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Complaint Review: REGGIE'S MOTORS - LAS VEGAS Nevada

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- Henderson, NV,

967 E. Sahara and 4140 S. Boulder Hwy. LAS VEGAS, 89104/89121 Nevada, U.S.A.
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In August of 1999, I received a settlement check from an insurance company for a disability claim that I had through my employer. I had been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia, and finally got my money after months of appeals.

My husband and I needed a second family car, I just gave birth to our daughter on July 28, 1999 and we have three other children, so we needed a car to accomodate our growing family.

On our way to look at cars, my husband noticed a minivan on a small lot on Boulder Hwy and we decided to stop and just see what they were asking for it. The salesmen came out and begged us to let them "earn our business". They said they had just bought the car lot, and wanted to get customers by giving the customer what they wanted. We told them upfront our situation, that I was on disability, that we have four children, one a newborn, and that we absolutely NEEDED a reliable vehicle. They PROMISED us that if we bought a vehicle from them, that they would fix anything that was wrong with it to our satisfaction, because they wanted us to be happy with them and the car.

We chose a 1989 Mazda MPV 4WD that came with a limited warranty. We put $2500.00 down, and financed $5210.00. We were driving the van home the night we bought it and noticed the transmission was slipping. I called the salesman Dave, and he said "Oh honey, don't worry about a thing. We just had it serviced and it probably just needs some driving to get it broken in. If you are still noticing the slipping in a few weeks, give us a call and we'll take care of it for you. Do we have a deal, sweetie?" I didn't feel right just letting the situation go, but he promised to take care of it, so I trusted him. It was really bad and made me uncomfortable driving the car, and so I called back several times, and the guy who answered the phone would go to get Dave the salesman, and then a minute or two later, the phone would get hung up. So I'd call back and then they would tell me Dave and the owner Mike were not in and they would give them the message that I called, but I never got a return phone call. Then on my way to get the van registered, the battery blew up and the transmission went out completely. I called the owner, who told me if I wanted the van fixed I would have to pay for it, period. I told him I didn't have the money, and he said very rude and sarcastically "Michelle, what do you want ME to do about your lack of money? YOU bought the car." I was so upset, I could not stop crying from frustration and anger.

I don't have the money to pay for the repairs, so it has sat at a transmission shop since September 27,1999 with nothing done to it. I have been unable to get my medical treatments since I don't have a car, can't take my infant daughter to the doctor, pick my kids up from school or go back to work, all because I don't have a car. I called back one last time to try to get this resolved, and asked if they would atleast just buy the van back from us so we could get another vehicle, and the owner said "no way, why would we want that van?" At that point, I broke down, physically and emotionally. My lupus flared so bad that I was bedridden for three days and have had several relapses that have required medical attention since. But of course, in order to see my doctor I had to get a ride from a friend.

Besides having towing expenses, below are listed expenses and income lost due to the entire situation.

My expenses and income lost are: Price of the van: $7710.00

Lost wages: $3200.00

Towing: $150.00

Inconvenience: $1000.00

Pain and Suffering: $2000.00

We found out after all this happened that the Reggie's store on S. Boulder Hwy. IS affiliated with the Reggie's store on E. Sahara. When we first stepped on the lot, we asked them if they were affiliated, and they told us no, they were completely a seperate company. That was their first lie, and they haven't stopped lying since then. They took advantage of our very fragile situation, and treated us like crap after they got the money.

We only want to be treated fairly and be appreciated as a customer, but Reggie's does not care about their customer, they only want to sell cars, and they will do it any way they can, even if they have to lie to get the sale.

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Tue, April 05, 2011

I also purchased a vehicle from 4140 boulder highway Reggie's Motors, PCM inc, doing buisness under the FBN of affordable auto owned by michael hughes. I purchased my car in the year 2000.

So, Yea and what about me? I didn't loose in court, you know why probably because I filed my complaint in Federal Court their different judges. If I remember correctly i got over $100,000.00. Because you sold me a rebuilt wreck? It was a Parts only vehicle. It didn't even have a Title.

Here let me refresh your memory. You told me that the vehicle I purchased was a one-owner vehicle that the owner was a member of the International Chief of Police Association. I also was looking for a safe and reliable vehicle, because I had just had a baby. I only had $4,000.00, I paid you cash. 

You are a very cold person; you have no hear and no compassion at all. You shouldn't be in the car dealer business.  All that business did was take advantage of the disabled and elderly.
It's very sad when you and your company has to take money from people who can't fight back. 
In regards to my lawsuit it was never about about the money, I did it for the people who couldn't fight back.


Wow almost true


Tue, September 08, 2009

 You paint a good picture to make people feel sorry for you. But, I was the guy that wrote your loan and did the final sale of that van. For some reason you fail to bring up the fact that you where asked if you would like to take that van to another shop for an inspection before any paperwork was filled out. You didnt do that and made the choice on that one. You also fail to bring up the fact that we where the only dealership in Las Vegas that would finance you for any car. Then the fact that you had been offered help in getting that trasmission fixed with us paying 50% of the part cost and labor. But that wasnt good enough for you because we wouldnt cover the whole thing. Your phone calls where blown off after you had been told what we would offer for help.There again not good enough for you and thats when the calls where being blown off. You NEVER asked about us being affiliated with anyone else when you first came on the lot.you where only looking for anyone that would deal with your credit and finance you in house because you had been turned down everywhere else.

 (At that point, I broke down, physically and emotionally. My lupus flared so bad that I was bedridden for three days and have had several relapses that have required medical attention since) LOL, it was SO bad that you where walking the street in front of the dealership with signs for three days. Funny but it's hard to be bedridden and picketing for hours a day at the same time.......

 You also may want to talk about how you took it to court and LOST in a court of law.......

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