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Complaint Review: Robert Stricklen - Detroit Michigan

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- Detroit, MI,

Robert Stricklen
Detroit, 48215 Michigan, U.S.A.
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Myself and my husband were tenants of a Mr. Robert Stricklen in Detroit, MI for 6 years. We notified him that we would be moving in about 2 months and we were purchasing our own home. 30 days later, we gave him another notice to let him know that everything was still on schedule and we would be moving out next month. That next month, we turned in our keys and gave him a forwarding address and telephone number so after he inspected his property, we could settle the matter regarding the $600.00 security deposit we had given him when we first acquired the property.

For a week, we received no calls from Mr. Stricklen so I decided to call him. Mr. Stricklen expressed that he had not looked at his property and he would be doing so by the end of the next week. Well, I called him again and he was very rude yelling saying that he had plenty of time to look at the property and that he would call us back (getting rude about our money..imagine that). At that time, my husband and myself expressed to him that we felt he was trying to not pay any of the security deposit and hoped that was not the case...Mr. Stricklen said to my husband and I "you know I wouldn't do that." After phone calls from myself and husband and 28 days later, I decided to demand the security deposit back in writing.

Mr. Stricklen did respond by telephone 31 days later saying on my voicemail that his "bookkeeper or anything you want to call him" will contact us regarding the deposit. Well, 38 days after moving from Mr. Sticklen's property, we did recieve a letter from Mr. Stricklen and not call from his bookkeeper as he had claimed. His letter stated that we had made $800.00 worth of damage to his property and 1 item listed which was for over $600.00..surprisingly was for a alarm system (the old turn key model) which was not in working order when we moved into the home as stated by him. I didn't know the alarm wasn't working until I made a mistake and opened the front door when the alarm was suppose to armed and it didn't make a single sound. Mr. Stricklen did have someone he knew personally to attempt to fix this fossil but it still didn't work.

While a tenant in his property someone tried to break in the house 3 times (1 time was the 2nd week I was in the home...maybe they knew the alarm didn't work) and 1 time they did break into the home after I had been there 10 months and I have a copy of the police report to confirm this fact. After moving out of the home, I found out that the alarm system needed to be rewired from the inside and the box needed to be replaced outside the home as well.

I know wear and tear can easily come to $100.00 or even $200.00 but for 1 item $600.00 that I never had the opportunity to benefit from because someone attempted and finally broke into my house to prove that it never worked. I refuse to pay for something I didn't break and was possibly cause by his former tenants or the landlord himself. He wasn't the best landlord when we were tenants but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and paid our last months rent thinking he would be fair about the deposit. We could have easily stayed at his property rent free for 3 months because of the conditions of his property were not up to code and I have pictures and documentation of this fact. We just wanted to move and get into our own home and not have anymore dealing with the "shady grady" landlord.

To top it off, I have tried to get this piece of trashed served several times to settle the dispute but he has repeatly dodged signing for his summons via certified mail and officers of the court by not opening his door. He is a retired police officer and I guess he knows the law about appearing in court. The law in Michigan states that he must supply a list of damages before 30 days or the tenant is due back all of their deposit.

I'll keep trying to serve him until I get my day in court.

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Mon, October 23, 2000

To: Subject: Rebuttal to RipOffReport Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 09:25:19 -0700 This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2098. It was sent by Booker & Deana Edwards at [email protected]. Robert Stricklen ...Detroit Landlord Dodging Tenant and Court For Security Deposit *REBUTTAL .. Mr. Edwards agreed to the charges (#2098) They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report: Their email: [email protected] Their name: Booker & Deana Edwards Their relationship to the company: Advocate Rebuttal: WHAT A LIAR!!! THIS GUY WILL SAY ANYTHING. We do hate the fact that he mentioned that he was a former Detroit Police Officer since the is department going through a negative period in the community. And so what, just because he is a police officer, his word is better than ours. That's right, police officers do not lie. Well, so much for Mr. Stricklen's character. Since moving out of Stricklen's home we have still kept in contact with the former neighbors as well as their children. After we moved out of the home, Mr. Stricklen was spotted by neighbors installing a new alarm system outside the home while standing on a ladder. When someone broke into our home that we were renting from Stricklen, we did not have any rental insurance to replace the items we lost and did not benefit from someone breaking into the home. If Mr. Stricklen holds Mr. Edwards in high regards, the same is not spoken in reference to Mr. Stricklen. Of course, I nor my husband settled no such matter with Mr. Stricklen. If Mr. Stricklen thought we owed him any money, he would have hurried us to court a long time ago (he loves to make an easy dime when he can). Since we moved out of Mr. Stricklen's rental property, he has now rented the property to another couple (Robert & Yevette). Since they have been tenants at Stricklen's property, Robert & Yevette have contacted us to discuss the unfair, disgusting, "shady grady" practices that Mr. Stricklen has done in the past. The new tenants started withholding rent because Mr. Stricklen was not making the necessary home repairs as expected with a decent landlord. After they started withholding rent, Stricklen "barked" again threading to evict them. Robert & Yevette called the proper rental housing authorities who came out and inspected the property. The inspectors found that the home was not in compliance with HUD regulations and these repairs must be met if he was to rent the property to anyone. Since then Stricklen still felt he deserved his rental money. He took the couple to court and the couple was given a very reasonable time to find another place to live because they were rightful in withholding the rent. BRAVO!!!



