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John - Pittsburgh, United States

Abbott Freestyle Libre 2
United States
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How can the insurance company allow this company to charge a person $1,600 a month for a system that has a failure rate of over 50% ?  These blood glucose monitoring systems are supposed to help diabetics and save their lives not take their lives and make it so the diabetic dies....how can the Government allow the American medical system to have such failure rates that is killing diabetics?

The Abbott Freestyle Libre -2 system is killing more people than it helps; and the dexcom system is No better. Why does the Government and the FDA do something about products that are killing Americans and do not allow these companies to charge $1,600 or more a month for three sensors and only one of them works out of three that is if you're lucky I've had 100% failure rate and the insurance company paid them anyway and my One sensor out of three which only worked for only 2 days?

The failure rate is almost 100% And the United States Government and medical system allows these companies to sell a product that are defective and will take their lives, and cause them to die. The American medical system is about stealing money from insurance companies and medical patient and getting the most profit for their failed product.

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Products that they sell that has almost 100% failure rate the Government needs to pull their heads out of their rectums and do their jobs and not allow companies to sell products unless they work.. America has become such a criminalized Nation and you want to stay out of the hospital they are lucky they can put a Band-Aid on proper.

The hospitals will not give a chronically ill person pain pills when they're in tears and pass out because the pain is so high they make the person go home suffering in pain will not give them pain medicine but just videotaped by the hospital you'll see people going to the side of a hospital door and handing over a foot high stack of $100 Bills and they count $100 Bills with a cash counting machine and when they have the proper amount of money; they pass out bags of fentanyl oxycodone and Percocet to the drug dealers who are selling these on the street and they are getting them from the hospitals, narcotics so the drug dealers can sell drugs and make profit on street corners.

This is going on in many states and many Hospitals and why is the Federal Government not getting involved? our country is becoming the most drug capitalized drug dealing country in the world. America is society has become a dope dealing country with the help from the hospitals and doctors across America.

Freestyle Libre - Sensor failure rate of 40%Feb 5, 2018 http://forum.diabetes.org.uk › threads Freestyle Libre - Sensor failure rate of 40% | Diabetes UK


The g6 system is significantly better than g5 in most ways when all is working, but the sensors are apt to fail at least 25% of the time or higher.

Food and Drug Administration (.gov) DEXCOM, INC. DEXCOM G6 CGM SENSOR INTEGRATED ...

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