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Complaint Review: Maple Leaf Property Management - Seattle WA

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Unhappy Tenant - Seattle, WA, United States

Maple Leaf Property Management
8809 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, 98115 WA, United States
(206) 250-7367
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Our lease started December 1, 2022. When we moved in the home was not in the condition we expected a rental to be as well as was lied to that it would be in working order. Though our lease started on December 1st, we didn't move in until December 11th as we relocated from Los Angeles and that was when we arrived. Upon moving in we found many lights not working, electrical outlets not working, doors missing from the hinges, a hole in a closet door, Ring system in owners name for weeks, owners TV still on the wall, roof deck in horrible condition. Once we were moved in we learned that the heat also did not work. We contacted the leasing company about all these above issues. It took them over 6 weeks to get the house to the move-in condition we expected as well as the heat to work which still has issues. The heat was only properly fixed to the standard of Seattle once I reported the house to the Seattle Department of Inspections. An inspector came out here and ordered the owners and management company to fix the heat properly and immediately. Since the heat has been fixed it has broken again on more than one occasion. They also only were able to fix the heat by getting permission from the city to raise the temp of the water heater over 60 degrees which I believe we are now paying a lot more money for because of this increase which should not be our problem but that of the owner. The heat does not heat the whole house evenly. We can only heat one floor at a time but not all 3 floors which we were never told in the lease or prior to moving in. In fact the leasing agent repeatedly told us they had this amazing new heating system which according to the inspector is not that great at all.    Once the heat was all fixed as well as all the other issues we were finally able to unpack 2 months in and really set up our home and get ready for our baby which arrived on 2/27. We had over 100 boxes piled high in our 2 car garage and had our car on the street while we were cleaning out the garage so that we could then put our BMW into the garage as I didn't feel safe with it on the street. Finally we get all cleared out to learn that we couldn't park it in the garage as the driveway was too narrow and required 20 minutes to get it and another 30 minutes to get it out. This is a 2 car garage and cannot get one car in let alone 2 cars and now our car is parked on the street. I was very excited to be able to also use it for the convenience of having a family but now that too has become a pain.    I contacted the city and they sent an inspector here who said the driveway had to be at least 10 feet wide but was under 9 feet. The city said that unfortunately somehow they passed their inspection and didn't really care that we can't use our driveway or garage.    This morning, March 20th, my wife woke up to go into the nursery that we spent a lot of time and money setting up to feed and change our baby girl to see that it was raining in the room. I immediately called the leasing company as they claim on their website they have a 24/365 response to learn that was not true. As we were very concerned for our safety I called 911 and the fire department was dispatched to our home at 4am. They said that the house was not going to collapse but that there was definitely damage, visual flashing on the side of the house and that most likely sheetrock to be replaced. When I finally got someone to call us back from the leasing company they didn't send a professional but a handyman just as they have with other problems. The guy who came said the same thing as well as pointed out that it seems there has been damage before that the owners may have just painted over to get the home rented. The handyman ended up just trying to but a silicone sealing to temporarily halt the leakage until they get a professional to come out. Now the room smells of chemicals, the bookcase has water damage, the carpet is damaged and now there are fans blowing in there and we are out of a nursery for our baby. There is visual damage to the walls, carpet, window and outside of the home. Now we have learned that our baby cannot stay in her room and the company must wait on the insurance company as opposed to just fixing it. This is a complete breach of contract. This company has put my family's safety and health in jeopardy.   I would like to file a lawsuit against either the management company, owners or both. I do have over 1000 pictures, dozens of videos including filming the inspectors with their knowledge as well as the damage and the leasing agents. We also have dozens of emails and text messages that also show proof of our potential case and evidence. I have added a list below of the problems in just the first 4 months of living here as well as the owners and management names. I will be filing reports with every agency that I can find against this management company and owners as we are really being screwed. We pay $4,750 per month to live here and always pay on time. I feel we have been ripped off and with all the problems have really taken up our time and money as well as missing lots of work to accommodate them and them fixing or telling us they are fixing on their own time.    Property Address: 4315 Evanston Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103   Leasing Company: Maple Leaf Management owned by Kit MacPherson   Home Owners: Steven & Jessica Mellinger   List of Problems:

  • Heating / Water Meter Temp / Billing
  • Condition of Home Upon Move In
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Driveway & 2 Car Garage
  • Inspections
  • Leasing Management
  • Ring System
  • Rain leaking and damage
  • Gutter & Roof Damage
  • Moss buildup on outside of windows

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