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Complaint Review: Ulead Systems Inc. - Torrance California

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Ulead Systems Inc.
970 West 109th Street #520 Torrance, 90502 California, U.S.A.
(310) 523-9393
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Dear Technical Support 10-7-99

I have been more than patient. I have given you ample opportunity to respond to my requests for assistance. The software that I purchased (Ulead Video Studio 3.0) does not function, has never functioned, and I get no indication whatsoever that you people care if it ever does.

I do not expect miracles, nor for my product to be

fixed by remote control, but at a minimum, I should be at least

entitled to a response to my questions. You failure to even show

the level of professionalism required to respond to my letters is most disappointing, and your obvious unwillingness to stand behind your product is absolutely criminal.

I feel as I have been victimized just as if I had been robbed at

gunpoint. Moreover, a common mugger would just take my money, not also waste my time as you people are doing. Rest assured I will get satisfaction.

I have given every opportunity for your company to address my issue and do the right thing. It is obvious to me at this point that not only does your company lack the moral character to stand behind our product, but you also seem devoid of the common business sense to protect your reputation and handle problems in good faith. I have begun posting my correspondences to you on the Internet at a popular public forum that deals with such issues in an effort to warn my fellows of your business practices.



It is not my intention to slander or defame your company. All I

want is a functioning product. Consider this your last invitation do the right thing.

Be assured that I will be as quick to post a

happy ending to this story once the issue is resolved. In the mean time you should expect this thread to grow in your inbox as well as on the Internet until I get what I have paid for.


Dear Technical Support 10/03/99

I have been writing to your department since the end of August

seeking assistance in making Ulead Video Studio work.

In the thread included below I have outlined the problem and the

steps I have taken to troubleshoot it. I keep adding to this

thread, begging for response, but I receive no assistance.

Not only has your department failed to give me a solution, they

don't seem to even have the professionalism to respond to my mail to tell me that they are even aware of it.

The only response I have received at all was from Lucy Leh when she told me that mine was a new problem, and she needed to research it.

That was August 30, and in spite of my continued requests for

assistance, or at least some indication that you intend to stand

behind your product, I have heard nothing since then.

My concern is compounded by the fact that my product is now more

than 30 days old. In the event that the product had been determined to be defective within those 30 days, I could have exchanged it at the retailer where I bought it.

Below please find the thread of correspondence that I started last month, outlining the specific details of the problem and the steps I have taken so far.

The trouble report number generated in August was: 57787



Hello.... Wednesday, Sep 29, 1999

Please at least be professional enough to respond to my letters,

even if you don't have an immediate answer.



Hello??? Monday Sep 27, 1999

Am I being ignored??

C'mon guys, I have been patient, its been more than a month and I have received no assistance or support. I have responded with

everything you have requested, yet I still have a product that does not function.



Dear Lucy Monday, September 20, 1999 7:16 AM

Its been a while since Ive heard from you, wanted to make sure im not forgotten.

To refresh your memory I will paste my previous correspondences

below, most recent first:



Dear Lucy, 9/13/99

Im out of ideas.

I have reinstalled Video Studio as well as my video drivers over

and over again, still I get the same error when trying to load any video file, including any of the sample.avi's that came with the program.

Also, as the graphic below shows, for some odd reason all the .avi clips I create with Video Studio are the same filesize.

In reality, each of these .avi's are only about 3-4 seconds long, yet my system sees them as being better than 10 megs each.

All of these video clips open and play with windows media player, or with the player that came with my video capture device, but in the properties box of the player(s) they also show to be 10,240kb in size.

Very Odd.....

As I have indicated in my previous letter, I have never bought any software before that was actually defective. I honestly didn't think that such a thing happened. Problems I have had in the past installing and using software were invariably compatibility issues evolving my systems' settings, or in some cases, blatant ignorance on my part. Yet in spite of the obvious statistical unlikelyhood that I purchased a defective disc, at this point I am convinced that is the case.

