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Complaint Review: Pep Boys - Brunswick & AAMCO - Englishtown - Brunswick - Englishtown New Jersey

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- Tempe, Arizona,

Pep Boys - Brunswick & AAMCO - Englishtown
Route 18S East Brunswick - Englishtown, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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I purchased a new 1993 Mazda Protg. At 50,000 miles the transmission fluid turned black. I did have it changed at

the 30,000 mile service so I knew something was wrong. I could not trust Open Road Mazda so I took the car to Pep Boys Route 18S East Brunswick New Jersey, another mistake. They advised that for $79.95 they would drop the transmission pan, change the filter and replace the fluid. The car was done in 30 minutes.

After checking their work (I always do) they never dropped the transmission pan. How could they have changed the fluid and filter without dropping the pan? I asked the service manager this question. he said they pumped the fluid out through the dip stick and did not change the filter. But I paid for a full service. I complained to Pepboys customer service and received a full refund. The car was fine but at 73,000 miles the transmission started slipping in first gear. (Please read on)

AAMCO Transmissions

Took the car to AAMCO Transmissions Route 9S Englishtown New Jersey (another big mistake). After dropping the

car off I later received the "sales pitch" call from them. This guy was reading from a script, you can actually hear him

turning the pages. He said that for $1,781 dollars my transmission serviced by trained professionals will be restored to factory specifications bla bla bla, and with a warrantee bla bla bla. This guy was a total jerk. I Got the car back with a

transmission leak, and first gear surges. I took the car back on a Friday, The next Monday picked it up from the same

exact parking spot I parked it in on Friday with the trip odometer with no additional movement. AAMCO said they

adjusted the transmission and changed the rear seal. Come on now, I took the car right to another dealership and

traded it in. Also got screwed on the trade because the dealership detected a transmission problem. I could not tell

them I just had it repaired, they would not offer me a trade in deal.

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New Jersey,
Whats up with this?

#2General Comment

Sun, April 13, 2014

Wow - you don't trust the Mazda dealer, Pep Boys, AAMCO and the dealer you traded the car into all treated you poorly...I don't know, sounds like either you have the worst luck in the world or you just can't be satisfied.  If I were you I'd stop driving and take the bus although you'd probably find something about the bus company to complain about. 


East Brunswick,
New Jersey,
Pepboys isn't a rip-off, they're a disaster!

#3Consumer Comment

Tue, March 05, 2002

After reading the rebuttal on this complaint, I had to respond. Pep Boys Sucks! I had a 1990 mustang that I had bought new. I kept it very well maintained. I started having a heater core problem. There was steam that smelled like anti-freeze coming into my car when it would warm up. I took the car to Pepboys in Edison, NJ. I told the so-called mechanic at the counter that the heater core was bad, he replied, we're the mechanics, we'll let you know what is wrong with the car. I received a call stating that the heater core was fine and the radiator was bad, and needed to be replaced. Well I figured, they're the mechanics, so I ok'd the job. I picked the car up the next day. I pulled out of the pepboys lot and suddenly my stereo stopped working. I figured that they probably knocked the antenna wire loose when they inspected my car, so I reached around to the back of the stereo to replace the cable and the stereo was soaked with antifreeze. The stereo was damaged by the anti-freeze and would not operate. I immediately went back and explained this situation to the manager. He told me to go to ford and get it replaced and they would pay for it. When he found out how much it would cost, he said I would have to pick one out from his store to be installed. We went around and around until he finally backed down and paid for original equipment. that's what I had when I went in and I felt that it was only right that it was replaced with the same. I also told them that they fixed the wrong part and charged me for unecessary repairs. The manager agreed to fix the heater core for free. I requested that I be allowed to bring it to East Brunswick, since it was closer to home, and I really did not trust the mechanics at the Edison store. They said Ok. I called and set an appointment with the E.B. Pepboys. I brought the car in as scheduled ansd was told by the manager that they would not have time to do the job that day. I told him that I had an appointment and took the day off from work. He then said that even if they had the time, he didn't trust his mechanice to do a job this complex. They must be some really competent mechanics. I called the corportae offices and after several weeks of going around and around with them, they finally agreed to pay to have the job done somewhere else. Althought they did finally make good on the situation they had created, it took over 2 months to get it done. In conclusion I would like to say, Pepboys mechanics are a joke. They are mechanical rejects that can't get a job with a dealership because the don't have a clue. There may be a few Ok mechanics at Pepboys, I just haven't met any yet.


Sounds fishy to me

#4UPDATE Employee

Fri, March 01, 2002

Sounds like you are one of those people that just cant keep from gripin someone out. Yeah like anyones going to believe a hair brained story like this. I think your one of those guys that always wants every thing for free and want everyone to pay for your repairs and etc... You cant just be nice to someone can you. Acctually that goes to anyone who goes into a store any store and talks down to an employee. If you dont like customer service then leave america because thats what this country is built on. Ive seen plenty of people that are stuck up and always tryin to squeeze there way through life. Pepboys isnt a rip off. they did the work and gave you your money back. sounds to me like they gave you way more than i ever would have. Its really unfair to the rest of us to pay for you Because we are the hard working americans not just pepboys but businesses all over the country giveing the consumer what they want good customer service. Also it sounds like that you probably a guy that likes to burn out transmissions burnin the bands up by squeelin the tires or what else? I cant help wondering who You ripe off!

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