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Complaint Review: Ugly Duckling Auto Sales - San Antonio Texas

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- Smithville, TX,

Ugly Duckling Auto Sales
11612 Perrin Beitel San Antonio, 78217 Texas, U.S.A.
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I went to Ugly Duckling Auto Sales twice because I had credit problems and I was turned away from major auto sales dealerships. I earn enough to qualify for a auto loan from the major dealerships but I have quite a few blemishes on my credit.

My first trip to Ugly Duckling Auto Sales in the year 1999 resulted in the salesmen telling me that I would have to buy a certain auto I did not want. It was a 93 Ford Thunderbird with over 210,000 miles at a cost of $10,500.00 at 26%APR. He said "You have bad credit and I will only arrange financing for this particular auto you have no choice." I subsequently left the dealership without purchasing a vehicle.

I sent a email to thier corporate office detailing how unprofessional and rude the experience was. I received a phone call from a different location apologizing for the behavior. He contacted me three more times in the next week stating if I come by his location he would make it a better experience.

My second experience was a little better as far as unprofessional sales people but, Ugly Duckling Auto Sales had a promotion of receiving your down payment refunded or a secured visa credit card in the amount of your down payment. I chose the visa credit card. My down payment was for $2000.00 after I made six months of ontime payments I would receive the card processing from thier corporate offices.

I made all my payments on time and after about eight months I had seen no paperwork nor processing for the visa. I contacted the sales manager and inquored about it. I was told that I need to contact the corporate office to discuss this with them. I emailed them about fifteen times before I received a response of the application will be mailed to you but, you will have to qualify for the card and the limit is $250.00.

To date I have seen no application nor a card or even an explanation as to what happened. My paperwork from the sale states I would receive a secured visa card in the amount of my down payment. This is a classic rip off of unfortunate people whom have blemished credit.

I accecpted the high interest rates because I knew I needed to start rebuilding my credit and I figured it was the way to do it. Do not believe Ugly Duckling Auto Sales deceptive selling tactics. As a footnote I have yet to see my two years worth of ontime payments and early payments nor the car loan show up on my credit report.. Buyer beware when it comes to Ugly Duckling Auto Sales.


Smithville, Texas

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National Hwy. Atlanta made fake documents for me so that I would be approved

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Wed, March 24, 2004

I bought a car from Ugly Ducking in 1999 for $10,500. I had no proof of income, check stubs,bank account,tax returns, nothing. I only had $1,500 cash deposit. The manger and the salesman of the Ugly Duckling store, on Old National Hwy. Atlanta made fake documents for me so that I would be approved for the car and I have proof they also did it for my roommate. When they gave me my payment schedule it totaled a sum of over $17,000 in total they were ripping me off. They suggested that I refinance the car, so I did and that turned out even worse. In may of 2000 I returned the car to them . They have ruined my credit every month they change the last payment date on my credit files making the account remain on my credit longer and due to the fact that they have changed names several times that one account is listed on my credit file 4 times under each company and even their collection company.

Since they seem to ignore the facts.


Thu, August 08, 2002

After reading all the horror stories about the cars "The Duck" has sold and, seeing I am not the only one. I am going on a personal mission to jack with thier money just like they play our livelyhood.

I from now on will let my payments be a few days late everytime. I live in a different area code than the lot so in the next few months I plan on making sure they call my house, job, and relatives so they can spend so much on long distance that it affects the bottom line of profits. Texas interstate long distance is one of the higest rates there is.

I feel terrible about all who have been affected by Ugly Duckling Auto Sales AKA: Drivetime. I can only hope we can find a way to get the word out so they can not do this to anyone else.

I would really like some explanation of why they feel like they can ripoff the little guys. So come on UDC where is the answer. I am not afraid to stand up for all!

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