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Now I realize never to trust any insurance company after

being involved in a car accident wheather your dealing with

your own insurance company or someone who hit you and

it was their fault.

It was their fault and the insurance company

admitted it. Both my son and I were hurt. I needed therapy

for almost a year and I'm still not completely healed. They

kept calling me to settle. They said on these type of claims

you can only collect $500. And they said several other

things to us, we now know they were all lies.

To make a long story short, We finally got a total of

approximately $7,000. This took a year of arguing. I

realized from someone else who is not an attorney, that you

must keep on them and complain right to the top of the


You see, if I had hired a lawyer, it would have cost

the insurance company more than $5,000 to just to fight this

with a lawyer. If I had given this case to a lawyer I would

have collected probably $20,000 minus attorneys 1/3 fee

and their costs. I would have ended up with more and

probably have waited over 2 years to collect.

I've also spoken with several others who have

Progressive insurance as their insurance, that their own

insureds have a hard time collecting from them. This even a

known fact in the industry among lawyers. Hire a lawyer.

Never trust the insurance company, even if its your own

insurance company. That's, Progressive insurance company.

K. Hernandez

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#2Consumer Comment

Wed, February 13, 2019

I agree completely with the author of this story. We were in an accident involving a driver insured by Allstate. The driver hit my wife, who was dead stopped at a traffic light, from the rear. The force pushed her car into mine and pushed us both into the intersection. Allstate admitted their insured was at fault and did nothing else.

They actually admotted to our lawyer that the claim laid on someone's desk for over a year! They were obviously trying to out wait us in hopes we would take their insignificant offer of settlement. It took our lawyer alnost two years, but Allstate finally settled. All insurance companies are the same. They willingly accept thousands of dollare in premiums, but when a claim come through, they fight it tooth and nail. They are all crooked as the day is long.


Intransigence, Deception, and non-payment

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, May 26, 2006

The Progressive employee responding here I believe is typical of many of their employees. Responding to a complaint giving specific facts she merely gives non-specific generalizations effectively characterizing every injured claimant as dishonest and criminal while blaming her own personal ills on those very claimants who could not possibly be responsible for injuring her. High hypocrisy. Let's be honest here. Accidents happen. Whether caused by stupidity, negligence, or outright malice they do occur and it is the insurance company's job - that they willingly agreed to - to pay for the damages. Insurance companies have no other reason to exist. I myself have been and am a victim of Progressive's predatory policies. In an accident where liability was crystal clear with multiple witnesses Progressive's 1st move was to file a claim against my carrier. It was naturally denied. Then for 3 months Progressive denied my claims and refused to even answer a phone call. After filing a formal complaint with the state progressive finally called and offered less than half the cost of repairs to my vehicle and nothing for my wife's injury. When I refused their offer the adjuster called me a "creep." So why are there so many lawsuits? It's because some insurance companies - like Progressive - force you to either sue or give up and eat the loss. Then they have the gall to complain that they are being picked on by people like you and me. Oh the irony.


Response to those involved in Auto Accidents I can help you

#4UPDATE Employee

Tue, October 29, 2002

I will just say that I am a claims representative of Progressive Insurance and currently seeking legal action against the company I work for. In response the the man who needed therapy. Your own insurance company is responsible for the majority of the bills. If a Progressive Insured hit you then Progressive would be responsible for the medical bills and 40% of missed time from work. (Again your company is responsible for 60%). Why I have not received a Christmas bonus and also work 10-12 hours every day without overtime is because people in this country beleive accidents are a money making machine. Insurance is bought to pay for repairs and/or medical bills and treatment necessary. The reason insurance costs have gone up is because of the deceptive practices by attorneys using and over treating their clients and tripling the medical bills for a payoff for themselves and their clients. This is wrong. This is greed. I am currently on short term disability due to stress. I have an ulcer and have had a mini heart attack and a miscarriage due to all this stress from working at Progressive. People do not realize nor do they listen to what the procedures are. Progressive makes its employees bend over backwards and risk our safety to take care of all the claims people. I have to go to someones house after they scream obscenitys at me over the phone to try to resolve a bodily injury or inspect their vehicle. A lot of the time these people sound insane on the phone but I have to visit them one on one at their home to make them happy and resolve the claim. I am a female who weights about 105 lbs and is 5'4". I am not comfortable with doing this however I have to or lose my job. I also do not get paid for additional hours I have to work because more people have accidents that day. My co-worker is suicidal and a lot of people quit. I am trying to quit myself but I need another job. It is really bad when you work this type of job all year only not to receive any christmas bonus because of all the greedy lawyers trying to line peoples pockets with money and overtreating these people with the Doctors who are just as corrupt. People take advantage of the fact that they have preexisting problems just from living and try to claim these problems in their claims also. Its a shame. This country has turned corrupt.

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