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Complaint Review: National Audit Defense Network - Las Vegas Nevada

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- Mashpee, Massachusetts,

National Audit Defense Network
4330 So. Valley View Rd. Suite 114, Las Vegas, 89103 Nevada, U.S.A.
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National Audit Defense Network uses radio interviews to lure in prospective suckers. I've done business with them for several years and had no problem until a hard nose sales person, Lazer Gale, talked my husband and I into considering purchasing some services offered by NADN.

All we had to go on was a phone conversation. Mr. Gale never offered to fax us any documents that we could take to a lawyer for a second opinion. We registered an automatic check withdrawal with the accounting department and considered the offer over the weekend. We decided to decline the offer and on the third business day I called up Mr. Gale and told him, "No thanks. It's not right for us." He said, "Fine." and that was the end of the conversation. He never said that all cancelations must be in writing. No where on the NADN website does it say that all cancelations must be in writing. No where will you find the FAX number for Client resolutions where you have to send you cancelation to. 1-702-579-9825

They disregarded the cancelation and sucked the money out of my account. I protested and six weeks later NADN issued me a return authorization number. It is now six months later and I haven't seen one dime of the thousands of dollars they say is in the process of being returned to me. I have phoned customer service well over two hundred times. I have sent faxes to every official in the company and I have yet to receive any response.

I decided to perform a test. The next time a salesman called(they will always call again no matter what your relationship with the company) I went throught the same process as before to purchase a service from NADN. This time I went to the bank and put a stop payment on the check. Next I went and faxed in a clear cancelation of the order from the previous day. I kept the transmission report and I called to verify that NADN had received the fax. My bank called me two days later to say that NADN had tried to get the money out of my account two days after they received the faxed cancelation. Needless to say they did not get the money this time. But I kept the bank records. So now you know. Cnacelations mean nothing to them no matter what form they take. Once they have your money it is almost impossible to get it returned.

If you are thinking of doing business with NADN-don't. Their services are very overpriced but their hard sell tactics leave clients very little time to compare prices with local financial service providers. They require clients to make large business decisions without any paper work to examine. The salesmen are unlicenced so they have nothing to lose if they lie to you through ommision. Their tax preparers are licenced and far more informative if you know what questions to ask. If they lie to you they could lose their license so they are far more conservative than the salesman.

If you have purchased a product through NADN in the last few days please put a stop payment on the check. It will give you time to consider the offer. If you really want the service and the salesman asks you why you did this just tell him that, "It's too expensive." Chances are he'll come way down in price. I wouldn't buy a bar of gold from them if they offered it to me for a dollar. I don't know how to stop a credit card transaction.

If you have been ripped off by NADN like I have you may have a recourse that I didn't know about at the time. If in 60 days anyone makes an unauthorized Automatic check withdrawal from your bank account, you can have it reversed if you go to your banker, tell him the situation and ask to fill out the form to have transaction reversed.

Don't wait for him to suggest the procedure. I sat with my banker and told her my story and she never said a word about the reversal. Twenty days over the time limit I found out about the procedure from the rip-off web site and I went back to the bank and spoke with another customer service person. She knew just what I was talking about and pulled the paper out of the top desk drawer. I filled it out but it was too late. I never got my money back.

Chris Cotner-head of customer service, said he knew about the reversal procedure but it wasn't up to NADN to provide that information. It was up to my bank to do that.

NADN is under investigation by the Attorney General of Nevada. That office has given NADN it's own hotline number so riped off clients like myself can keep up to date on the latest legal moves to get restitution. 1-702-486-3132. Right now things don't look too good. In June of 2003 NADN filed for bankruptcy.

If you are reading this message you can do yourself and your neighbors a big service. Call your local talk radio station and tell them if National Audit Defense Network calls the station offering to do an entertaining interview they sould call the hotline number before agreeing to the interview. I had trusted my station to bring me accurate information and now I know they didn't do their homework. I didn't do mine either and now I've paid a heavy price. I hope this will spare someone a lot of money and heartache.


Orleans, Massachusetts

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