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Complaint Review: Terry Shaver Pontiac - Highland Indiana

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- Indianapolis, IN,

Terry Shaver Pontiac
2121-45th Ave Highland, 46322 Indiana, U.S.A.
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I went into Terry Shaver and decided to buy a car. I had already had a deal on a cheaper car with Ford(a great deal) but liked the Gran Am GT better. I gave them a price and insisted I would not go over it. It was 430 a month at 9.5% finance. It was a easy deal for them to make. They knew my credit was not great so I also told them if you can't do it let me know and I will move on. They had me there for hours(about 7) finally they said here are your keys, It's done. I signed the paper work...427 a month and the 9.5 finance. I was happy. I got a couple of calls from the Finance manager....Tom, asking me to return...he said there was something I had to sign so the seller..Tony...could get paid.

I work in commissions and realize this could be true so I said I would come back. I did not have a chance to return for about 5 days with a trip and my work as the reasons. So he ...Tom...called me at work and asked if he could come up to my job to have me sign the paper work. He told me he had to re-write the contract but it was "all good".

He came 35mins to my job and caught me extremely busy. I saw him waiting...so I called him up and had him pull out the paper work and I signed it without reading it. I did ask him if everything was the same as the original deal on my part. He said everything is the same. So I signed, without reading or even looking close. About four days later I got a contract in the mail that said I was paying 535 a month at 14.5% interest....almost 10,000 in just interest!!!!! I called Tom and he did not return my calls. When I did get him...he told me it was an error and he would fix it.

Finally after a week of waiting on him, I asked to speak to the owner. What I got was an acting General manager...The Owner. I was told, was out of town. The general manager, never denied that What Tom did was wrong, but he said it was my fault for signing it. We went back an forth about this issue. He would not summon anyone to tell the story, he just suck to the through out. I asked for my trade in back and for them to take my car back...they said they had already sold my car...They did nothing to try to help me....absolutely nothing. I asked several time for an audiance with the dealership owner and never...to this day has he agreed to hear me out.

I wrote to every agency I could think of...Better Business Bureau, Mayor, Congressman, Senator, Chamber of Commerance for Highland, ....about 20 letter to be exact. I got a few we are sorry...but....too bad replies...but most didn't even reply....or would say...try the Better Business Bureau.

I did finally get what looked like action in the form of a case on behalf of the Attorney General of Indiana, Jeff Modisett. He turned it over to Karen Stallworth File 99F228. About 6 weeks ago I got the final letter from Karen Stallworth saying the Terry Shaver, had not respoded to her invite to mediate a decision and thus she could do nothing further. She advised to to seek counsel.

I of course can not afford counsel, I am sure BIG TERRY SHAVER could wait me out. So my hope is that they get some bad publicity so they are at least sorry they screwed me...I hope some day laws are passed with the protection of the consumer in mind and not protect these big powerful companies. I will probably have to sell my few shares of my company stock so I can pay my bills. I will send you the original letter I sent to Terry Shaver and the others. They are more detailed as far as dates and times and names.

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OOOPS, The finance manager mentioned is no longer employed by our dealership.

#2UPDATE Employee

Sat, March 13, 2004

I understand that one can get upset about car deals. It is, however the consumer's issue to find the best deal possible. It is also the consumer's obligation to read all papers before signing them. I understand that you may be upset. However, a person does have 72 hours to return a vehicle. How come that action wasn't taken? I understand that you were there for 7 hours. Tony is a kind man. He is one of the nicest gentlemen that I know. I'm sure if you would've spoken to him directly he would've tried all that he could. I do hope that next time you buy a vehicle, or anything else, you read everything you sign.

The Great Thorn

New York,
The Rip Off Report is on your side, Scott ask yourself will this info help you?

