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Complaint Review: Wallace Smith of American Law Firms - Emeryville California

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Anonymous - Dallas, Texas, United States
Wed, September 28, 2022

Wallace Smith of American Law Firms
1900 Powell Street Emeryville, 94608 California, United States
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Paid Training Assignments Email 2
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Wallace Financing Offer For Digital Business
Evaluation Report Based on Completed Assignments
Business Plan Requirement To Complete Training
Paid Training Assignment Money Earned
LegalShield Plans/Became Required On Final Day

1) I found this job ad on Craigslist: NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITY - NOW HIRING: Become a Certified Legal Specialist. No actual selling required. This is a fun and easy non-sales position. No experience required. I will train.

All paid training. Part-time and full-time positions are available. Work from home or a professional office. very flexible hours. HOURLY PAY: If hired, Certified Legal Specialists start at $17.50 to $25.00 per hour plus commission. No actual selling required. Receive commissions from the leads you generate.

OTHER POSITIONS AVAILABLE: We have several other career opportunities available: Certified Marketing Specialist, Legal Specialist and Digital Products Specialist. No experience required. I will train. All paid training. Part-time and full-time positions are available. Work from home or a professional office. very flexible hours. No actual selling required.

These are fun and easy non-sales positions. CASH SIGN-UP BONUS: If hired and you can commit to a minimum of 12 months, you will receive a $1,000.00 cash Sign-up Bonus. If hired and you can commit to a minimum of 24 months, you receive a $2,500.00 cash Sign-up Bonus. If hired and you can commit to a minimum of 36 months, you receive a $5,000.00 cash Sign-up Bonus.

MANAGEMENT POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Manage a sales team. No selling required. No experience required. I will train. QUALIFICATIONS: Must be at least 18 years of age and have a positive personality. No other qualifications are required. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Absolutely no experience needed. I will train. All paid training.

IMMEDIATE HIRING: Based on a short telephone interview, if you are at least 18 years of age and you have a positive attitude and personality, we will seriously consider hiring you for an immediate position with our company.

TELEPHONE INTERVIEW: For an immediate telephone interview, please call: 916-282-9448. If no one is available, text your name and the Referral ID number and someone will respond as promptly as possible.

REFERRAL CODE: (there was supposed to be a code here but it was not there when I answered the call) The job ad did not allow you to submit a resume or even send an email. You had to call the number listed in the job ad if you are interested in the job. 

2) When I called Wallace, Smith answered. We spoke for a bit and he told me he wanted to send me a job proposal that we would go over in our phone interview scheduled for 9/15/22. (This is the first email I got from Wallace detailing what he promised and what I would be asked to do.)

3) At the scheduled phone interview, he agreed to hire me, but I needed to complete a unique paid training program. After the program, I would be paid within 24 to no later than 48 hours, then I would attend a 45 minute training session and pick 3 marketing activities daily. I would also be trained on how to clock in and start being paid my hourly rate of $25.00 an hour. 

4) I was sent a hiring contract shortly after our phone call and was asked to send a reply to the email with the contract with this statement I have read. I understand and I agree to the Hiring Contract. if I wanted to begin training. I reviewed the entire contract where I was told I would be paid $25.00 an hour instead of $17.50 if I got certified within 24 hours. Give full medical and dental benefits after 90 days if I work 30 hours a week. There were lots and lots of things promised to me in this hiring contract, but I was guaranteed the job after completing the training assignments. 

5) I was given 2 days to complete training assignment 1-3. They had different things I was supposed to do in them and I was told what was optional and required and we would talk again in two days. He even told me that an email marketing blast was going out and he would discuss the results with me and tell me how many sales were generated in my name. This was meant to prove to me that I would be making bonus commissions when sales were made from the marketing assignments I did for the company.

6) Assignment 1: I was asked to go to https://rmjoseph.wearelegalshield.com/ and study the legal shield plans and the ID shield plans for 2 hours. I would be paid $50. At the same site, I was asked to white 10 facts about the legal shield plan and email them to [email protected]. I would be paid $100. The next training assignment on the same site asked me to complete another fact check and submit those 10 facts to the same email and I would earn $50 in training pay. Total compensation for these three assignments totalled  $200, but my paperwork said I would be paid $300.

7) There was an optional assignment that required me to sign up to the legal shield plan for a 30 day refundable trial. The training compensation was $100 and would allow me to become certified if I did it within 24 hours. Certified was something you wanted to do because you made $17.50 an hour after training, but if you got certified you would make $25.00 an hour.