Unless you can think of something we haven't tried, I would like to go forward on the assumption that the product I purchased is

defective, and make arrangements to exchange it. I have retained my sales receipt and the product packaging and manuals, but my retailer has told me that I need to arrange for an exchange through the manufacturer.

Please let me know what to do from this point.


Jay Sheeds

[email protected]


ICQ# 765003

*- ServiceID: 57787 -*- Date:08/30/1999 14:14:05 {GMT+08:00} -*-

Dear Jay,

Sorry, I can not download the attached file complete due to unknown

errors, could you please send it again to my personal account?

[email protected]

Best regards,

-Lucy Yeh,


We receive large volumes of email each day so please quote

ALL previous messages when sending replies. Thank you.


Company: Ulead Systems, Inc.

WWW: www.ulead.com (USA) / www.ulead.com.tw (Asia)

FTP: ftp.ulead.com (USA) / ftp.ulead.com.tw (Asia)


Ulead Systems, Inc. - Innovative Multimedia Solutions

* Ulead PhotoImpact, MediaStudio Pro, Cool 3D, Web Utilities *




Lucy.... 9/8/99

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The .avi I was trying to send you may have been too large. Try going here and getting a different one off my website....


What you will get is a teeny little .avi file with sound, not real good framerate or quality, but should download fairly quickly. I hope it serves as an example.

Last letter I sent you a screen shot of my windows explorer window to show you how the files created

with video studio were all the same size.....did you get that

image?? It was a teeny little 17k .gif image

FORLUCY.gif......I can resend it if you need it.


Jay Sheeds



>-*- ServiceID: 57787 -*- Date:08/25/1999 10:32:48 {GMT+08:00} -*-


>Dear Jay,


>I don't have a quick solution for you right now; in fact, you are the first user who reported such an error message to us. Thus I may need some time to track the problem with the R&D engineers. But before we have the answer for you, I will still suggest you reinstall the capture card driver and try again.


>Also, if you still can not capture videos in VideoStudio, please use the software bundled with the capture device to capture videos and send a sample AVI file to us; it will be helpful for us to track the problem. You can then insert the clips into VideoStudio for advanced editing.


>Sorry for the inconveniences it may cause.


>Best regards,

>-Lucy Yeh,


>We receive large volumes of email each day so please quote

>ALL previous messages when sending replies. Thank you.


>Company: Ulead Systems, Inc.

> WWW: www.ulead.com (USA) / www.ulead.com.tw (Asia)

> FTP: ftp.ulead.com (USA) / ftp.ulead.com.tw (Asia)


>Ulead Systems, Inc. - Innovative Multimedia Solutions

>* Ulead PhotoImpact, MediaStudio Pro, Cool 3D, Web Utilities *



>>> The original problem is:

>>> The program will open correctly, and show the video source that

is playing and indicate that it is ready to capture. When the

record botton is clicked, capture seems to start, the frame counter

scrolls to indicate elapsed time, but when recording is stopped,

either via the keyboard or mouse, an error message is displayed

saying "Unable to open the file-[17101:7:1]"


>The same error message is displayed when attempting to add an

existing .avi file to the library or the storyboard. "Unable to

open the file-[17101:7:1]"


>I had previously installed the Downloadable Demo of Ulead Video

Studio, and it ran correctly, with no error messages.

>I verified that I had completely removed the demo before

installing the purchased product, including the folders it created

and the ulead32.ini file from the windows folder.


>I have un-installed and reinstalled the program and the drivers

supplied on the disc several times, still the same error message

each time when trying to capture or open an existing .avi file.


>Though my system is almost brand new, my next guess was an out-of-

date video driver, so I went to the manufacturers website and

downloaded a new driver. However, after several unsuccessful

attempts at installing the driver, I decided to verify with you

nice people that this is needed before I screw the proverbial

pooch, since the demo ran okay using my current driver.


>Please Help



[email protected]


ICQ# 765003

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