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Complaint Review: Sunrise Auto Sales - Ahseville North Carolina

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Sunrise Auto Sales
1541 Patton Avenue Ahseville, 28806 North Carolina, U.S.A.
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My name is Shari Hall. My husband Kevin and I went to purchase a vehicle(1988 Chevy S-10) back on April 21, 1999 at Sunrise Auto Sales at 1541 Patton Avenue in Ahseville, N.C. We used our 1987 Buick Century as a down payment (market value of around $800.00).

Upon advising the Owner, Jim Lindsay, that we needed "reliable

transportation" because my husband travelled a lot for work. We were told it was a "very good and reliable truck". ..If we did not like the vehicle after a few days you can always return it.

We drove the truck off lot believing this truck would indeed be

reliable. As we were driving home we noticed the trucks panels

flickering and we smelled something funny. So as soon as we got home we called Mr. Lindsay the owner and told him what was going on. He said, ah, don't worrie about it, if ther is any problem and your disatisfied, you can switch it for another vehicle. Just keep driving it for at least a week and get back to us.

Lo, and behold, two days later after signing the "buy here/pay

papers" to purchase the vehicle, my husband was driving to work when he noticed all the panels on the dash quit working, such as the speedometer, the odometer,and oil light. When he arrived home that day, he noticed it had burned the two quarts of oil he had put in the day before. During his travels to work he was very concerned.

Being concerned we put in several calls to the owner and never got a call back. We left a message as to the problems with the truck.

My husband then realized something must be wrong with the vehicle and he would have to take it in to be checked. Since he had to go to work the next day, he planned on taking it the following day (which would be day 4 of owning the vehicle). On his way to work that day, shortly over an hour enroute, he noticed a cloud of smoke coming from the rear of the vehicle. As soon as it was safe (which wasn't but maybe a half mile) he pulled off the side of the road.

Upon looking underneath the hood, he noticed then, something

was seriously wrong; oil was covering the engine and noticed broken parts (specifically the alternator bracket - it was hard to tell what else with oil everywhere!!). He had to stand on the side of the highway, waiting for a police officer to pass by so he could then flag him down to get some assistance getting to a phone to call a tow truck. He could not leave the vehicle at all, since he was

transporting merchandise from one store to another in the value of $1000. When all this happened, he was still at least 30 minutes away from work, or one and a half hours from home. He thenhad to call work for a ride. His supervisor had to have someone take time off work to travel to where he was to pick up the merchandise.

The towing service charged $40.00. Kevin lost a days pay of

approximately $110 and it cost him $30.00 to get back home. Upon returning home, we tried to contact Sunrise Auto. It was Saturday and they are closed!?

On Monday morning, April 26th, I phoned Sunrise and spoke with the owner (Rick) And explaine what had happened. We told him we want to get a different vehicle like they promissed we could if we were not happy in any way during the fist week. He responded and said,"You bought the truck "As Is" ('scuse me . . . "As is"); he reitrated again, can't do a thing for you! ..We said, You told us the first day when we thought something was wrong, to just keep it for a week, that if we did not like the truck for any reason we could switch it for another one.



We advised them we had no intentions of paying for this truck, which obviously was a worthless hunk of metal. Mistakenly we told him where the truck was. We also advised him we never knew about takeing it AS IS.

Sunrise Auto sales picked up the truck that day and brought it back to his lot! He is now holding both vehicles hostage! He told us "You give me $700 to replace the motor, $50 to replace the water pump and I'll give you your car back. But I'll hold the title until you pay me the $750." Is this SCUM with no MORALS or what?!!!

A friend of ours called and expressed that she was aware that they have had many "priors" with the Better Business Bureau, Auto Division, and stated that if we would like to resolve this as oppossed to putting another mark on their record at the BBB.

She spoke with the owner, Jim Lindsay's sister, Sharon Lambert

who began to 'gush' what a "nice guy and honest individual my

brother is. He wouldn't rip anyone off." She stated that he was not there at the time, because he had gone to get the truck. She also stated, however, that our car was still on the lot and she was "sure my brother will give them back their car". She stated she would advise us, which she did.

We called the nice, honest, sweet Mr. Lindsay the next morning

explaining that our friend told us she had spoken with Ms. Lambert and what was said and that we wanted to come down and get our car back. He told me, blatantly and with a real nasty attitude; "I'll tell you the same thing over the god dam phone that I'd tell you in person: You give me $700 to replace the motor, $50 to replace the water pump and then I'll give you your car back.

What happened to good old-fashioned "Ethics"? And "Morals"? Even a touch of "Humanity", laced with some "Compassion". This good old boy wouldn't recognize any of the above, if they jumped up and bit him in the a*s!! My husband is a good, honest, kind man. This jerk isn't even a man, let alone kind and decent!

I'm sick of the consumer being run over and stepped on by 'vermin' like JIM LINDSAY, his salesman RICK HOUGHTON (who backed up the B.S.

his boss was feeding us!!), and the kindly stepsister SHARON

LAMBERT, who couldn't sing her brother's praises loud enough. If SHE doesn't know her own brother for what he realy is, how are decent people like my husband suppoesd to be able to perform a simple thing, (like purchasing an automobile that is

safe for us and our two small children), with some trust?! And

maybe a spec of dignity left over?




We didn't think this sort of thing happened here in the Carolina

Mountains,where people are just so "kind, compassionate and caring" - And this is our first time being expose to such scoundrels since moving here a few years ago! Hope it's our last! And I hope they don't get many more opportunities to "victimize" more trusting, individuals!!!

(Buyer Beware: There is a separate division at the BBB for

Automobile industry complaints - Not that they're worth a d**n!

Face it . . . they're in business because of businesses!!)

Through the Internet we contacted the www.ripoffREPORT.com

We filed this complaint for the world to see and now have the help Through the www.RipOffREVENGE.com they turned us on to a free Nationwide service for help, Consumers Against Consumer Rip-Offs.

They are reachable at 602-823-HELP or

e-mail them through [email protected]

This is a Great Site!! Hope more people participate!! P.S. My husband has no vehicle at this time and has to use my van (which costs him $15.00 a day in gasoline) and me, I'm stranded with two small children, sometimes for a few days at a time. Since this setback, he sometimes if forced to spend a couple nights in Hickory closer to his job to avoid the added cost and wear and tear on our families vehicle (I can't begin to stress to you what this hasdone to our marriage). How absurd the simple task of purchasing a vehicle has turned into our worst nightmare!! We're glad your here to listen!! I hope more people will read this site and maybe take notice before ever stepping foot on Sunrise Auto Sales of Asheville's car lot!

Shari Hall

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