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Complaint Review: Pecan Cove Apartments - San Marcos Texas

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Pecan Cove Apartments
20105-20115 San Marcos Hwy, 708-748 Martindale Rd San Marcos, 78666 Texas, United States
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This report is for 2021.  Pecan Cove Apartments, San Marcos, are the responsibility of Goodwin broker Brett Carr and owner/landlord Bobby Hall.  As soon as these issues were reported to (and repeatedly ignored by) them, the owner put the complex up for sale.

Goodwin, the so-called management company, processes applications and collects rent remotely from Austin.  With no onsite management or presence, the inmates are running the asylum.  It's a brilliant business model:  rent to the lowest form of gangsters, drug traffickers, registered sex offenders, prostitutes, burglars, thieves, illegals.  Maybe one passable person is named on the lease and then the cohorts and pit bulls move in, and no one ever complains about anything because they're flying under the radar.  Pure profit for Goodwin:  approve anyone, collect rent and let the complex run itself (into the ground) while billing the owner for barely managing or maintaining the property.

Goodwin fraudulently charges an industry-high tenant "screening" fee of $75 that goes straight into their pockets.  Either that or they screen purposefully to rent to the worst kind of miscreants that no one else will rent to because they'll pay their rent and keep their mouths shut.

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Goodwin has unlawfully billed tenants' water for years.  But no one complains because with one person on the lease and multiple occupants, they're using more water than they're being billed for, while the single, honest tenants pay for everyone else.

The stated pet policy is $350 non-refundable deposit, one dog per unit, under 25 pounds, no dangerous breeds, vaccinated, leashed, picked up after.  Pretty standard, the last three being Caldwell County ordinances.  In reality, at last count there were seven huge pit bulls, husky and more in the 20-unit complex.  Again, not on lease residents with not on lease dogs, running loose, unvaccinated, leaving huge piles everywhere and terrorizing people.  On still mornings the air's so thick with urine ammonia, it burns your eyes and closes your throat.  The whole place is a dog toilet.  Neither Goodwin nor Bobby Hall will provide evidence of common area liability insurance for dog bites or without breed restrictions.  When attacked you're on your own because they'll deny the dogs exist since they have no record of them.

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Apartments are overrun with cockroaches and septic gnats.  Cockroaches are bad enough, but the septic gnats are in your face, nose, ears, mouth, food, drink, appliances, light covers, stuck in the paint, on the walls and windowsills, all over your things.  When reported, neither Goodwin nor Bobby Hall will acknowledge or do anything.  The septic system backs up and overflows and dumpsters spill onto the parking lots with their capacities overloaded by the excess occupants.

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The property is specified non-smoking but unenforced, so occupants smoke and grounds are littered with cigarette butts, many thrown down still burning.  Neither Goodwin nor Bobby Hall will confirm whether the complex's property insurance covers fires caused by smoking or they're paying reduced premiums for a "non-smoking" property.  In case of fire, you're on your own because they have no record of the smoker who caused it.

So if you want to spend thousands in move-in costs and  Austin-San Antonio corridor inflated market rates to live in raw sewage, trash, insects, dog waste and lit cigarette butts while teenage hookers parade  past jailhouse-tatted thugs smoking weed and drinking beer with loose pit bulls, Pecan Cove Apartments -- or any Goodwin property --  is waiting for you.

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