I decided to go ahead and sign up for the $29.95 LegalShield plan so that I could be certified by the end of training, take advantage of the $100 bonus and if I didn't like it I could cancel it. I was told if I canceled it though...that I had to keep it until day 28 to ensure that I did not get a charge back for the bonus commissions I would earn.

I was told to sign up at the same link I trained on which was: https://rmjoseph.wearelegalshield.com/ After signing up, I sent him an email letting him know that I had done it before the 24 hours was up. I was congratulated for being one of the few who took action so quickly. 

8) There was a 5th assignment that was also optional and it required me to sign someone else I knew to the legal plan. I would earn $150 for the training assignment. I did not complete this assignment (but I did all 4 listed above).

9) I was told from that point on that I would begin to earn $50 in commission for every sale made from my marketing on the legal plans. Since I got certified , I would instead make $100 for each sign up. This was all on 9/14/22. 

10) The next separate email assignment sent me to this website: https://digitalsuperbiz.com/13202.gshepherd where I was asked to spend two hours studying the site, watching all the videos and listening to the testimonials. My training paid $50 for the two hours. My next assignment was to write up 20 facts about the site and send the answer by email. The training amount earned for completion is $100 dollars.

11) The site above links to a network marketing opportunity for starting your own digital marketing business. It has a high ticket price of $3K, up to $15K to join. If you can't afford to pay it all upfront, then you have request financing but you must have a credit score above 650 to be considered. Wallace was offering to finance you with no credit check for any plan that you wanted to join. How you would pay him back was based on you forfeiting your hourly pay and commissions until you paid him back for the loan. He advised that digital marketing was optional. You did not have to do it to complete that set of training documents. I was in no way interested in the digital marketing program.

12) At this point, I also think it's important to understand why someone would go through the training. You are being told that you will be marketing these very products to others, even if you are not using these products. You are going to the websites to learn about these products because you will be doing 3 different marketing tasks each day for the company. In reality, you were not going to get hired and Wallace was actually trying to just get you to join the services.

13) Now back to the digital marketing business link of https://digitalsuperbiz.com/13202.gshepherd/welcome.php. after completing the training and going back through the information he provided for training. I discovered the link he gave me for the digital marketing business. That it said the name was G Shepherd and the same telephone number I have for Wallace Smith and the one he called me on 916 282 9448 was included.

14) Paid training assignment 3 (separate email). In this email I was told about an optional assignment to post ads on behalf of the company. If I got a minimum of 5-10 sign up for the Legal Pal or ID Protection Plans, I would earn bonus money. They really wanted you to get 10 sales, but if I decided to pass on marketing until we spoke again, I might be able to negotiate it down to 5 required sales. I was told that because I am certified I would be paid $100 a sale, so that would me I could earn a training bonus of between $500 to $1000 dollars. He gave step by- step instructions on how to post a job ad on Craigslist. I told him I would wait until we discussed this on our next call.

15) September the 20th, Wallace called me and congratulated me for finishing the first set of training assignments and verified that I was indeed certified. He covered the assignment money I had earned and some bonuses I got for two legal shield plans that had been sold during the email marketing blast the company did. I had earned $400 in training assignments, (some of the assignments listed in the form did not apply to me). I was told I had earned an additional $200 for the sales they had made. So, I was up to $600. I advised him that he was short the $100 dollars for getting certified. He said, oh yeah, that's right. So at this point I had earned $700 in training money.

16) What was once optional in the first set of training (ad marketing and bringing in sales) is now mandatory. I was told that I have 3 product sales that were not legal plans from the email blast they did. So, I would need to bring in 7 more sales to complete training. I was told about the 3 city classist special. I would earn a $100 cash bonus for posting 3 ads on classist. Plus, they offered ad reimbursement.

17) The second document covered in this phone call gave details of the three additional services that were sold in the email blast. That I earned commission on 3 out of 10. Note I was not allowed to go with just 5. I was told that I needed to get 10 but I already had 3 knocked down. I asked him how sure he was that I would get 7 signups if I posted in 3 cities on craigslist. He told me oh I would for sure get 7 sign ups if not more.

18) He told me which 3 cities to post in on Craigslist, provided me with some ad information to post down to the headings and where to post it. I was told I would be reimbursed for the job ads and I had to message him with links to let him know it was done. Those ads are still live and they were posted in Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii. I told him it cost me a total of $125 dollars to post in those three cities. The job ad I posted is the same one I gave about except it did not have a missing agent number. It had my number #13367 This is the number he has on all the paperwork he has sent him and it was supposed to let him know who ad the people were responding to.

