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I have had a checking account with wells fargo for a number of years. I loved the account, and the bank until the merger with Norwest. I dont have much money in my account, because I am a poor college student. I keep very good track of my records, and know exactly how much money I have in my account. Well, I went to pump gas one day. I was exactly one day before my check would be deposited into my account, so I thought that it would be safe to buy gas. I had $5.00 in my account. I did not stop the nozzle in time, so I got $5.01 in gas. Guess what? I got charged $25 for going below zero. Pretty expensive mistake. So I live off of Top Ramen, and penut butter and jelly for about a week.

Next, it is time to pay rent. Well, my land lord is understanding, and promises not to cash my post-dated check until Friday when I get payed. Well, his wife did not know, and cashed the check, so it bounced. My manager called Wells Fargo's 1-800 number, and they told my manager to have me go into a nearby branch, and the manager would clear it. WRONG!! not only did the manager refuse to clear it, he insulted me personally. He said that I was an irresponsible college student, and that post-dating checks is a felony. He told me that he could have me arrested on the spot, and pull my checking account with any money that was in it. (by this time, I did have money in it.) He also said that bank fees were so high because of irresponsible people like me. Well, i fumed out of there promising myself that I would never set foot in there again. I was out another $25.

The THIRD thing that happened was when my car got broken into. It was the only time in my life that I left my wallet in the car, and it got stolen. I reported my card stolen, but guess what? There were cahrges on my card that I DID NOT make. It brought my account below zero again, and i got charged another $25. I called the bank, and they told me that I had to talk to the companies that the card was used at. I had to let them know that a stolen credit card was used at thier company, and THEY had to report it to Well's Fargo. That was BS. Well, another $25 lost, and this time, i didnt even have penut butter and jelly. I had to eat just Top Ramen. (I moved out to college with a life time supply of Top Ramen)

At this time, I am extreemly angry, because not only did they take $75 form me, but they were causing me not to have food to eat to. Then they pulled the lowest stunt of all. I quit my job, and got another, higher paying job. I have to have direct deposit in order for my checking account to be free. Well, as all of you know, at the new job, it would probably take some time to process a request for direct depost. Well, I had $4.75 in my account. Feb 1, 2000 they charged me $6 because I did not have a check directly deposited. Then they charged me an additional $25 for an overdraft fee. I called again and made a HUGE deal when they refused to refund me again. I told them that I refused to bank with thieves, and about all of the ridiculous ripp offs (there had been a few others to) the supervisor told me that they refused to deal with irate, lying coustomers. That was way to much so I promised that I would close the account the next day. and tell every soul on earth about thier horrible business. He said "You do just that" so I hung up.

So I just want to let you all know, because I know that I am not the only one experiencing these problems. They have horrible coustomer service, and they are huge thieves. Do not bank with them at all.

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