#3Consumer Suggestion

Tue, January 14, 2003

Scott After you read this you will understand why I call myself "The Great Thorn". On your last post you say that you think, or feel that Pontiac might train the sales people how to scam consumers. The truth my fellow American is car dealers hire companies to come in and train their sales staff how to close more deals and how to make bigger profit on each sale. Let me ask you to vist the following web sites and ask you to check them all out and then return to your Rip Off Report and post an up-date as to what YOU FEEL they really do for car dealers ACCROSS THE COUNTRY! Here is the list, Go to them ALL, OK? www.probac.com www.nationalautotraining.com www.appliedconcepts.net www.grantcardone.com www.davidlewis.com www.jeffsacksandassociates.com www.stukertraining.com www.paulcummings.com www.nationalautotraining.com www.tewart.com www.joeverde.com www.biggross.com List of some of National's training services This is what they say on National's web site. Make more money and have more fun selling! National Auto Training.com will share ideas and techniques from the TOP PROFESSIONAL salespeople and salesmanagers from around the country. Learn how to make professional presentations. Learn how to negotiate and close more deals. Learn prospecting and telephone techniques. Learn goal setting and time management. Learn how to be a professional sales manager Sales Training Course I: Selling Selling Techniques from the Top Sales Professionals from around America. Ideas and techniques that will help you sell more vehicles and make more money. The Public Attitude and its Demands. Starting the Sale - Meet and Greet. Prospecting for Fact Part 1. Prospecting for Fact Part 2. Handling Objections. Presentation of Vehicle. Demonstration Drive. Trade Evaluation Techniques Sales Training Course II: Closing Closing Techniques that will help you close more deals and make more gross profits using non-confrontational techniques. Scott when you hear the phrase "close more deals" it really means LOCK MORE PEOPLE INTO A CAR DEAL, even if the buyer does not like the deal. Next, Scott I feel that this dealer Did what is called a "SPOT DELIVERY" This is where dealer knows you do not want to sign a contract over 9.5%. So they get you to sign a 9.5% contract that day to "Take you off of the buying market" then let you show all of your friends you new ride. They let you THINK it is a done deal at 9.5% for a few days. Then their F&I Guy says OK let's get this buyer back down to the lot and have him sign the REAL CONTRACT. The dealer's F&I department might ask the salesman "Hey how smart is this buyer" How do you think we can pull a fast one and get him to sign the REAL contract? Trust me on this "SPOT DELIVERY" GIG. I know all about car dealer deception. Next I feel that you need to fax a copy of your Rip Off Report to the FTC their fax number is 1-202-326-3197. Next Fax a copy to GM Customer Assistance Center Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp. PO Box 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170 Toll free: 1-800-222-1020 Toll free: 1-800-243-8872 (roadside assistance) TDD toll free: 1-800-833-2438 Fax: 313-556-5108 Web site: www.chevrolet.com Next, a copy to your state banking commisioner's office Indiana Department of Financial Institutions 402 West Washington St. Room W-066 Indianapolis, IN 46204-2759 317-232-3955 Toll free in IN: 1-800-382-4880 Fax: 317-232-7655 Web site: www.dfi.state.in.us We have to find a way to stop "SPOT DELIVERIES" accross the country. Trust me Scott car dealers do not like what we tell car buyers. Car dealers do NOT want you to know what kind of tricks they have for you. Scott don't ever think that your local TV station or newspaper would ever tell you what you will read here. Your mainstream media would not want to kill their advertising money that they get from car dealers. I tell car buyers to NEVER buy a car, truck or SUV from any car sales person that you LIKE, NEVER!!! What I tell car buyers, is when you get to a dealership look for a salesman/woman that you think stinks, has a poor attude or one that reminds you of someone that you would like to kick their a*s. In other words allways buy from someone you DO NOT LIKE, doing this impowers you to save money. Most car buyers want to meet a nice sales person, Then they are afraid of making that NICE salesperson madd, so they never get agressive. You must always buy from someone that you do NOT LIKE, this way you do NOT CARE if you make them madd or that they hate you when you drive off. Their main goal is to get you to like them, then it makes it easyier for them to Rip you OFF. Never be afraid to piss off a sales person, EVER! Because it is your money that they are trying to take. Your main goal now is to expose what this dealer has done to you, tell the world about your Rip Off Report. Go to a local copy shop and print off a bunch of your Rip Off Reports and pass them out. If your dealer thinks that what you are doing is going to cost them future car deals, they might buy your rate down. which would lower your payment big time. Trust me they can do this IF THEY WANT TO. I hope that this info will help you.


New Jersey,
pontiac must teach how to scam people!

#4Consumer Comment

Mon, January 13, 2003

i to was tricked into signing paperwork at a pontiac dealer in nj. they must teach them that at headquarters! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A GM VEHICLE AGAIN!!! because of that

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