19) I posted those ads on 09/21/22. He needed several days of working the leads sent from the marketing to complete training. We scheduled to speak again on Sunday and he also told me about something that was optional before we ended our call.

20) I was told if I wanted to sign up for some additional legal plans I would be paid commission for them and I could cancel in 30 days and get a refund. Or I could sign up some friends or family. I said OK, but I did not do this optional step as I wasn't interested and I was doing the assignments to get to the end of training to begin working for 25 an hour for about 20 hours a week.

21) We spoke around 3 pm on Sunday 9/25/22. He told me that he only got 5 sales from the 3 ads I posted in 3 major cities. That means I only had 8 sales. He had a way for me to go ahead and say I had completed training if I did what was optional the last time we spoke. I was being asked to sign my self up with another legal plan that would give me 2 points.

22) Or I could sign some people up but I needed two points and this would cover me for the two I was missing in sales. Otherwise I could wait some more days and see if he could get two more sales. I told him I didn't really want any of the other plans. But that I would do it to complete my training, since he said I would earn at $200 bonus for going with the Business Plan I went with that one. I was told that not only would I earn $200 in assignment training, but I would get the $49 back and if I decided not to keep it. I would get a full refund but I needed to keep the service for 28 to ensure I didn't get a chargeback.

23) He sent me another document called Legal Business Plan. The email included the link to rmjoseph.wearelegalshield.com to sign up. The benefits that American Law Firms would provide me for doing so, were re stated. I messaged to let him know it was done. He told me that he would send the information over and I would be paid $1500 dollars no later than Tuesday 9/27/22.

24) How we get to $1500. He owed me $400 for the first assignments, $200 for 2 legal sales from the email blast. He owed me $100 for getting certified, $125 for the three Craigslist ads. He owed me $500 for the sales (but he actually owed me $1000 but I accepted the $500, I will explain later). Plus $200 and he was supposed to reimburse me for the $49. Of course, the total is more than $1500, but I had begun to suspect him after our last call because I found something negative on the internet about his company. I knew he actually talked so loud and was so ridiculous about what he would pay that he had a hard time remembering all the crazy amount of money he told me I had earned. I accepted the $1500 amount that he said I would be paid Tuesday. 

25) I did remember him asking me what my PayPal account was on Sunday, so I messaged him back on Monday and gave it to him. He told me later that he already had that information earlier. I personally don't remember giving it to him. But it doesn't matter. He didn't respond to the email and assured me I was getting paid. 

26) Tuesday came and as the day went on, it was obvious that I wasn't getting paid. I messaged him and asked him to tell me when I would be paid and when he would  be sending me for the 45 minute training course to learn how to clock in for my hourly wage and to get trained. He did not reply at all...I looked again on the internet and found a person who posted to Yelp who had been stiffed by Wallace as well. He says he never called him back and did not pay him on the date he told him he would be paid. The guy waited 3 weeks to post it on yelp and now it's three weeks since he posted. https://www.yelp.com/biz/american-law-firms-las-vegas?utm_campaign=search_listing&utm_medium=partnership&utm_source=yahoo

27) I decided to go back to the site I was talked into joining for training that belongs to SUSAN AND BOB JOSEPH associates of LegalShield. I advised that Wallace Smith convinced me to sign up for two legal plans through their associate links. I sent this message to her through the message area of her site.

28) I called LegalShield and spoke to a supervisor to report how I had been tricked into joining their services as part of a marketing job scam. The first supervisor I spoke to, we did not get along well, so I hung up the phone.

29) I called the number provided on Susan's & Bob's LegalShield site, since I had gotten no email response back from them about the issue. Susan answered the phone. I told her about how I was conned into signing up on her site as part of getting certified for an hourly waged marketing job. She said she did not know Wallace. I quizzed her and asked if he did marketing for her. She said no, then she said that she had heard of his name.

He had sent her a few sign ups in the past that said they came from Wallace Smith, but doesn't know about him or why he would send her customers. Susan then tried to sell me on how wonderful LegalShield products were. I told her I didn't care how wonderful the products were.

I was told I had an hourly waged job. Instead, I got scammed to sign up and you are going to sell me on your services. I then raised my voice at her and told her to tell Wallace Smith that he had better pay me my $1500 dollars or I was going to report this as a fraud and contact the authorities.

30) Again, I was made to sign up and train at https://rmjoseph.wearelegalshield.com/ which is Susan & Bob Joseph with Legal Shield. Their number is (407) 491-3411. She tried to tell me she was not part of the scam, but oh yes she was. She told me she didnt know Wallace but she was the one who told Wallace I had reported them to Legal Shield. 

