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Complaint Review: Trust Piolot - 1112 Copenhagen

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Jasson - Bay Shore, United States

Trust Piolot
Pilestraede 58, 5th floor 1112 Copenhagen, 30276582 Denmark
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So far my friends and i put up reviews about companys and this business let the business dicide thet the reviews were difamatory and told us to rewrite the reviews what is a review site for Reviews. I rewrote the revies 2 times and the owner said they are defamatory Trustpiolot takes them down this is not a review site its worrying to loose custermers BUSINESS because of this.

Thats why they are getting so big because they are taking down reviews the business said to. Online these companys overseas are getting Large because first They dont give money back you have to force them, 2nd they open business's and if they dont make big money they close them down and he custermer loses, 3rd years ago there were no such things as reviews now a business relies on them and if they dont know exsactly what to look for the shady business wins.

I just worked for someone that paid to take all his negative reviews down and i found them his store was burnt down buy a custermer that had an expencive car worked on and he ruined it. Now his friends put up all five star reviews about him and he thinks he is the best and his custermers to he does not know nothing about a car a parts changer and he workd on all expencive cars Getting to the point if a business is doing wrong the general public is supposed to know about it noit let it slide threw the cracks thet the goverments dont take care of. Instead you have people getting ripped of by shady Business practices.

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Bay Shore,
New York,
United States
My employees 2 of them put up reviews about Optonline and they are true

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Sat, June 12, 2021


This guy that OWNS Trust Pilot is a piece of work they deactivated 2 of my employes accounts and have been fighting to get optonline reviewed for one whole week they destroyed a business last monday deleted all the email addresess that were used for two step 13 of them this company Trust Pilot said they have speical software to detect fake revviews my developers say there is no such thing they call it filtering reviews they also do it manualy this team is doing it manualy they blocked our accounts now 3 of them 2 Employees and my ACCOUNT and what was said to them STILL HOLDS your closeset dearest love.

Our business is destroyed because of a rep from OPTIMUM ONLINE ALTIC locked me out of my servers we are out of business and trust poilot takes the reviews down 15 times in one week no curse woirds just blunt reviews now they are gettiing reported for fraud

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF TRUST PILOT. I DID NOT REVIEW ANYONE THEY DELETED MY, SAY REBUTAL TO HOW THEY TREATED MY EMPLOYEES. TRUST PILOT said they deleted 2.2 milion fake reviews what i saw first hand those were real honest reviews that were deleted maybe some fake not 2.2 million

OPTONLINE should be put out oif business TRUST PILOT ALSO this derolic business owner is protecting business by taking certan reviews down the ones that realy hirt Optimum is derelick company so is Trust Pilot they got to big for thier own good. Its alway the multy million dollar business's that the goverment let get away with anything they want to Like TRUST PILOT.

MY BUSINESS has been at a hold since last Monday no money coming in and Trust Pilot taking real reviews down now they blocked 2 of my emplopyees accounts from reviewing OPTIMUM and blocked from thier site. I contacted the BBB because Trust Pilot is bragging about they Deleted 2.2 Million reviews that were fake realy now. What I saw First Hand in Both of these reports I Beleave Those were real reviews deleted look what they did to me Blocked my account for defending my workers.


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