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Complaint Review: Bluegrass Frenchies - Richmond Kentucky

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Barbara - Morrow, Ohio, United States

Bluegrass Frenchies
1010 Brandy Lane, Suite F Richmond, 40475 Kentucky, United States
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In May 2017 I bought a 3 year old retired breeding female.  She was not spayed.  I did sign an agreement that stated I bought the dog "as is," so there was a no health guarantee.  I thought because the website was so attractive and from my conversation with Kay that everything was good.  6 days after I brought Olive home she began to bleed.  Her uterus wasi infected so she had to have surgery. The next 3 weeks she was at the vet 7 times.  I contacted Kay to let her know what was going on and thought maybe because this happened so soon after I got her that she would offer to pay for part of the medical bills.  I did realize that I signed an agreement that stated Olive came with a no health guarantee.  Kay's offer was this:  if you want to to return her I will take her back.  Okay, so I paid $1500.00 for this dog, I live 2 and half hours from the kennel, and the vet bills were mounting.  If I brought her back I have no dog and am out finacially, and also even though I had only had her a short time I was becoming attached.  I said no.  Then on Juy 16, 2017 Olive lost all function in her back legs and the emergency vet said it was her best interest to put her down.  She died from IVDD (spinal disc disease). To say my family was devastated was an understatement. 

Then my daughter contacted Kay and she offered to replace Olive but we had to wait as Luna the dog we were getting had 5 puppies. 

So, on September 27, 2017 we brought home Luna.  Ironicaly she is Olive's sister. 

In May 2018 , just 8 months after I had brought Luna home, she began having difficulties with her back.  I took her to the vet and was told to her crate her for a week and give her pain meds.  She seemed better after this medical management.  Then in July Luna began to cry out in pain.  I took her to a different vet and they did an xray and it was determined that she has calcification of some of her discs. 

So, in July 2018 I took Luna to MedVet Cincinnati. She was diagnosed with IVDD.  She was on medical management for a month along with pain meds.  She also received rehab which consisted of underwater treadmill, laser therapy and exercises. 

I contacted Kay and asked for my $1500.00 back.  This was Kay's response:  If you want to bring Luna back in the next 30 days we will be happy to give you a refund.  Please let me what day works for you. 

Okay this repsonse is so wrong on so many different levels.  Bring Luna back?

One of the things you pay a breeder for is thier effort to minimize the likehood that your dog will end up with genetic problems found in the breed.  So in this case IVDD.  In her response to me she stated that sadly this is part of the breed.  Frenchies can be prone to hip and spine issues.  This is my 2nd dog from Bluegrass Frenchies in a little over a year and both dogs had IVDD and sadly one of them died from this horrible condition. 

i realize now that i made a huge mistake in accepting that Kay didn't offer a health guarantee. 

I picked up both Oive and Luna not at their farm but at their boat and car dealership.  I realize now that me not asking to see where my dogs lived was not in my best interest either. 

And a reptuable breeder has only 1 to 2 litters a year.  This kennel has puppies year round.

My purpose in writing this is if someone is looking for complaints against Bluegrass Frenchies they will read this and maybe say "No ,I will not buy a dog from Bluegrass Frenchies. "

So now I have another dog that we love dearly with IVDD and we have no idea what the future holds for our sweet Luna. 

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#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Sun, September 16, 2018

Ms. Hanna purchased Olive, a retired momma, from us for $1500 and a week later she had a UTI and called us to complain that she was unhappy with Olive. I told her that Olive showed no signs of that when she was with us if she had we would have treated her for it. I also let her know that I was sorry that she was unhappy with Olive and that we'd be happy to give her a refund if she would like to bring her back to us. She told me that I clearly didn't care about my Frenchies if I was requesting for her to return Olive in order for me to give her a refund. Ms. Hanna then told me NOT to contact her again.

The next contact from the family was from her daughter telling me that they had put Olive down. I felt horrible and offered to give them Olive's sister Luna as we were planning to spay her and reitre her after she had her puppies. Her daughter said that she would first have to let her mom know that she had contacted me. Ms. Hanna then sent me an email about how great Olive had been and every moment was a joy to them and they would be overjoyed to get her sister Luna and how thoughtful it was for me to reply to her daughter and that she knew I owed them nothing after they had put Olive down.

They picked up Luna, she didn't come with AKC papers but just like Olive she had been vet checked (hips are a part of this exam) and came with all of her shot records. Luna was free of charge for the family. In the email that Ms. Hanna send me after she said she would love to have Olive's sister Luna she said that she had caught Olive jumping on and off of the furniture and put a stop to it knowing how one bad jump can cause injury. Her email to me about Luna she said her vet had also questioned her about Luna jumping. In her email Ms. Hanna demanded I refund her the $1500 she paid for Oilve.

I want to be clear, our puppies AND adults are vet checked and come with all of their shot records. Our puppies come with a two year health guarantee, our adults come with a one year health guarantee. We have no way of knowing what our Frenchies are allowed to do once they are with their new families. But we do our best to always take each family and try to work with any situatuon that may come up. I feel like we did all that we could for Ms. Hanna and her family. I feel badly that after offring her a refund for the original $1500 paid on Olive that this is how she chose to react to our offer. I think that if you do anything after reading this it will be to know that we have ALL our Frenchies vet checked, they are up-to-date on shot records and they come with a heath guarantee. We have many references over our 15 years of breeding and very few negative complaints such as this one.

We are more than happy to offer any family multiple references. We have several families that have our retired adults as well as puppies that they have goten from us and am more thatn happy to share them with anyone interested as references. We have a few families that have gotten puppies and then added their mom when they retired. We do not over breed our Frenchies and do our very best to insure that they all go to quality homes.

We have people meet us at our office because we advertise with our daughters on online and because of that we do not feel that it is safest place to meet interested families. We do allow families to come here and meet us and our puppies and adults. We post our AKC insprections on our wesbite as well as pictures of our kennel. We also have a Facebook page for our families to be able to connect with each other and share their Bluegrass experience with each other. We love our Fenchies and when our families stay in touch. We hope that people that visit our site or other social media see that and our love for the breed shines though.

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