modem drivers, sound card drivers, communication programs, etc. When I called OfficeMax tech support back (endless loop inserted here again adn sent back to endless loop by uncooperative tech support person) I had to yell again just so he wouldn't cut me off like the other 3 did. His supervisor isn't there either but he talked to me for a while to understand the situation and said he would confer with his supervisor and call me at 10 am the next morning. At 10 am I got the call from the tech support person telling me that it is now MY responsibility to get on the internet and find the right drivers. This to me is QUITE strange since the install of the modem to me is NOT FINISHED until it is fully functional and I have the appropriate drivers to reload for any future restores. This seems like going to a mechanic having some parts put in that don't wok right then being told by the shop that installed the part "Go find out how to adjust it right yourself."

I haven't heard from them since nor have they written back to me. Obviously they can't fix this computer so please help me get my money back or a new replacement.

I hope this hasn't been too long.

Thank you in advance for looking at this and any help you can offer.

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Coral Springs,
OfficeMax PC Repair

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Sun, April 04, 2010

I just thought I would suggest a few things to people looking to have their pc's repaired.  Remember, OfficeMax is an office supply store an they have to outsource their pc repair.  Remember, "Office" Max.  They are a retail outlet, not a repair shop.  It's no different than Geek Squad.  Geek Squad is inside Best Buy stores for the Main purpose of selling....there's that word again "Retail".  These plces can claim to fix things but in reality, it's a hit or miss situation in getting your PC Repaired.  You might find one person that truly knows how to fix a computer, but remember, both of these places are prepared to get you to purchase i.e. another hard drive, more memory, etc.  That's the sole purpose.  You need to be a better consumer with your computers and there are many ways you can kee your computers running for years without the need for a "tech" person.  If you watch what you are doing and protect youself with the most minor of things.....there's no need for high prices paid to a tech person.  I know this because each individual's computer I fix, I tell them the things they need to keep their computers running.  I faithfully explain in detail wat they need to do each month to keep their computers running.  When a computer goes down, remember four things, hard drive, memory, power supply or motherboard.  That's it and the motherboard is the most expensive.  Power supplies, memory and hard drives are easy fixes and I teach all of my customers how to do this.  It's not as freightening as you think.  As a consumer, take a moment and become familiar with your computer.  You don't have to be a "Geek Squad" to keep your computer running.

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