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Complaint Review: Hertz - Norman Oklahoma

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Michael - Lyman, ME, United States

1356 N Interstate Drive Norman, 73072 Oklahoma, United States
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I called on a thursday to inquire about a rental and requested pick up and drop off for a weekend rental. The manager stated that she was not staffed on weekends for pick up so I said I could do friday and she agreed. From this initial comtact it was clear she understood my request. I told her I would call the following day to set everything up. When I called the following day I was all set to give all my information but none was collected. I felt this seemed odd. On the day I was to be picked up we were sent to lunch earlier than I thought we would so I called to let them know I was available. The gentleman that answered the phone was unaware of the pickup but said he had someone who was shuttling cars that could pick me up in 20 minutes. (this should have been my first clue to run). When I arrived to pick up the car I was told the deposit was 560 (seemed high but i dont rent alot of cars) he then handed me a rental contract with no information on it in regards to my renatal. I had searched several different websites prior and seemed the going rate (herta included) was around 40-60 a day. The vehicle I got was a Nissan Sentra, not fancy by any means. when I returned the car on Monday morning the lady was rude to me from the get-go. I pulled up to the Hertz sign and got out of the car, she said if you are looking for Hertz its on the other side (well excuse me!!!) When I got to the front here comes the same lady, the manager. She took the keys, charged my card, and began to walk away. I said excuse me but I was to be dropped off this morning, she said well that wont be for a couple hours. I said I need to get back to school as we discussed I asked if it should be first thing Monday you said yes. She walked away!!!! I said if you are going to offer pick up and drop off you really should get it straight, she said as a manager she does not offer that!!! what, havent we already gone through this. She walked off, saw me in front of the store frantically searching for a ride and showed no regard. When I realized I had been charged 360 dollars for a car I barely drove (maybe 100 miles) 120 a day for a Nissan sentra!!! I filied a complaint with Hertz abd got the same attitude from them, sorry thats the rate. show me anywhere that an average car costs 120 a day???

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well Pardon me

#2Author of original report

Sun, June 23, 2024

well I get that and yes I guess Im a sucker, but speaking with a MANAGER you would think that would all be explained. As far as the pick up and drop off yes, that was arranged when I spoke to the MANAGER. now I can see falling into a rabit hole had I spoke to the part-time receptionist who started yesterday and bauched the whole thing, but I spoke with the MANAGER!!! She was the one who I arranged the pick up AND drop off, and as I stated the pickup, the very next day, wouldnt have showed had I not called. Your saying this is normal, well then its a pretty messed up world we live in when a MANAGER can operate this was and the company stands behind her. Oh, and good day EINSTEIN 


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#3General Comment

Fri, June 21, 2024

 You signed a blank contract that didn't specify the terms and conditions of the rental? Or you just didn't bother reading it? Guess what, Einstein, if you walk in and rent a car, it will be the walk-in rate. That's usually the absolute highest price you can possibly be charged. The price you found on their website would have been the price if you had booked through the website. If you just walk in, you get the chump rate. It's the same deal with hotels and airlines. If you walk into an airport and buy a ticket at the counter, it will cost thousands of dollars. If you book it ahead of time, it will be several times cheaper. Website prices also generally don't include taxes or insurance. Rental company insurance tends to be quite expensive. As far as dropoff: that's a courtesy service that is not a part of your rental agreement. There may be any number of reasons why it might not be available at a particular time. Unless they promised you a dropoff at a specific time, I don't see how the Uber is their responsibility.


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Update ( of sorts )

#4Author of original report

Wed, June 19, 2024

Ive managed to get some information, but stll no satisfaction. They didnt even offer to cover the Uber I needed to hire. The Manager is Sandie Wood.... More like Cource Sandpaper

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