31) At this point I want to state that I spoke with LegalShield and advised them that I sadly, would have to include them in this report because I was scammed in the name of their company. I understand that this is against their policy and they have advised me that they are looking into this and conducting an investigation. I have been working with them in providing correspondence between Wallace & me for their investigation.

32) Wallace called me twice on 9/27/22 around 7 pm. I did not answer his calls because I made it clear to Susan what I was going to do. I told her to tell him that he had better pay me by Wednesday at 5 pm or I was going to the authorities. I never messaged Wallace and told him on Tuesday, that I was reporting him for fraud, that I would go to the FBI and FTC..etc. I just asked him to let me know when he would pay me and about training.

33) Who I did tell was Susan Joseph, the conclusion to make her is that she did indeed pass that information over to Wallace. This promoted Wallace to call me and I did not answer, so he left two voicemails.In one of those voicemails he says that he needs to talk to me about a problem with LegalShield. I point this out again because how did he know there was a problem with LegalShield?

34) Wallace called me Wednesday morning and 9/28/22 and told me about how I was supposed to be paid, but because of the bad thing I did, I caused a big problem. I told him I simply called and told the truth, and reported him and her for running an employment scam that I was conned out of $29.95 & $49 Legal Shield & Business Shield Plans, Plus I spent $125 on ads. Also, I lost valuable hours of my time on his employment scam and I wanted the $1500 I was supposed to have been paid yesterday.

35) He passed along various threats, (and I passed some of my own) that he had better pay me by 5 pm cst time the $1500 owed to me or I was going to have to report him for employment fraud. I ended up having to hang up on him because he tried to act like he was running things. When he scammed me out of my money, he told me he was going to close and refund the two accounts he conned me into signing up for to complete training.

36) Elaine Bennett emailed me about an hour and a half before 5 pm cst time to let me know that she had decided that me and Wallace needed to talk to come to an agreement. She told me if we didn't that she was going to hire a 3rd party to arbitrate. She tried to say all kinds of legal BS that was supposed to scare me. I let her know the same deadline I gave Susan & Wallace, you guys have till 5 pm today to pay me the $1500 Wallace says I earned by completing training. If I don't get the money you were supposed to pay me yesterday by 5 pm cst today I am going to report you for fraud online and to various agencies. I also advised that I would not be taking any more calls or responding to emails after 5 pm.

37) At around 6:40 pm, I got a call from Wallace telling me again how I had made a mess of things. He advised me that Elaine told him to contact who is one of the partners of the business, he was advised to consult another partner about this issue. I told him I only took the call to let him know that I was proceeding with reporting them for fraud. He started to raise his voice and I hung up in his face. Wallace will never speak to me again on the phone as I will not be taking anymore of his scam phone calls.

38) Conclusion, Wallace Smith and others are running an employment scam on Craigslist, other classified sites and I even saw the same ad I posted on LinkedIn. They are involved in several different network marketing programs and they have devised a plan to get free advertising and sign ups of people who think they will be rewarded with a real hourly wage job that will come with benefits after 90 days. If they work 30 hours a week. They con you to join LegalShield as it's an easy, cheap sale and before you are done, try to get you to sign up with others or purchase more plans yourself.

39) They would love for you to pay them $3K to $15 to go with their digital product business. I believe if you do that...they might actually give you a job working with them. If it's an hourly wage job, I am not sure about that. He knew from the moment he offered me the position he was going to get me to join LegalShield some how and make me pay for ads, out of my pocket. Then sign those people up to LegalShield and other services they are involved with and I would never see any of the money.

40) Then try to get another good sale off of me before disappearing without paying me. This is easy to figure out because I was supposed to get paid on Tuesday and I have a voicemail saying I am to be paid today. I asked to speak with Elaine Bennett. I was told I couldn't. Yet she messaged me with the same email address used by Wallace with demands on talking to Wallace again.

41) How envolved Susan Joseph is in this scam I am going to leave it for the authorities to figure out. I do know that people do not provide affiliate website likes for people to join for no reason. The person you signup under gets to earn a commission and if I keep the two producst I was conned into signing up for, she would be earning a commission every month. It's not logical to believe that Wallace was just sending her signups for no reason at all. I also believe I have provided enough information to logically suggest that she did indeed contact Wallace Smith to tell him I complained to LegalShield about the fraud used on me to join.

It appears the the employment scam is designed to rotate between different member links giving them credit for new signups that Wallace and others talk people into doing. Under the false premise that they have a hourly wage job waiting on the end of this training process. Her link was provided to me as the person I would be assigned to who would get credit for me signing up and would make a commission.

