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Complaint Review: Terry Bower - Bordentown New Jersey

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- Hamilton, New Jersey,

Terry Bower
14 Charles Bossert Drive, Bordentown NJ Bordentown, 08505 New Jersey, U.S.A.
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Terry Bower was caught, by me, driving drunk, with our kids in the car on two occasions. I know I should have called the cops instead of yelling @ the b****! Hindsight is 20/20, as they say! I'm currently trying to catch her in the act again, so I can call the police, like I should have done then. Unfortunately, the courts insist I pay this b***h over 50% of my net income, (even though, we make exactly the same amount per hour) which leaves me working an ungodly amount of overtime just to maintain a place for my kids to come every other weekend!! BUT THAT'S A WHOLE NOTHER STORY! Anyhow, Terry Bower is a drunk (and she freely admits this in a personal letter) a cheating, lying w***e, who's needs to be locked up and my kids, taken away from her!!! I'm trying to accomplish this as we speak. But we all know how great our legal & justice systems are though and regardless, if I'm right or not...if it's in the CHILDREN'S BEST INTEREST or not, as they say, whatever the reason it's not that cut and dry! If you or any of your friends know Terry and have any information that could help us get my children away from this b***, my new wife, my 3 kids and I, would greatly appreciate it. PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE WHO COULD HELP US! WE WELCOME, ANYTHING YOU FEEL WOULD BE HELPFUL TO OUR CASE. also... Terry Bower Men & Women Beware - Terry's a Pathalogical Liar, w***e, Greedy, Selfish, Manipulative Terry Bower is one of the worst kind of people you'd ever NOT want to meet! This woman, and I use that term very loosely, doesn't care who or what she screws up, as long as she gets what she wants! This includes f..in' with her children's minds! She was caught, red handed, with her pants down! Really, no pun intended here. She was caught by her now ex-husband, in their den, with their neighbor and so-called-friend, late one nite after a party. He had gone upstairs, to bed, so he could function at work the next day; this was on a Friday nite. By the way, he did ALL the working & parenting) in this household and she did all the f.....in' up & f.....in' around. At 3am he woke up & saw she wasn't there and went down stairs and found them both with their pants down, shirts open, groping each other and so on. And they didn't even notice he was standing there! If you happen to cross paths with this "Psychotic B****" and I mean that - literally (believe me.... it runs in this b****** family and everyone knows it!) RUN THE OTHERWAY! Even if that means running into oncoming traffic!!! TRUST ME, the second choice here, is the better of the two!! She'll do what ever is necessary to get something for nothing! Like father like daughter. This too, runs in the family but unfortunately she's succeeding in passing this life style down to her kids. Her oldest son, only 15 yrs is already showing horrible signs of this, I just hope it's not to late for him to be turned around. The courts here in New Jersey are no help here either, cause they themselves are deceitful and corrupt and could care less about the truth and who gets hurt! Do yourself, your family, your friends, hell even your enemies a favor and stop this b***h from inflicting more abuse on decent people...... PLEASE, PASS THIS ON TO AS MANY PEOPLE, AS YOU FEEL, YOU MUST, TO BREAK THIS VICIOUS CYCLE, FROM TERRY BOWER AND HER KIND! THANKS, Fed Up! Tom&Robin Hamilton, New Jersey


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daddys girl

New Jersey,
United States of America
Wrong terry...Sorry

#2REBUTTAL Individual responds

Wed, July 21, 2010

Wrong Terry.

daddys girl

New Jersey,
United States of America
Terry Bower needs to get a life.

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Mon, July 19, 2010

Terry Bower is like poison to me.She got with my father as my parents were getting a divorce.  She wanted to move in within a week. I know she didnt like me (his daughter) because i would not approve their relationship.Her own daughter knew how much my dad made. Now why would she care about that...hmmm. Her kids came to my dad's everyday. Including her mean as$ dog. When she dound out my parents were getting back together, she threatened my mom saying she will tare her eyes out. And said she will super glue my dad's p* hole if he ever cheated on her.They were only dating for a month.    My friend told us that he saw her at the bar, and said that she should of killed my father when she had the chance. Psycho as$ she is... i am scared for her children. And she got arrested last week from major drug charge... so i heard.   She is not fit to be a mother. She is using men and her children.      She lets her children be out later then 10 on a school night.... doesnt even check up on them.       She lets her daughter wear short shorts and skirts with NO underwear. She is like 13 years old.      Her kids curse so much, its pathetic.         Terry needs to pay more attention to her kids more then trying to screw up men's life.        I am glad my dad opened his eyes and kicked her out the door. I hate how she is right around the corner. And her kids STILL come over.           Here Terry tried being my best friend... saying she knows how hard it is for me to accept the divorce, because she went through it too with her parents.But really she just wanted my dad's house,money and ruin his life.     my dad cant believe he even got with her. EEEWWWWWWWW.       its ashame her kids are following in her footsteps.

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