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Complaint Review: Radio Shack - Waterford Connecticut

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- New London, Connecticut,

Radio Shack
850 Hartford Tpke Waterford, 06385 Connecticut, U.S.A.
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I bought The Verizon LG 4400 Cellular Phone from The Radio Shack in Waterford, CT.

Over a year ago with the ReUp Plan I paid over $500.00 In cash when I bought the phone, and Spent over $100.00 Dollars for the six year insurance on the phone. altogether with tax about $600 + for everything.

I liked the service where I buy my minutes but over time the phone got wear and tear. It worked fine other than the damage from the case where it flips open it detached but the wire was connected.

They said I may have to pay for the phone if I want it fixed. I Bought Insurance to protect me if any accidental damage happened to phone. (example) Normal wear and tear after use and damage from when It got dropped.

They told me to check at the Verizon Store below to see what they could do.

I went to The Verison Store and showed them the crack where the phone flips open, and said they couldn't help me since I didn't purchase the phone there.

The Verizon Store said that I should go to Radio Shack and have them send it out to be repaired since I got insurance there and bought the phone.

I bring the phone back up to Radio Shack and The other Sales man looks at it. He opens the phone up no less than a few minutes after being up there the first time and he breaks the phone right in front of me.

So it no longer works, after he handled it.

First the phone worked with the Display and earpiece and a crack below the plastic where it flips open, but the components are intact.

Then It no longer works because of the person pulling it apart when he opened it. The Wire severed and no more phone, plus a loss on the remaining minutes.

It's is in two pieces and no longer works because of their mishandling of the LG 4400. On the date Of Thursday September 30, 2004

I have proof of insurance and the receipt of them saying they will send it out to be fixed. But no knowledge of how much it will be If I want it fixed from company. And when they will call

I want them to cover the screen they finished breaking with built in earpiece and the insurance I paid for to cover the damaged phone where it flips open.

Now I may not even have a phone because of them. It was for Work and home so I could get calls about interviews for applications for jobs I applied for.


New London, Connecticut

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San Antonio,
What you paid for was an extended warranty which is ONLY an extension of the manufactures warranty

#2UPDATE Employee

Wed, October 27, 2004

It is quite unfortunate that an employee broke your phone and he/she needs to take some responsibilty. My suggestion contact the manager, if that doesn't work District manger, and lastly 1800theshack. usually you do not have to go as far as the district manager. What you paid for was an extended warranty which is ONLY an extension of the manufactures warranty meaning normal wear and tear including dropping it, cracking the screen, getting it wet, or any other problems associated to the operator are not covered. Basically you get a free battery every year and if the phone doesn't work because of a manufacture defect then your phone will be fixed or replaced. Verizon doesn't offer "insurance" on your phone because it is a pre-paid phone.I believe Asurion is the insurance company and they charge $4 a month only cell phones that have contracted plans. As for paying $100 for the warranty for six years is a little weird too. There are two warranties $49.99 for two years and $59.99 for three years. As for the other rebutta. You are judging a company based on a few employees that may or may not know what they are doing. As for products they are no diffrent then any other product you buy anywhere else. They are all made in the same place and I would bet the same plant. havent you ever noticed that things like DVD players look alike the only diffrence is the name? Radio Shack stop building tandy computers in the 80's. they currently only sale HP and Compaq and I would by those over a Dell any day. As for "cheep cheep" I own a WIDE vareity of products ranging from gold cables, tv's, Dvd players etc... from Radio Shack and I'll admit some of their products are cheap but, those are generally the weird "Cool Things" line however where else are you going to find that weird little gadget that you have to have?


San Antonio,
I'm Confused

#3Consumer Suggestion

Fri, October 01, 2004

The usual drill is to keep a phone for a year or two and trade it in on a new one. It use to be where you had to change cell co. to get a new phone every year, for free or next to free. I have 5 or 6 , one year old cell phones laying around. Now, with number portability, you can keep the old number. Last week went to Radio Shack, where I got the last cell phone, through Sprint, and they are giving a $150 rebate on a new phone, from Sprint, for a 2 yr commit. I hate RS because of their rebate ripoffs, so I'll go down to Sprint to see what they have to say. I guess what I'm wondering is why would anyone pay $500 for a cell phone unless it's one of those PDA's in a phone. With technology changing the way it is, it'll be outdated before too long. You did say" they finished breaking" which indicates it had some damage prior to them getting it. It got dropped, not I dropped it? But, you do have some valid points. I'd take the mess back to RS and demand my money back.


Saint Paul,
Insurance through dealers

#4Consumer Suggestion

Fri, October 01, 2004

Sorry to hear about the phone situation with Shack. I was employed by core carriers, such as Verizon. The only thing I'd like to suggest is to go direct from day one. Never, I mean never, go through an agent like Radio Shack. They provide their own insurance company to handle claims just like yours. Shack will never admit to any wrong doing. They don't know what they're doing. Poor training and customer service leads to such an experience like you are having. The one thing the Shack rep should've done when he broke it was replace it. Simple...Do the right thing, you would think? Don't expect it from them, though. It's not Verizon's fault either. It's logical, if they (Verizon) did not vend you the insurance coverage, they wouldn't be able to process anything for you any way even if they wanted. If you direct, the core provider will usually have phones for situations just like this. What you can do is go to a direct store and ask for an Express Exchange. You'll be leaving in no time with a live phone. They will give you the same model phone. Please understand that Express Exchange is subject to availability. I would like to believe that this is one of many ways Verizon takes care of customers. Radio Shack has no clue what they are doing. They bleed carriers and not stand behind the products THEY SELL...regardless if it's Verizon, Sprint, or anyone else. Would you go to Radio Shack to buy your next computer or stereo component? I wouldn't. Cell phone is the only thing generating dollars for them, outside to their so-called gold line co-axle cables and junk toy cars. What a joke. "What did the little bird say when it flew over Radio Shack?" "Cheep cheep..." (in service and quality).

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