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Complaint Review: Fargo Management top manager Lillian Dragnet aka also Anthony Mackie or Maciki of HMS Properties groups who took over the 2413 E 78th street property linked to 7800 S Phillips which is a 32 unit complex. - Chicago Illinois

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Ronald - Chicago, United States
Fri, January 13, 2023

Fargo Management top manager Lillian Dragnet aka also Anthony Mackie or Maciki of HMS Properties groups who took over the 2413 E 78th street property linked to 7800 S Phillips which is a 32 unit complex.
2413 E 78th street linked to 7800 S Phillips Chicago, 60680 Illinois, United States
773 231 3931 and 312 279
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Lillian Dragnet the first top manager of Fargo management of 7800 S Phillips linked to 2413 E 78th street complex used employee's as go between to cause me great harm, when I first moved in there was a smell that smelled like a dead body which neighbors complained about that smell lingered for weeks, I had just left 3 other properties that participated in the same technic I suspect to aid the re-gentrification which was

Dominant in the grey areas of Illinois those properties were Pangaea's management property of 5300 S Michigan also Icarus 4222 S Michigan which, I have made complaints to "Rip Off' to in the pass. Now 2413 E 78th street where crime is legal and the people that both managers also co-owner used had a 'Get out of Jail Free Card! Theft of my property was reported to both top overseers of the complex which was either leased

To HMS Properties group or sold to them which the new so-called co-owner continued the same process where there was a top 'Negro manager that both Lillian Dragnet used as well as the new so-called co-owner used A. Maciki this negro manager who had duplicate keys to many of the properties in South Shore there were people who were moonlighting as tenants to cause me great harm positioned on the 1st floor as well as

When I moved in on the 2nd floor the 3rd floor which was used by others again to cause me harm the women tenant which was used had not moved in yet the unit was vacant but was used by others so called mason who bragged about his skills who did something on the 3rd floor or the roof to make people ill. I was one of them, I have witness managers linked to gangs' members' who purposely would do something to

Make tenants ill some left in ambulances and some didn't come back to return to their units their belongings would be moved out of the back door these are facts I also witness this in July 2020 or 2021 the same with manager that would purposely leave my back door open when they left from pretending to fix an order which never was fixed also for whoever would come in when I was gone. One of the tenants that I suspect

Who was chosen to aid in taking my belongings and I suspect others to permanent removal my belongings and I also suspect the removal of me. I was told numerous times how beautiful my belongings were even by people that I didn't even know in different areas of the city some even described my belongings to me again some I didn't even know and I also suspect that some of the people that this happened to are no longer with

The living everything stated here by me in this document is true. I will give the person's name who I suspect was grandfathered in by maybe a close relative, his name is aka 'Lincoln, the same manager that had duplicate keys to many of the doors to these properties in many of the complexes linked to 1st to Fargo management then when the takeover came HMS Group Properties and Anthony Mackie or Maciki took over

He, Anthony Maciki followed the same moves that a Hate Group would follow he text many times asking me was I moved out yet, knowing that the inspections never passed and the only time they did pass it was because of bribery which again aka Lincoln had partner in with a young I suspect CHA woman that passed the inspection knowing that the unit failed big time, Lincoln met her in the hallway bribing her with something in

His hand she came upstairs to my unit and passed what she had seen I asked for another inspection which was very quick he failed what she had passed and the only time my unit passed is when a Latino male came from across the alley from a complex managed by Pangaea's and he wouldn't give me his agent number nor named and but passed my unit I also called for another inspection again the unit failed I complained to

Anthony Maciki but he was on board with the criminal activities which stalks tenants in the South Shore area as well as the property failing, many times, I moved in on Nov 2019 the unit went into abetment in 2022 and stay that way until I couldn't breathe in my unit I left in Oct 29 or Nov 2022 and I offset my funds for my lease every time on time again every time also for a year I didn't stay in my unit but my bills were again paid

On time every time and this is the treatment that I would receive by crooks I suspect because I am a senior elder with personal belongings that many of the managers haven't seen before until my arrival one of the managers asked if I wanted to sell my items, my reply was no, a half hour later gang members were at my lower front door also in the back-gate of the alley' aka Lincoln was behind this with the help of top manager