I didn't call G. Shepard that was attached to the link for the digital products as that goes back to Wallace Smith. That might be the real name of Wallace Smith. I will leave that to the authorities to find out.

42) Since, I am taking this to the FBI, FTC and speaking to a lawyer about how far I can personally take this issue legally. If anyone else reads this post and you have been victim of this employment scam by Wallace Smith or anyone else working this specific employment scam. Please let your voices be heard because I am going to do my best to see that justice gets served. 

I thought I had gotten a good job working for a company that was going to pay me $25.00 an hour for doing various daily marketing act ivies for their clients. From the moment I called to apply for the job, I never had a real job. I was instead cheated and scammed out of my money and never paid.

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Job Contract I was asked to sign throw email reply
Paid Training Assignments Email 1
Job Proposal Document
Paid Training Assignments Email 2
Paid Training Assignments Email 3
Wallace Financing Offer For Digital Business
Evaluation Report Based on Completed Assignments
Business Plan Requirement To Complete Training
Paid Training Assignment Money Earned
LegalShield Plans/Became Required On Final Day

1 Updates & Rebuttals

Dream Warrior

United States
Additional Information Found Online

#2Author of original report

Fri, September 30, 2022

After going online to do a deeper search I able to find Wallace's full legal name and additional very concerning information about him.

1) David Wallace Smith is the scammer's full name. He goes by Wallace Smith & D. Wallace Smith. 

2) He was convicted of vacation package fraud back in 2006 https://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/stories/2006/04/10/daily31.html

3) He was the General Manager of a company called Custom Beverage Associates, it looks like he was the actual owner of the company. With fake executive officers. Here is a link to a Reddit scam post for D. Wallace Smith: https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/jvwnus/is_custom_beverage_associates_a_scam/

4) Custom Beverage Associates is no longer in business, he has taken down the website and social accounts to remove all the bad comments on them. His BBB rating has been removed as the company was indeed a fraud. 

5) Yelp complaint comments for Wallace Smith on Custom Beverage Associates: https://www.yelp.com/biz/custom-beverage-associates-las-vegas

6) Bizapedia Fraud Report For Wallace Smith & Custom Beverage Associates: https://www.bizapedia.com/nv/custom-beverage-associates.html

7) I found some other Wallace Smith RipOff Reports under another business name he is scamming under. This business name is Law Firms Of America: https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/law-firms-america/reno-kietzke-lane-wallace-i-1513117

8) Law Firms Of America: https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/law-office-america/reno-ca-nv-wallace-smith-lane-1520481

9) Under Custom Beverage Associates: https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/tkb-business-opportunity/las-vegas-nevada-daniel-smith-1516777

10) I am updating my post with the additional information regarding Wallace found on the internet because Wallace has scammed hundreds if not thousands of people for many years. With employment scams, he has already been to prison for a vacation scam. But he has yet to be brought to justice for his employment scams that have been going on for several years. He uses different business names and purchases websites for them. He then discards them when he gets too much heat and can't do business under them anymore. 

11) Currently he has burned Custom Beverage Associates to the ground and is no longer operating under that business name. 

12) His current scam involves offering a marketing package to people who are in Network Marketing programs. He promises to get them new signups and sales for the programs they are a part of. 

13) He then posts ads on Cragislist offering an hourly wage job that will be yours after you complete the training. Depending on how he decides to pitch you, he will ask for a deposit for training, for others he will not (he did not ask me for a deposit). 

14) As part of your paid training you will be asked to join LegalShield under various different guises (mine was to get certified for a pay increase from $17.50 to $25.00/hr. I was asked to post Craigslist ads and purchase an additional LegalShield package. 

15) I want to make one thing clear about what Wallace is doing. The links of the LegalShield agents and other networking marketing programs he tries to get you to join. Are not links from just anybody, they are links from people who are paying him to market on their behalf. 

16) If they are aware of how Wallace is getting the signups are not clear, but he is getting the signups. By scamming job seekers into thinking they have a real hourly wage job waiting for them after they complete training. 

17) If you are being scammed by Wallace it's because associates and affiliates of various network and mlm marketing compaines are paying him to market on their behalf. I must admit that I am a bit upset to find this out...especially when Susan tried to act like she didn't know why I was given her link to signup under. 

18) I hope that all the research I have done and compiled, can help others not get scammed by Daniel Wallace Smith. I also hope it will help all who have been scammed get the legal justice we deserve one day. 

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