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Complaint Review: Galaxy Video - Fort Mill South Carolina

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Galaxy Video
206 Springcrest Dr. Fort Mill, 29715 South Carolina, U.S.A.
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On December 20,1999 my husband and I received a new DVD player as a Christmas gift. On our way home we decided to stop at the local video store to rent a DVD and try it out. It was pretty late in the evening and the store was near closing. We picked out a movie and went home. First, we had to put our 18 month old baby to bed and then we began trying to hook up the machine. What we didn't know was that my television was too old and didn't have enough jack ports on the back to support the DVD. We tried to call the video store to tell the clerk that we weren't going to be able to use the movie and that we wanted to bring it back for a refund or credit, but he had closed already. So, today, the 21st, my husband and I drove back to the video store to return the movie. When my husband explained the situation to the man working there, the man stated that it was, "not my problem". He took the movie back and would not give us a credit or a refund. I happen to know plenty of other video store chains that in circumstances like that DO give credits. So, my husband tried again to get the man to give us our money back. The man turned his back on him. So I spoke up and again told him, "we never even took it out of the case!". But the clerk stated, "I can't help that. It's not the store's fault that you rented something and then didn't watch it. In fact, I had someone in here last night who wanted that movie, and they WOULD have watched it." Then he turned his back on me. The man blatantly lied to my face. Number one, he wasn't even working the night before, and number two I highly doubt that someone else came in at 5 minutes to closing time just to rent a DVD of Notting Hill! So, we started to leave. But then my husband went back in and told the clerk he wanted his money back for a set of cables he had just purchased. The man gave him the refund. Then my husband told him he wanted to cancel our membership. At that point the clerk acted concerned. "But you just joined two weeks ago! Is this all because I wouldn't give you a credit?". "Yes it is," answered my husband. "That's ridiculous, " said the clerk, "Our movies cost just as much as anyone elses and we have rent to pay! If I gave you a credit I'd have to do it for everybody!". My husband responded, "I don't think that these circumstances would come up very often for your store. But if a person came in with an extreme situation, such as ours, I would hope that you would take care of them. The customer is always right." The clerk made a noise under his breath that sounded like Hrrumph. My husband then reminded the clerk that in the two weeks we were members we had rented quite a few movies, and that now with the DVD player we would be spending even more money on rentals, of course now we would be spending it in someone else's store! The clerk said, "well, I don't care, that's your prerogotive!". This man was rude, unsympathetic, deceitful, and lacking in all qualities that it takes to work in a customer service related field. I would never, ever, rent from them again and we have advised all of our friends and family members who rent their to cancel their memberships as well. I thought a small town video store would be more pleasant and personable than to have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Blockbuster. But now I think I'd rather take the drive if it means better quality of service from the staff. I don't understand how that man expects his store to stay in business if that is how he speaks to customers, by lying and being inconsiderate.

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