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Complaint Review: J. Royal Jewelers - Washington D.C.

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- Key West, Fl.,

J. Royal Jewelers
3222 "M" St. N.W. Suite M331 Washington, 20007 D.C., U.S.A.
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On October 23rd of 1998 my life partner & I were visiting Washington,D.C. & decided to look for committment rings for a ceremony we expected to have sometime in the near future. We bought the rings from the owner of what appeared to be a reputable jewelry store in Georgetown.

The name of the store is J.Royal Jewelers in Georgetown Park Mall on "M" St. N.W.At the time of the sale I asked if she could size my ring as it was too small & she said ok knowing we were leaving town the next day to fly home to Key West, Florida. After the sizing which took only a half hour, I tried the ring on & it was still a bit snug but Kim assured me that was the way a wedding ring should fit.I paid Kim $20 cash & put the rest of the balance ($600) on my Citibank Card. So we left the store feeling we had made a good purchase.

We had our ceremony a few months later as we had informed the merchant at the time of purchase. Our ceremony was on Valentine's Day of 1999. Eight days after the ceremony my ring fell apart.

I called Kim & told her what had happened. I also asked her to size the ring a little bigger as I really felt it was still too small. She said to send it back & she would fix it. Twelve days after I received the repaired ring it too fell apart. She had requested I send her $29 for repair & postage(which shocked me) the first time & I had refused as I felt a merchant should stand behind his merchandise. I had already paid for shipping & insurance when I sent it to her to be repaired.

Now I felt there must be a flaw in the design for it to break again so soon.I notified her of the problem & she said to send it back again. At this time I was starting to feel uneasy about the whole situation. This time she refused to accept it as I had not paid her the first time. I told her I wanted a credit to my Citibank Card & she laughingly said I would never get my money back. We argued on the phone & she hung-up on me! I disputed the $600 charge with Citibank & after many months of paperwork they ruled in favor of the merchant. They said it took too much time from the time of purchase until I sent the ring back the second time. A flimsy excuse if you ask me. I had followed their instructions of the disputing process to the LETTER! Anyway, to date I have neither the rings nor my money. I had sent both rings back telling her I would take care of the situation(not telling her I would pay her however).

I have since talked with Dan Shields, the assistant to the President of Citibank. He says Kim sent the rings to the Chargeback Office. They claim not to have them but to have sent them back to Kim. He said to call Kim to see if she indeed does have them. Well, I called & not only does she have them but she wants $30 for her to send them to me! Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

I have plenty of documentation including a copy of a so-called receipt that I believe was tampered with by Kim. There were no signs posted stating store policy of any kind at the time of purchase. I never would do business with anyone or sign anything stating "No Refunds"on the receipt.I believe she forged the "No Refunds" on the receipt after the trouble started. She has lied about many aspects of the situation, including that we had not told her we had not yet set a date for the ceremony.In any case, a ring should just not fall apart so easily. It's not like I use a jackhammer at work everyday. I work for a major hotel chain as a server.

I feel that Kim just wanted to make a quick sale knowing we were from out of town & didn't care what happened after we bought from her. I only wish I had used the American Express Card as I have heard they take better care of their customers.

It has come to mean more to me than the money now as I don't want someone else to get ripped off by this woman. That's why I decided to tell my story after I heard about this service. I hope in some small way I can help someone else avoid the trouble I've gone through with this woman & her store.

I had given up hope after getting no help from the BBB , Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services,or the Federal Trade Commission. Then I saw a story about your organization on TV this morning & thought maybe you could help.I thought there was an automatic implied warranty of 1 year with purchases made on credit cards which is why I used one. Please help me get my money back! This whole situation has dragged on long enough. Further details of my problem can be furnished. The news story said you answer about 6 out of every 10 letters. I pray mine will be one of the six. In any case, please let me know one way or the other so I can try other avenues if there are any left.

Anyone living in the D.C. area or planning to visit there, please be aware of this woman & her business practices. Don't let what happened to me happen to you! Remember, J.Royal Jewelers in Georgetown Park Mall in Georgetown. Shop at your own risk!

My name is Joseph Swenarton and my phone number is 305-295-9280.

Thank you.

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Mazza Gallery Mall employee victim too..


Tue, April 10, 2001

I too was a victim of this wicked wicked woman. I work at the Mazza Gallery Mall in the DC area. I wish I would have seen this article sooner on the Internet. Kim is a liar and cannot be trusted. Sean Carter

Mall employees get Ripped off too by Myung Kim


Wed, April 04, 2001

It's about time someone reported these people. I work in the mall and do most of my shopping in the mall. This is the only business in the mall that ripped me off and my friend as well. They took my jewelry for repair and two weeks later they said they lost it and they had no insurance. My friend bough some jewelry for about $1,700 and it was fake. She said that was not the jewelry she sold her!

This business should be out of business.

Thank you for such a great web site!

Julie N.
Bethesda, MD

J. Royal Jewelers Drops Case Against Chargeback Office


Tue, April 03, 2001

Since my last update it seems Kim wants to give me my credit after all. It seems she did not show up for her court date. Lawyers are VERY expensive. Well, I cannot fly all the way back to Washington to shop in her store. Unless she wants to foot all of my expenses, of course. So I am resorting to the help of The badbusinessbureau.com to get my money back. Hopefully this will help her see the light. It just isn't good business to cheat the customer.

Let this be a lesson to all who shop in Washington,D.C., especially Georgetown Park Mall. Beware of J.Royal Jewelers. Don't let what happened to me happen to you!

J.Royal Jewelers Did'nt Honor Credit


Sat, March 03, 2001

Last November my partner & I flew up to Washington D.C. to visit family & use the credit that J.Royal Jewelers had offered us in corresspondence to the Better Business Bureau. Kim had offered to give us a $600 credit. But when we showed up in her store to use it she informed us that she could'nt honor it because the rings had been lost in the mail. It seems she had sent them to the Chargeback office somewhere in Virginia although she did'nt need to do this, and they sent them back to her, but did'nt send them certified & it seems they got lost in the mail. Now Kim is sueing the Chargeback office. I don't understand what this all has to do with giving me my credit. I had nothing to do with all this. I spoke with the lawyer for NOVA ( the Chargeback office) but she was unable to advise me in any way. Now Kim has called me & offered me a credit but there is no way I'm going to fly back up to D.C. just to shop in her store. She should have honored my credit while is was in town. We had actually picked out some nice things for Christmas gifts that totaled more than $600 with the intention to pay the difference but she did'nt want to do business. Now that Christmas has come & gone we only want a check for our credit.

Please see if there is anything you can do to help put an end to this mess. It has become more than just the money now. There is a principle of business ethics involved as well as just plain justice. We want to put this behind us. I have written to Citibank & am awaiting a reply. In the meantime, please let us know if we have any other avenues to pursue.

Thank you.

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