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Complaint Review: Limestone County Sheriff's Department - Athens Alabama

Reported By:
Denise - Athens, Alabama, United States
Mon, January 03, 2022

Limestone County Sheriff's Department
101 West Elm Street Athens, 35611 Alabama, United States
Allows stalking and harassment, Bad neighbors, Harrassing Women, Police, Politicians, Racism, Hate , Envy , White inferiority
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On the morning of April, 27, 2021, Limestone County Sheriff deputies stormed the home of Mrs. Leone-McCafferrey and committed crimes against a 68-year-old disabled woman. The crimes include: breaking and entering, damaging personal property, physical assault, unlawful arrest, failure to obtain an arrest warrant, unlawful detainment, medical examination against my will, etc.

Deputies from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department knocked on the door of Denise Leone-McCafferrey’s place of residence. Denise asked why they were at her door as she did not call them and knew there were some feelings of dislike between the two parties due. The Sheriff’s department believed Denise’s phone calls were an unnecessary drain on the department’s resources, or so their attitudes indicated.

One of the deputies stated that he had some paperwork for Denise, so I simply asked him to place the paperwork in the door. I was not yet dressed for the day, was still drinking coffee, and getting ready to prepare breakfast and stated so. The deputies tried to enter the front door of the residence and found it locked, as were the windows. Deputies then went to the back of the home and tried to enter through a crack in the sliding glass door, which was quickly locked to prevent damage. The deputies provided no explanation as to why they attempted to break into my home in that manner.

Next, the deputies went to the back door, pried the door open causing considerable damage to the door and entered the home. There were approximately six (6) to eight (8) men who filed into my residence. Two deputies caught me in the kitchen, each deputy grabbed an arm, and then proceeded to twist my arms. I was ordered to get dressed. One deputy tossed a long-sleeved shirt to me.

I was not allowed to close the bathroom door to change clothes and was then escorted to a Sheriff’s vehicle and taken directly to the Probate Court. These men should have known that Denise was disabled, a disability ramp leads to the front porch.

Assault, the deputies “man handled” a disabled female senior citizen; two deputies grabbed an arm each and twisted my arms like I was a common criminal who recently escaped from prison and was resisting arrest. It is amazing that the deputies did not throw me to the floor. In my opinion, this act constitutes the crime “Excessive Force” by the Sheriff’s deputies.

Mrs. Leone-McCafferrey was “ordered” to get dressed, like it was my fault they were seemingly in a hurry and I took too much of their time to “take me into custody.” One deputy tossed a piece of clothing to me but would not allow me to close the bathroom door to change clothes, like I was a common criminal. I was then “escorted” from my home, was politely assisted with moving my walker along the ground, and transported directly to the probate court, like I was a common criminal.

I remained in “custody” for the remainder of the time prior to the scheduled hearing time at 3:30pm on April 27, 2021 like I was a common criminal. In my opinion, this act constitutes “Unlawful Confinement”; “False Arrest” as a Writ for Body is not actually a warrant for arrest; “Arrest without a Warrant” and “Dereliction of Duty” on all parties involved in this illegal action, which constitutes “Acted in Concert.”

While all these documents were being filed at 4:30pm on April 27, 2021, Mrs. Leone-McCafferrey had already been escorted from the court room by Sheriff’s deputies and transported to Limestone Athens hospital for an emergency examination. I was held “in custody” by Sheriff’s deputies until I was cleared to be transported to Decatur Morgan Hospital, West Campus as a “Limestone Co Court Hold” dated April 27, 2021 at approximately 9:25pm. I was then “held in Custody” until a hearing date set for May 6, 2021 at 1:30pm. This act constitutes “EXCESSIVE FORCE, UNLAWFUL CONFINEMENT, DERELICTION OF DUTY AND ACTING IN CONCERT.” These acts were, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most disruptive and “HARROWING” experiences of my life and I want “JUSTICE!” 

With all of that said, Mrs. Leone-McCafferrey would like to point out to this "court of public opinion"  the affects of the actions by the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department deputies. These deputies appeared to have “no” concern for the welfare of a “non-criminal” female senior citizen with disabilities. Our US Constitution protects my rights under the “American with Disabilities Act (ADA).” The Sheriff’s Department personnel should have known that I was disabled, they have been out to my home numerous times since 2015. At the very least, they knew they were walking up a disability ramp to get to my front door. When those deputies twisted my arms, my left arm was already in considerable pain due to some physical activity around my home. After the deputies twisted the left arm, in particular, was in “excruciating” pain, “like a muscle was about to be torn.” These deputies were negligent, they should have contacted their superiors and asked if anyone knew if I was a disabled person.


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