Lillian Dragnet knowledge and I suspect also with 'Anthony Mackie or Maciki knowledge as well I also suspect Anthony was brough in to clean up Lillain Dragnet mess as a top manager and what she had done the 3rd floor tenant mentioned both names to me when she was afraid of mice and came downstair until she could go to a warming center, she mentioned 'Lincoln and Lillian Dragnet name also what really happened when

The whole complex smelled like a dead body there were many shootings in that area of South Shore east of Yates but protocol is there is not to be any discharged from a weapon in City Limits right well think again rephrase unless it is in the grey areas of Illinois the police ports that I complained to which was 004 district and to a commander a Keith Malmine co-workers there were many emails from me to his email address there

Was also a female agent who worked closely with Keith Malmine who I spoke with her name agent Galvin's' I suspect that she also knew that I had filed on co-workers from another area who had to step down because of misuse case number 2022 L 006105 now 1-22 1431. I went to one of the agents that I filed on when these hate crimes started this treatment that first started happening to me at my 2nd unit in 'Evanston and my 1st

In Uptown then came the others that I leased from in Chicago which appear above in my complaints in this document and the beginning statements I also suspect many of these property owners have control of many of the police ports in certain districts which get paid by the city also under the table through another sources many times police came to my unit and was ordered to investigate but did the complete opposite of

Investigate as did a Mejias of the 004-district at the 103rd street police port-badge number 16261 there was a woman agent with him badge number 16178. I was also followed and robbed from the 2413 E 78th street unit while Lillian Dragnet was aboard in which both robberies were buried and each time. I had filed against certain policy enforcers. I was robbed twice and again police buried the robberies because police were

involved that Leasing management would give me a hard time I suspect that aka a 'Lincoln who was very aware of one of the police that I filed on. I also suspect he was asked to cause me problems as well as the so-called 'Master Masons which one of them I suspect is very familiar with one of the police that I have filed on one of the tenants who was moonlighting as a tenant at the 5300 S Michigan Pangea's management building

Also knew again one of the police that I filed on also another tenant moonlighting as a tenant at the 4222 S Michigan Icarus managed building on the 3rd floor who made some very weird comments he too! Knew the police that I filed on and many at the 2413 E 78th street managed by HMS properties group also knew the police that I filed on there is a photo that I took to display a snatch and grab which was a rug placed at my

Back door the people that were responsible for this I suspect have done this before which is one of the reasons that many people have been removed purposely but criminally and the red rug stay at my back door for weeks even after I asked matinees to remove it from my back door which was a fire hazard it doesn't take an Einstein to realize what was being planned and for who <> for me to coverup what I am writing right now

I don't have the funds to go against these high-powered hate groups that have been placed in many of these properties which I have lived in and through people of hate using others so they can hide what they are really doing to the communities but I am bringing it to the surface what has happened here is sad but true and again everything written here is true for I have lived it over and over again last being 2413 E 78th street 2nd

Floor where my adversaries were placed above me also below me and next door if I told you what finally plan was many would not believe me but I can say this Organ Theft and human Trafficking's are very real now about the red rug that was placed at my back door and stayed there many people have been wrapped in rugs after the dirty deeds were done that was a male on 'Ridgeland east of 'Stoney Island that was beheaded some

Of his remain was found in a dumpster there was the same in Uptown with a woman and yet it is legal for some of the people that have committed these crimes to go free, as many of the individuals mentioned one more thing, I was invited to a garden party when I was renting from an Icarus managed complex of 4222 S Michigan where the same action was carried out! But at this garden party I was asked the question of placing

My book on Amazon entitled 'Just us or justice is racism dead hell No! I refused days later I when into my unit I hit the floor I couldn't breathe. I crawled to the back door to get air also to call the 911 they came and saw s what was happening I asked to go to my hospital but they took me to another hospital 'Mercy by ambulance and took their time getting there and then place me in the waiting room area which was unheard off. I

Spotted one of the dudes from the same complex there who I suspect was sent or driven to see if I had made it, the nurses only would help me if I agreed to be incubated which I backed off I refused I call someone to take me to my hospital where I was rushed to a room with the quickness, one of the people at the other hospital who worked there which I just left, he knew one of the police that I have filed on this was the same

Hospital that had the shooting that followed into the parking lot on the southside of Chicago and I also suspect one of the many reasons that I became sick was because of my filing on a certain policeman that had misused his power, this was in July 26 2019 since then that same policeman had to step down as a policeman in June of 2021 these hate crimes which some people have adopted who look like me, they need a hospital.

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