Mon, October 23, 2000

WHAT A LIAR!!!!! THIS GUY WILL SAY ANYTHING!!! We do hate that he mentioned that Mr. Stricklen mentioned that he was a former Detroit Police Officer since the department is going through a negative period in the community. Well, so much for Mr. Stricklen''s character. Since moving out of Stricklen''s home, we have still kept in contact with former neighbors as well as their children. After we moved out of the rental property, Mr. Sticklen was spotted installing a new alarm system while standing on a laddar "Outside" of the home by neighbors. I guess that''s the reason the alarm worked as bad as it did when we were in the home. As for the mystery about the break-in, we did not even have ANY rental insurance to file a claim for the items that were stolen out of the home. And finally, if Mr. Stricklen holds Mr. Edwards in high regards..good. but when asked about Mr. Stricklen, the response is not the same. We never settled any dispute with Mr. Stricklen and my husband got a good laugh after reading his rebuttal (lies). Since we moved out of Stricklen''s rental property, he has rented to another couple (Robert & Yevette). Robert and Yevette have contacted us to inform us that Stricklen still has his shady grady unfair landlord practices and they were withholding the rent. Once again, Mr. Stricklen "barked" and threatened to evict the couple since necessary long-over due external and internal repairs were still not being met. The new tenants quickly called the necessary rental authorities who inspected the property and found that the home was in violation of several housing codes. Mr. Stricklen wanted not only his money but wanted to couple out of the home for making trouble for him and withholding the rent money. The couple was then asked to appear in court and were given a very reasonable time to move since the home was not up to code and the landlord was exposed as a slumlord. BRAVO!!! Don''t Forget the Name. DON''T RENT FROM ROBERT STRICKLEN!!!

In rebuttal to the listing by a pass tenant, Dena Edwards.


Thu, September 21, 2000

From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Cc: Subject: Rebuttal%20to%20Report Sent: 9/15/00 3:56 PM First of all I do not appreciate my name being slandered on your WEBB site. In rebuttal to the listing by a pass tenant, Dena Edwards. Mr. Mrs. Edwards moved out of a home that I rented them in August of 1999. They had lived in the home for approximately six years. Ms. Edwards has a medical problem that I will not disclose, and as a result of her medical problem all business matter were handled by her husband. As a result to my request. An agreement was reached between Mr. Edwards and myself that Mrs. Edwards was not to call my home. She was not to sent me any mail, and she was could not pay the rent in person. As a result any communication concerning their tenancy was between Mr. Edwards and myself. In May of 1999 I replaced the carpet in the Dinning room, living room, and hallway. The carpet was raveling. The installer confirmed my belief that someone was pulling the yarn out of the carpet. I personally inspected the vacuum cleaner to see if it could be the cause of the yarn being pulled out of the carpet, and found no carpet in the vacuum. I can''''t prove it, but I believe that the Edward children were pulling the yarn out of the carpet. Upon moving there were repairs that needed to be done. To list a few of the repairs. The front and side screen door windows and screens had to be replaced. The ceiling fan in the dinning room had to be replaced. Tile on the kitchen sink counter had to be replaced. Three smoke detector were missing. The bath room light shade was missing. Floor tile in the kitchen, side door landing, and basement steps had to be replaced. All of the window shade were torn, and had to be replaced. A new alarm system was install before Mr. and Mrs. moved in. approximately three years ago Ms. Edwards called me, stating that she believed that someone had broken into her home. Since the home is less than ten homes from mine I called the Police and stood guard outside of the house until the Police arrived. As a retired Detroit Police Supervisor. I have never seen the method that was employed to enter home. The glazing had been removed from a back bed room window, and the window pane had been sat leaning against the house. Ms. Edwards gave the Police a list of articles that were supposed to have been stolen. However, s couple of weeks later I saw articles that Ms. Edwards had reported to the Police as being stolen. Stacked in the basement. Ms. Edwards was asked why the Alarm was not activated. At which time I investigated and found that someone had unlocked the control panel and disconnected the backup battery, and the backup battery was missing. I also found that someone had removed the Strom window which allowed someone to remove the break-in window pane. The only way that the storm window can be removed is from the inside of the house. I found the Strom window leaning against the bed room wall. The next day I contacted the alarm company to repair the alarm system. The technician found that the window foil on all of the windows had been scraped off of the windows, and had to be replaced. The technician found that who ever unlocked the control panel had allowed the wires that connected to the back-up battery to contact components on the panel, which blew out the control panel. To re-foil all of the windows, and to replace the control box cost over seven hundred dollars, which Mr. Edwards paid for. Upon the Edward''''s moving, Mr. Edwards telephoned me. He advised me that there was only a few articles left inside of the home and that he would Finnish moving the next day. I asked Mr. Edwards if he had turned the alarm on, and he stated "no I didn''''t. I''''ll return and turn it on ". However, I found that once again someone had unlocked the control panel and again the back-up battery was missing. The repair man once again found that the control panel had been blown, and that the foil on the windows had been removed. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were good tenants. They were only late once paying their rent. There were a couple of occasions that neighbors would telephone me complaining about the Edward''''s children destroying my lawn. I would find the children digging holes in the lawn, wrestling on the lawn, riding their bikes over the lawn, and doing acrobats on the lawn. The neighbors would also call me, telling me that the Edward''''s children were destroying the fence in the back yard of the home. I found the Edward''''s children jumping on the top wooden rails of the fence. As a result the fence had to be replaced. At a cost of over a thousand dollar (which I will attempt to recover in court). As I''''ve stated Mr. Edwards was make aware of the items that broken and needing repair or replacement. Mr. Edwards agreed to the charges, and I was not aware of any attempt on Mrs. Edwards part to sue me for return of any money. I''''m sure that if this is true Mr. Edwards would have contacted me. I still hold Mr. Edwards in high regard, and I feel that our relationship goes pass the home owner tenant relationship. [email protected]

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