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Employees who retire from federal (state) civil service positions are ripped out of their social security benefits, after having paid the required FICA tax!

PLEASE NOTE: Some state governments apply the GPO and WEP rip-off laws to the retirement checks for policemen, firemen and other civil servants of those states.

Government Pension Offset (GPO) law should be repealed ASAP. Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)law should be repealed ASAP.

CURRENT FACTS: When a person retires from a civil service position (including some state positions) they must give up all or a major part of their EARNED social security retirement benefits.

In contrast, when a person retires from other industries (private and some state civil service positions) they are allowed to receive both private company (state) retirement AND their EARNED social security or spousal benefits.

A good example to help readers relate to this RIP-OFF is if you decide to purchase a new vehicle, you see a picture of a vehicle that has a steering mechanism, 2-4 wheels and 2-4 tires. With a steering mechanism, wheels and tires, it is possible that the vehicle could be used as planned.

The NEWLY ACQUIRED 'vehicle' is similar to federal retirees as they pay social security REQUIRED taxations (FICA) while working for private industry. HOWEVER, when they retire from federal (and some state) positons, their social security benefits are eliminated or severely reduced. This elimination or reduction is like saving for a lifetime to get the vehicle of your choice but then when it arrives at your door (at retirement), it has no steering mechanism, no wheels and no tires. THE ONLY THING THAT THE NEW 'VEHICLE' CAN BE USED FOR IS SITTING IN (if it has seats) TO WATCH THE WORLD GO BY.

The GPO and WEP Laws should be rescinded to allow federal (and some state) retirees to receive their FULL EARNED benefits. (The 'new' vehicle should be returned to the manufacturer to complete the product so it can be useful as planned. REPEAL GPO AND WEP.)

Many federal retires, who have spent several years SERVING THEIR COUNTRY (some states) in civil service positions, will lose all or a major part of their EARNED social security benefits.

Example: When a person retires from the federal (or some state) government positons, if they have worked less than thirty years under social security laws (paying mandated FICA taxes), will have 40% of their social security EARNED benefits stolen. Instead of receiving $400 per month (after deducting Medicare) in EARNED Social Security benefits, their Social Security check (after deducting Medicare), will be less than $200. AND, if the person applying for retirement benefits qualifies for widow/widower social security benefits, those EARNED benefits will be eliminated dollar per dollar with their federal retirement check. So, if a federal retiree qualifies to receive $700 in federal (some state) retirement and the widow/widower's benefit would be $700 or less, the widow/widower benefit is ripped off completely.

The ONLY retirement check that person will receive is the $700 from his/her federal position. That means the retireee has lost up to half of their PLANNED retirement income. THAT'S THEFT!

Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) laws should be REPEALED. In addition, those whose retirement benefits have been RIPPED-OFF by GPO/WEP should be refunded the amount STOLEN by these unfair laws.


Jones, Oklahoma

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