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Complaint Review: Instacart - Sacramento California

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Beth - Binghamton, United States
Mon, December 05, 2022

1325 J Street, Suite 1550 Sacramento, 95814 California, United States
Gorcery delivery, Purchase Never Delivered Fraud, refused to a refund for services not delivered
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On 12/4/2022, I placed an order via Instacart for groceries from Wegman's.   Instacart claims the groceries were delivered but they were not. 

The groceries were most likely delivered to the wrong address as this has happened several times.  In the past they send out a new order, refund or give me a credit.  This time they are treating me like a thief. 

I have never had so much as a speeding ticket in my 61 years of living but they want to treat me like a common thief. 

The ironic part is I live in public housing so there is a lot of stealing that happens here (especially during this Christmas season) but I'm disabled and cannot leave my home to be one of those thieves (if I wanted to be). 

I have begged Instacart to ask for my ID, to call me so I can step outside so they will find me but they refuse to do that.  It would seem they would rather deliver the groceries to the wrong people and call me the thief. 

How do I know they didn't deliver the groceries to me and then someone stole them?  Because I sat here, waiting for them and they never arrived. 

I do everything I can to avoid this but time and time again, they refuse to work with me.  I check the box to hand me the order but they still drop and run. 

$40 may not seem like a lot of money to Instacart but for someone who is housebound due to an inability to breath and is dying and living on social security, $40 is a big deal. 

The instacart employee Christina failed to deliver my groceries and I'm being forced to pay for them AND give her a tip.  

The law states that the merchant is responsible for making sure goods are delivered to the correct person.  This company is not only robbing it's customers but it is breaking the law as well. 

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San Francisco ,
United States
Few ways to get money back

#2Consumer Suggestion

Sat, March 18, 2023

 I'm making a report of my own after this. Wanted to let you know how I get my money back from these companies that rip us off. 1) Most easy method, do a charge back. If your friendly with your local bank, go to that bank and talk with the bank manager nicely. Don't Karen out with entitlement, that will get you no where. It's better to do this with your local bank, especially if you have a manager on your side, as they too send a report in that most of the time, backs your claim up. Doing an online one, doesn't allow for much info, and gets rejected often. For example, I purchased a video card and memory from Amazon. They used US mail to get a tracking number, as most banks do not accept TBA numbers. Imagine my surprised when tracking said delivered and after searching my property, found a small 2"x4" envelope, with said tracking number, and a thank you card with keychain inside. Amazon refused to refund unless I sent card and keychain back. Cheap right? Nope. It came from China, and the location I had to send it to was $88.00. Did an online charge back, which got declined because they accepted the tracking as complete. I brought the small envelope with tracking to my bank, with its contents, and showed the bank manager the invoice that reflected the tracking number. Once she saw I in fact did not get what I paid for, she did another charge back for entire amount, adding the info I couldn't do on their online form, and saw an earlier issue where Amazon sent one item, not two, and the box size I had to bring back with that tracking proved it so she didn't just do the item, she did the entire order. Amazon was out about 2k. Many banks don't do partial charge backs, they do entire purchase. It's also a great idea to screenshot everything you do when it comes to buying online. Avoid the sellers android application and use a windows PC to screenshot everything. Applications block screenshots and tell you they have been completed, and trust me you want these for your records. Instacart like many large companies, send you webmails, not emails. These are not text emails, but made to look like one, when it's actually a html webpage. They controll that info on their side. Ever order something and get charged a lot more, to go look in your email, and be left scratching your head, why did I buy at that high price? You didn't. They changed the amount, and used your check out agreement to enforce it. I myself use multiple checking accounts, each with its own debit card, and no overdraft, leaving 50 cents in each. I transfer exact online sale amount to account I use. If they raise the price, the sale gets declined, I get warning text message, and lock the card immediately. It's good to have at least six accounts for online orders. Never give a checking or routing number, or even a debit card number to a main account, ever! If you place an order with same retailer, or even a different one, use another account, and allow three weeks to go by before using the same account again. You never want to transfer money to the account for two separate orders, otherwise if the retailer changes the price, they will get the funds ment for the other order. If too much time went by for a charge back, use small claims court. It's very very easy and not complicated. If your low income, federal law makes it so you can file a low income form, where if you win, they make the defendant pay your fees. I'm in California, and many states have the same if not similar laws where it comes to small claims cases. No one is allowed to use attorneys!! Not the plaintiff, nor the defendant. This means those overly paid attorneys Instacart uses, are not allowed in the courtroom. They will be disbarred in most states if they even attempted it. You and the seller are on equal footing. You don't need to use any legal mumbo jumbo in small claims, but it does help to look up state and county cases that benefit you. Companies will try quoting company policy. Policy never ever overrides law. I won most of my cases, which are many. Only lost two in my life, my fault, I got lazy and sloppy procrastinating. Even the judge said I would have won, I just sued the wrong people lol. By time I discovered this, statute of limitations ran out to go after the right one, which turned out to be my employer, not the insurance company. Ripoff Report isn't just good to help people from getting ripped off, they are also good with those already ripped off. See others with same problem as you? Print it, as this is also evidence that can help your case. I'm no attorney, but my years experience have attorneys fearful of me, as I do my own civil cases prose. Court cases become public record. I have a reputation now. It's actually sad for me, as I only wanted the corrupt companies to know they had no chance in court against me. I don't like getting ripped off. What I never expected was the good companies that looked me up, and their forced services their peers make them give me that I don't want. To see fear in the eyes of someone you been friends with for years, is nothing to boast about. One or two cases in a long period, nothing to worry about. Me, I'm over 100+, cases. I never took the bar, because I like using small claims, and seeing corrupt companies sweat :). Can't do that if your registered, which means I'd be forced to shell out $500+ for every case, even ones that at under $50. Good luck!!

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