Consumer Advocates


Experienced Business People

Retired politicians, lawyers, business people who consider themselves Consumer Advocates!

Are you interested in HELPING consumers who have been victimized across the United States. Handle cases form your home state or where ever you may be able to be of service to consumers who have been victimized.

Please click below to e-mail us your background and what areas you want to help out in. Helping victims of consumer rip-offs for a couple of hours free is good advertising and could result in future revenue.

This will be a volunteer service using your knowledge and experience to help other consumers fight Rip-offs. As a volunteer you will provide support, suggestions and recommendations how to fight back. You will be helping turn the tide towards honesty and fighting greed, corruption and rip-offs.

Every day we get consumers who have been ripped off and are told by lawyers ..it will cost you too much or take too long, or ...isn't worth the hassle.

Let us know your background:

  • City and State your in and states your interested,
  • areas of knowledge
  • and how many cases you would be willing to handle a week or month.

Click below to VOLUNTEER.

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