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www.placemybet.net Nationwide, U.S.A.
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Bewawre of the call of the Internet Casinos of big pay-offs! They don't always pay what they say.

www.placemybet.net is a prime example of this! They list there rules and do not adhere to them. They say they pay true odds but don't. They claim they have knowledgeable,helpful, friendly customer service representatives and all I found was that they were friendly.

I complained to them about not paying what they advertise. ie: you can bet 3 times your wager on Odds bets, Odds Bets are on/off during come out rolls(standard practice in the gambling industry) and payouts were not at true odds. Their reponse was; "After thorough investigation of your claims, our team of Computer Technicians has determined that all of the Casino rules were adhered to in your game transactions. However, the misunderstanding you encountered has prompted us to look into revising the rules to ensure that they are more clearly stated. Thanks for your valuable feed-back."

This is what I received after 6 days of emails!

They offered an all expenses paid 3 day 2 night Vegas vacation for signing up but have failed to deliver on that promise also.My overall experience with this online gambling establishment was at the very least infuriating!

Here is another example of their knowledgeable staff after I complained again; "I do not fully understand what may have happened as I am fairly new here and Craps is not my strongest area, knowledge wise.

I'm going to investigate the gaming transactions and if I am not fully satisfied with my conclusion or want verification I will forward everything I found to another representative that will be in tomorrow so they can continue the investigation."

This is a speedy response? My problem started on a Friday night and I didn't receive an answer until Tuesday!

How about this one? Really shows alot about this site;

"I acknowledge that the difference between each of these bets is not clearly explained in the Placemybet rules page.We are now in the process of revising and republishing the Craps Rules page

at Placemybet to ensure that such a misunderstanding does not occur again."

Closing the barn after the horse is gone? It seems to me that a site that is involved with handling peoples money would have their rules clear and concise. However, I have visited the site to check if they have indeed changed the rules or claified them and they have not.

I have been to other Gaming sites and what I noticed as far as pay-offs are concerned is that others have a decimal point for paying you TRUE ODDS.

PlaceMyBet has these decimal points too, However they do not use them! Instead they keep the difference. They do not tell you that you have to wager a cetain amount to receive "true odds". So what they do is net a neat little profit on each wager, whether you win or lose, they make money! Point at stake, you bet $3.00 and you are to receive 6 to 5 odds. you win! Great right? Not exactly, because they pay you only $3.00!! True Odds should be $3.60, so they neatly pocket the .60! You bet $4.00 at 6 to 5 they pay you $4.00, they pocket .80! Hmmmm they made $1.40 win you win!! Does that sound correct?

My advice to all is beware of what is said and what actually happens. If you are going to gamble on the net start with a small deposit and see what happens first before risking more than what you already do when you gamble.

Here is a little update.

3 days after filing this report I was contacted via email saying that they were sorry I hadn't recieved my vacation package that was a "bonus' for new players. They said that they needed my address!!!!! That info was given along with my email address when I joined. Funny how they can have one but not the other. Anyway, 8 days later I still have not received anything. Definitely beware of this site.

I went back over my files and found that I had contacted them 15 times via email and still never got all my questions answered. Does this sound like someone you want to do business with? Think twice before you venture out into the so called "fair" gaming world.

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