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Complaint Review: Toys R Us .com - Nationwide

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- Loxley, Al,

Toys R Us .com
www.toysrus.com Nationwide, U.S.A.
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The best way to share this story is by copy the letter we had to write to our credit card company to enlist their help in obataining our credit. Today is January 12, 2000 and we still have received NO credit from Toysrus.com

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your request for more information on our disputed charge with Toysrus.com , we hope that the

enclosed documents along with our statement will enable you to obtain the credit on our account that is owed to us.

And maybe in the future Toys R Us will treat their customers whether in the store or over the internet with the

same due respect.

Our Statement:

On November 7, 1999 we visited the Toys R Us website , they were advertising free shipping , a $10.00 on-line

coupon off of your first order and a free Tickle me Elmo for all orders over 100.00. We selected our toys and

checked out using our credit card. The free shipping did not show up in the final total on the screen, but we

figured they were overwhelmed with orders and this would be addressed before we received confirmation of our

order with the on-line receipt. We received an e-mail on November 7, 1999 ,Please see enclosed document with

the letter A in upper right hand corner. No total was given only an account number. On November 15th we

received another e-mail , Please see document with the letter B in upper right hand corner. This e-mail contained

a tracking number and a receipt for our purchases. As I read over it I found that we were charged $27.99 for the

supposedly FREE Tickle me Elmo and shipping in the amount of $15.50. I phoned the 1-888 number and they said

they would issue those credits. On November 18, 1999 we received another e-mail from Toys R Us, Please see

enclosed document with the letter C. As I read over it I found that they had fixed the receipt to show that the

Tickle me Elmo was FREE. But they were still charging for the shipping. I hope that by this point you can see our

frustration not knowing what amount would actually be charged on our card. We received a partial shipment on

November 16, 1999. I was not home when UPS dropped off the package but found them when I returned. One box

was the toy box we had ordered and another box that I opened had a toy in it that I did not order. I came inside

and called the 1-888 number and told them that I had received something that I did not order and 1 item that I had.

They asked me what was the item I received that I did not order and I told them to which they replied that they had

looked it up and it cost under $20.00 so they will not issue a call tag for it, and to do whatever I wanted to with it.

It subsequently was donated to Toys for Tots. Well we received our other items on November 18,1999 and it was

all of our little toys and no sign of the push and ride coupe we had ordered for the baby. I phoned them again and

they told me this bull story about how the item was out of stock and that I would not be receiving it now, however

when I placed the order on Nov.7, it was in stock. Also according to my receipt it was shipped already on Nov.

15th. So I asked to speak to a manager and this lady got on the phone her name was Alicia. She told me she would

send the credit information up to the upper management and it would be taken care of right away. She apologized

and all and I told her that I would just go to the Toys R Us store in Mobile and buy the car the very next day!

Please see enclosed document lettered D, this is the receipt where I purchased a ride on car for my baby and a

wagon. I phoned your credit dept. several times to see if the credit was posted and each day it was not. So on Dec

4th I had enough of the run around and asked the customer service representative what my options were since we

are being charged interest on the wrong amount daily. I chose to dispute the charge because I think it is absurd

that they don't waste any time charging your card to get the money but they dawdle around when you are owed

a credit. I hope that you can help us to clear up this matter. We are owed a credit in the amount of $15.50 for the

shipping that was supposed to be FREE. And a credit for the Push and Ride Coupe that we never received in the

amount of $43.19, the total amount that should be paid to Toys R us for this order is $99.50, unless you would also

like to subtract any interest that we have paid since the posting date of the amount $158.19. On Dec. 12th I phoned

the 1-888 number again and the lady told me that they have record of the Alicia lady escalating the credit up and

that it has been taken care of on their end , she says the credit card company is the reason we have not received the

credit, because you all ask for 2 full billing cycles to post the credit. If this is true and you all have some

paperwork from them with the requests mentioned then why are you saying that it is them. Either way it goes we as

the consumers are at a loss because for one, we put our trust in you all to watch out for our best interests and

secondly we have paid interest on something that should have never been on our card. I hope that we here from you

soon with the answers we need. Thank you very much for your time and for trying to comprehend this nightmare.

On A personal note: I had a similar BAD experience with Toytime.com and I can tell you I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEIR WEBSITE AGAIN !!!!!!!

Thank you for reading

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