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Complaint Review: PetCentre - Manassas Virginia

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- Manassas, VA,

8307 Yorkshire Lane Manassas, Virginia, U.S.A.
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I would like anyone to know that loves animals of the torture that my Holly and I had to endure thanks to ignorance that could have well been avoided.

I went to a Vet with my beloved animal for a skin infection that had been a continuing problem that had been easily treated in the past. After a consult with a "qualified" physician, she was prescribed a medication which I was not familiar with. Being a healthcare worker myself, I inquired as to any adverse reactions my girl may have. I was told, and I quote "just keep her wet, it tends to dry the eyes out".

After returning home and within a 24 hour period, 2 doses later, my girl had bled out her eyes/ears/into her kidney's, stomach, liver, anywhere she could bleed into or out of she had. I returned to the same vet on an emergency basis and was given a gammet of diagnosis ranging from TIA stroke to herniated disc. At this point my animal could not walk from bleeding into her spinal cord and was unable to see from the bleeding into the eyes. Upon my insistance, I transferred her to a Critical Care Facility where within 10 minutes was diagnosed with a "medication reaction.

I was given other possible diagnosis' which were all ruled out. After 3 weeks in a critical care unit, $7000.00 later, I brought my girl home with sitters while I worked and had to teach her to walk again, along with the fact that she had lost her haring and had to be taught sign language to get by.

Within 6 months, my best friend, my companion, my love was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I will eternally hold the vet that prescribed this drug responsible for the hardship we had to endure over the next 2 years. $18,000.00 later, I have lost my girl who continued to fight the whole way. This establishment would not even return a phone call when I inquired.

I contacted and pursued "malpractice" and when the vets were contacted that concluded it was a response to the medication, they backed out of their original opinions. THIS MEDICATION IS THE THE PDR OF VETERINARY MEDICINES, the top line says: "contraindicated for Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler breeds. No Sulfa drug is safe for these breeds. It was in plain, bold writing and it was ignored...

I truly hope that by writing this information that I can help another owner to avoid the hardship, heartache and loss that I have endured.

Aside from the $18,000.00 in treatments, I have lost my closest and best friend. It was like losing a child. I would like very much to recoop my losses in expenses for treatment and care that I feel Pet Centre is responsible for regarding my Holly.

Please help, [email protected].

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I agree with PetCentre's incompetence.

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, March 05, 2007

I used to take my cats to PetCentre for quite a while, however, one of my girls was ALWAYS sick. When we had her spayed, she developed an infection that took forever to heal. Then, she began exhibiting weird symptoms, such as really stuffy sinuses, hair loss, weight loss. We kept taking her in to PetCentre and each time received a different diagnosis. One time, I had taken her there by myself and the tech was very rude and told me that she probably had a brain tumor, so I should just prepare myself to put her down! Finally, I got completely frustrated and my husband and I took her to a different veterinarian, who diagnosed her with congenital herpes. She gets the symptoms when she gets stressed and we should give her X medication when that happens. Sure enough, she is perfectly fine now...and it has been about 6 years since her official diagnosis.


something pet lovers need to know

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Thu, January 08, 2004

It's very sad that a great many vets out there take such advantage of animal lovers and our need to care for our pets. However, do you know, that in the eyes of the law, your furry little loved one is valued NO higher than replacement cost of that animal? In other words, your pet is simply and only a possession. Like any other item you may own such as your favorite jacket. That your pet, that cute little friend of yours that you've had since a baby, is only worth as much as it would cost to get another one and only then if you can prove it's value to be replaced. I know this, because I've been there. My vet killed, with his extream lack of knowlege, my $2,500 greenwing macaw. He led me to believe that he was an avain certified vet then He RX a medication that I found out later causes death or extream deteriation in birds. Then lied about me and caused a 5 hour delay in getting my bird the nessassary and now emergancy treatments from a qualified vet that could have saved his life. My bird was not just a parrot. She was my constant companion and very best friend for the past 7 years and was suposed to be with me for life. Now she's in a small grave in the back yard. So be advised, that with stupidity, neglagence or malishousness, a vet can kill your friend and not be held anymore accountable than it's replacement value. And only then if you can find another vet that will testify that the other vet was in fact responsible. There are no vets that will go against another vet. It seems to be some sort of "code of honer amung vets". It would seem that most of the vets I have incountered have forgotten the first rule learned in vet school. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, IS TO DO NO HARM By the way I got nothing for my best friends death only about 3000 in debt to the two vets


Pet lover

#4Consumer Suggestion

Sat, April 27, 2002

First I would like to tell you how very sorry I am hear about what happened to your pet and friend. I also took my dog Lobo in for a skin infection and was told he had an Allergy and that it will get worse every year, this was costing me $200.00 each year and it was hell on me and my dog giving him about 30 pills a day and this would take a month to clear up. This year it started again but this time I read about the Yucca plant and the indians used this for many things in healling I live in Wyoming so I went out and dug up some Yucca root and used it, He was completely healed in 6 days and it didn't cost me a thing. I would ask that anyone having skin problems with there pets to check into Yucca on the internet read all you can about it. It is completely safe to use on your pet and if you would like to try some and how to perpare it for use Please feel free to contact me at

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